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Next-Gen 360° & VR Player SDK

The easiest way to add 360° videos in your app

  • Customizable VR hotspots
  • High resolution video up to 4K
  • HTTP/HTTPS 360 video streaming
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What can be done with 360° Player SDK?

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4 reasons to use 360° Player SDK

High resolution video up to


...and sizesCrisp picture to see the slightest details. Get the finest quality with up to 4K resolution at 60 fps. So you could be shure that even the tiniest pieces of your creations are kept.

HTTP/HTTPS progressive streaming, HTTP/HTTPS live streaming

Stream from anything to everywhere. Our HTTP/HTTPS progressive streaming delivers you blazing fast experience with handy, yet comprehensive features. And, of course, HTTP/HTTPS live streaming is included as well.

Four different view modes








little planet

Comes in all shapes...Spherical, flat, side-by-side, little planet view modes at your fingertip. Create immersive videos in any mode possible. Your imagination is the only limit. Since we made it as convenient as it can be for you to work with our SDK to produce fantastic content.

Simple and fast integration into an existing app

Integrate without unnecessary hassle. Enhance your app in just a few steps to experience all the power and beauty of 360 video capturing.

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Free Version


Free forever

  • Open source SDK
  • Documentation

Full Version


Pay once

  • iOS and Android app
  • Advanced support
  • Regular updates
  • Bugfix