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For successful software development outsourcing

  • Under this strategic partnership, we can either work on projects together or refer each other for specific tasks. A joint-venture collaboration to create software, consult and support.

    Great software products that are highly efficient and bug-free come from Partners, not providers. You can ease your workload by outsourcing development to a trusted partner with whom you have long-term and commercially successful relationships. With our combined expertise we can build applications better and faster. We can accelerate the launch to market while minimizing expenses of the process.

    For partner projects we set up a special development team of specialists in various fields, from programming to design and marketing. We allocate resources in project-specific way, so you are guaranteed a highly individual and attentive approach. Under partnership terms, you also have a full control and supervision over projects, while we do the work. We can also take on administrative and management tasks.

  • You can bring our team on board and still retain a full control. You pay us to work independently and anonymously and you are free to bill your clients, providing a single contact person.

    We specialize in mobile app development, web development and VR/AR applications. By partnering with us on permanent basis you get stable business relationships, your projects done and happy customers in the end. Why hiring a freelancer and then still correct irregularities after months of communication and work? With reliable development partner who knows your business requirements you can achieve a flexible and effective work process.

    Under hybrid form of partnership, you can subcontract any tasks/projects related to web or mobile to our team, openly or in anonymity. During the whole process, you will be able to track and review performance and results. You can even choose to let us do the whole project or certain components only. We are open to discuss any kinds of business alliances to create software products.

  • Offering development services to you or your clients completely behind the scenes, as subcontractors. We can write a reusable code that you can then use multiple times.

    Under white-label partnership, we offer other software companies or customers the possibility to resell, reuse and re-brand products to their complete liking and business environment. We can conduct visual appearance (user interface) customizations, script adaptations, add customer management options, etc. You will be able and free to re-skin a ready piece of software as many times as you like, utilizing it for multiple projects.

    This is a highly cost-effective way to cooperate with a software development agency like ours, especially in case of similar or repeated products. You retain both complete control of the process and relations with your clients. We do not disclose our partnership or claim any copyright or ownership rights for software you order us to build. We have coders for any native or cross-platform mobile development, for web applications, for design and product management.

What are the benefits of partnernship?


You decide how much to charge customers on your own, while we work in the background.

Low development costs

Efficient resources, skilled developers and reliable delivery at competitive rates.

Save time and money

Assisting you to create high quality software that you can sell at a favorable profit margin.

Partner not Supplier

Working closely and understanding your business goals, turning them into great mobile apps.


Building a product is not a finish line. We provide post-launch and ongoing support for partners.

Priority support

Professional project and product managers are dedicated to assist your business at any stage.

Who can we help

  • Software/ Hardware vendors
  • Business consultants or agents
  • Business coaches
  • Sales & marketing experts
  • Marketing companies
  • Digital agencies

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