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Place furniture, people or any other objects in augmented reality with MyAR. Discover new possibilities for your business!


With latest tendencies, the augmented reality technology grants brand new opportunities in sales, business, gaming industry and multiple other applications.

According to forecasts, the AR industry income will reach $90 billion by 2020.

We would like to show how you can utilize AR for your business.

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Our purpose is to create a mobile application that is capable of displaying both real and virtual objects in real environment here and now. We can prepare 3D models of your products for your customers try it out at close distance.

AR has a wide range of use - from gaming industry and commerce to medicine and weather forecasts.

What does business get with AR?
- Amazing product showcase
- Better customer-product interaction (web stores)
- Remote access to products
- 3D-models in real surroundings
- Real size representation
- Increased sales
- New customers

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Design & graphics

A team of 3D-artists and designers had been working on the project, creating models and screens, and evaluating all the possibilities of MyAR.


We used SF UI Display font, which is light to read for smartphones and tablets, along
with a bright color to catch attention.

Style Font


We used Markerless Augmented Reality approach to develop the app, which is a proven technology.

Development Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality Augmented Reality Development


The MyAR project involved 1 team of 5 people: 1 designer, 1 developer, 1 artist 3D, 1 tester and 1 project manager.


great experts


weeks from start to release


apps (iOS and Android)

Stages of work

Planning, Competition and market research, Development, 3D-models designs, Screen designs Planning, Competition and market research, Development, 3D-models designs, Screen designs

We have met the expectations and still are working on improvements and updates for MyAR.

MyAR application screenshots
MyAR application screenshots

MyAR for business

You can utilize AR as the tool to enhance your business and sales, or to start a fresh new project. From large scale industrial use to medicine, at both enterprise and SMB level, is where and how MyAR app can be applied.

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Easy Start
Easy start

Our managers help to create and
upload 3D models in MyAR

Download App
Download the app

Your customers can explore AR
elements on any mobile device

Earn Money
Earn money

Get an income and more sales
orders with our app