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Hire ThinkMobiles Node.JS development team and get a head start

ThinkMobiles is managing a passionate team of Node.JS developers who are adept in developing scalable network applications and software solutions. You have a great chance to hire hardworking and skillful specialists at a reasonable price. In addition to that, here are some more reasons to hire our Node.JS development team:

Develop software for following industries with Thinkmobiles ReactJS team:

  •    Full dedication. The developers you hire with us can work just on your project, giving it 100% of their working hours. They will be completely involved in your project, thus boosting motivation and overall quality.
  •    Save money and time. Don’t waste time and money on housing, hiring, administration, taxation, and other technical and supporting expenses. We will take care of that.
  •    Protect your IP rights. We will be more than happy to sign an NDA with you, so no more worries about your sensitive information being leaked.

What Is Node.JS?

Node.js is a JavaScript run-time environment created by Ryan Dahl in 2009. It is cross platform and open-source. Node.js allows JavaScript to be used for server-side development to create dynamic web page content before it is even sent to user’s browser. Thanks to event-driven architecture Node.js ensures optimal throughput and scaling. Because it doesn’t run in the background when it’s not needed it is extremely lightweight. Node.js has become one of the foundational elements of the “JavaScript everywhere” paradigm.

ThinkMobiles Node.Js development team offers:

  •    API Development & Implementation
  •    Node.js Plug-ins Development
  •    Web App UI/UX Development
  •    Node.js Consulting
  •    Node.js Upgrade
  •    Node.js Maintenance and Support

ThinkMobiles Node.js developers also know and use:

  •    Professional AJAX development
  •    HTML & CSS development
  •    JS(ES5,ES6

Why choose Node.JS ?

  •    Perfect for developing Real-Time Web apps
  •    Open-source
  •    Less Parsing Time
  •    Non-Blocking and Event Driven I/O model
  •    Ability to Handle eCommerce Websites
  •    Cross Platform
  •    Secure
  •    Highly scalable
  •    Doesn’t require any special tools, so no additional costs
  •    Huge collection of libraries for any purpose

ThinkMobiles Node.js development team is using following technologies


  •    Hapi.js
  •    Sails.js
  •    Koa.js
  •    Total.js
  •    Mojito
  •    Derby
  •    Express.js
  •    Meteor.js


  •    Redis
  •    MongoDB
  •    MySQL

ThinkMobiles Node.JS team can create:

  •    Social network sites
  •    Chat apps
  •    E-Commerce websites
  •    Booking apps
  •    Trading apps
  •    Video streaming sites
  •    Real-time tracking applications
  •    Gaming apps
  •    Networking apps
  •    REST API
  •    JSON API

Who also uses Node.JS:

  •    Microsoft
  •    IBM
  •    eBay
  •    Cisco Systems
  •    Linkedin
  •    Netflix
  •    Paypal
  •    Rakuten
  •    Walmart
  •    Yahoo
  •    The new york times & many more


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