Who & why choose Node JS?

The Node.js app was built almost twice as fast with fewer people, in 33% fewer lines of code and 40% fewer files (in comparison with previous Java based application).

— Sri Shivananda, PayPal CTO

The new mobile app is up to 20 times faster and uses only a fraction of resources – servers were cut from 30 to 3.

— LinkedIn & Node.js

Node.js has changed and unified the frontend developer culture at Yahoo, it already powers multiple sites, and will soon power most of Yahoo

— Yahoo & Node.js

Startup time of their new app has been reduced by 70%.

— Netflix & Node.js

Speed and simplicity, performance, scalability, feeling of transparency and control, single-threading, handling I/O-bound operations, not-blocking I/O.

— Ebay & Node.js

How to make customers fall in love with your business?

Prior to development process our business analysts conduct meticulous audit of your idea as well as relevant market research to figure out exact strong points to your business and offer potential areas of optimization. This approach is mandatory for all projects and secures the maximum goals reach for you and your customers.

What can be done with Node JS?

Our dedicated Node.js developers build Web applications that are highly
productive, secure, fast and stable to handle a large amount of traffic

Api development &

Node.js Plug-ins

Web App UI/UX

Node.js Upgradation
& Migration

Node.js Maintnance
and Support Services

Real Time Chat Apps

Node.js Development

Management Tools

What is our offer?

Full dedication

The developers you hire with us can work just on your project, giving it 100% of their working hours. They will be completely involved in your project, thus boosting motivation and overall quality.

Save money and time

Don’t waste time and money on housing, hiring, administration, taxation, and other technical and supporting expenses. We will take care of that.

Protect your IP rights

We will sign an NDA with you, so no more worries about your sensitive information being leaked.

Reasons to hire ThinkMobiles team


Successfully developed projects


Years of experience in Mobile & Web development


Executives are ready for 24/7 support


Star ratings on clutch.co

Node JS benefits


Node.js can effortlessly scale thanks to its module-based system. This means lower costs as you don't have to add more servers, and it ensures better efficiency when dealing with large spikes of data requests.


Trusted by the best&brightest companies The interest towards NodeJS constantly rises and currently it even surpasses Ruby and Objective-C

Modern usage

Node is a parents house of IoT (internet of things) Thermostats, fitness-trackers - everything is completely programmable and manageable via Node

Possibilities Illustration

Working process

Present project

Discuss the details with our managers

Set desirable conditions and a time frame

Sign the contract and let’s start the work

Hire Node.js developers to get instant solutions

We have the staff and powerful processes to ensure we deliver Node JS development services on time and on budget