What are benefits of partnernship?

1. Profit

It’s up to you how much you charge your customers for the service

2. Low development Costs

We have high efficient developers for low rates

3. Save time and money

We help you create high quality software then you can sell them at a good profit margin.

4. Partner not Supplier

You need a partner that can work with you to understand your business objectives and turn them into incredible mobile app.

5. Maintainence

Once we build your app for you, the journey isn’t over. We will support it

6. Priority Support

A professional project and success managers are dedicated to assist you with your business in all stages

What makes This Team so Good?

1. Based in Hungary/Budapest and Ukraine/Uzhhorod

2. Native English and German Speakers

3. European Time Zone and EST

4. We take care about excellence and innovation.

Who can we help

1. Software/ Hardware Vendor

2. Business Consultants or Agents

3. Business trainers

4. Sales & Marketing Expert

5. Marketing companies

6. Digital agencies




where we are a completely separate company, brought in on a project, but bill you directly so you’re free to bill your clients and provide a 1-stop contact person for your clients

White label

offering you and your clients service completely behind the scenes, acting as if we’re your company