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Driver Easy features, pros & cons

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  • 8,000,000 database
  • One-click update
  • Backup / Restore

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  • All drivers certified
  • Update drivers One-by-One
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Driver Easy review 2019

Most of the issues on Windows-based computers are caused by incorrect work of drivers. We have written a guide on driver update methods, feel free to check How to update drivers. Driver Easy, as one of the tools among driver updater software, was developed in 2009 specifically to ease the task of device identification, driver search and update. With it one can update all necessary drivers in one click.


Easeware Technology Ltd., the provider of Driver Easy, conducts more hands-on tests than Microsoft, using popular hardware/OS/software combinations. They have amassed years of expertise in driver validation processes to ensure correctness, safety and stability.

Newest version v5.6.12
Operating systems Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Installation file size 4.83 MB
Menu languages 14
Driver database 8,000,000
Extra features one-click update, backup
Pricing free / subscription
License $29,95 1 year subscription / 3 PCs

Setting up / Installation

Windows 10 uses its own driver library for all types of devices, but there could still be outdated drivers if service is disabled. Then manual update is required, or the use of specialized software like Driver Easy. If we look at, we see that Windows OS users share is 35%, 60% of which is Windows 10, as of August 2019.

For our in-house tests we use a standard Asus laptop with 64-bit Windows 10, 12GB RAM, Intel Core I3-4005U processor of 1.70 GHz, 256GB SSD, and a screen resolution of 1366x768. Since in our review we take download time into account as well, we should state our connection speed to be fair. Via SpeedTest service we got: 425 Mbps download speed, 166 Mbps upload speed.

Driver Easy review

Installation of Driver Easy does not require special tech skills - just download a file and launch it. In “custom mode” a user can select directory for installation, create a desktop icon and create a scheduled scan task. You can always start with a free version, find the link below.

Download Driver Easy Free

Scanning / Repair

Scan tab displays the number of drivers available for updating if scanning has already been performed and the “Scan Now” button is always available. In our case, the first system scan lasted 19 seconds.

DriverEasy review

After scanning is done, we automatically get to the Update tab. For our laptop, 6 drivers were detected as out-of-date. We chose 1, namely Realtek audio driver, since it took up the most memory.

Driver Easy review 2019

Downloading this 312 MB driver took 1 hour 38 minutes, and given our connection speed, such a result is not impressive. The app, though, offers us to upgrade to Pro version to get 10 times faster download speed (which would be about 10 minutes). After downloading, you have to install a driver in automatic mode (available for Pro users only) or manual mode.

Driver Easy free review

When trying to install the audio driver (Realtek High Definition Audio 6.0.8787.1) offered by Driver Easy in manual mode, we ended up with “lack of necessary files to install the *.exe driver.” Consulting the Windows Device Manager then informed us that we were already having the relevant version.

Driver Easy free review

Via AIDA64 we found out the exact model of audio controller (ALC233) and online search led to alanfox2000 (which is definitely not the official source for Realtek drivers). Nevertheless, we tried it out, restarted Windows and scanned with Driver Easy again. Afterwards, there were no notifications about Realtek update.

Extra features

Users may view general information about system configuration in the Hardware Info tab. It is basically the same as in Device manager, but a bit more informative and convenient, plus it can also be exported to a TXT file (Pro version). For detailed and precise information about a device and components, we recommend special apps such as AIDA64, CPU-Z.

Driver Easy free download

Tools tab offers more useful options, but again, only for Pro users. This includes driver backups, restoration, scan drivers offline. Offline scanning, by the way, implies the ability to scan a PC without an Internet connection, export a file, run Driver Easy on another device, import a generated file, and download mentioned drivers - all in that order.

Settings, support

Driver Easy settings are user-friendly, straightforward and contain all necessary functions. Instantly switch the language, automatically start when the computer is turned on, or automatically scan for drivers when Driver Easy starts. There are also automatic scan calendar (scheduler), system backup settings, changing directories for downloads and restore points.

Driver Easy free download

Ways of contacting the support depend on the issue - for bug reports the default browser, for user feedback direct message. Automatic generation and sending of system information is optional. Driver Easy encourages users to find errors by giving away free licenses, e.g. 1 license for errors in translation, 3 licenses per 3 devices for application errors.

Performance summary

To be frank, the Free version of Driver Easy is practically useless, it can serve purely to try out things and to familiarize with the interface. For full effect, you will definitely have to purchase a PRO subscription. Meanwhile, here’s is how the app impacted our test laptop.

Background 1% 115 MB
Scanning 30% 135 MB

Benefits, pros and cons

Driver Easy is a quality product with a proper user interface and a set of features necessary for this kind of software. The driver database is impressive and during our testing it became clear that it not only includes official drivers from manufacturers, but also custom user drivers with WHQL certification from Microsoft. However, we had doubts about certain of those drivers, and there’s no way to factcheck all of them.

  • Automatic driver checks
  • Large driver database
  • Low resource consumption
  • 30-day money back guarantee

  • No MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android
  • Ads in free version
  • Slow download speeds
  • Free version is close to useless

Free vs Pro vs Technician

Free Pro Technician
Price 0 $30 / year $100 / 3 days
Automatic detection
All drivers certified
Update drivers one at a time -
One-click update -
Download server bandwidth Common 1000 Mbps 1000 Mbps
Restore points -
Full system backups -
Technical support -
Commercial use -


What is it Driver Easy?
Driver Easy is a free driver update program.

How to manually update drivers with Driver Easy?
After downloading, open the driver folder and install it manually according to Driver Easy instructions.

How to use Driver Easy?
Buy a PRO subscription, install, activate, scan and update drivers in one click!

How to install drivers with Driver Easy?
Updating drivers can be done automatically by pressing a single button or in manual mode.

How to create a restore point?
The user is given two options to create restore point: automatic in 1 click or manual mode with standard Windows functions.

Is Driver Easy suitable for Mac?
No. Driver Easy is officially only compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10.

Is Driver Easy suitable for Linux?
No. Driver Easy is officially only compatible with Windows 7 and later versions.

Is there Driver Easy for Android or iOS?
No, and besides mobile devices do not driver updates.

Driver Easy vs Driver Booster
Driver Booster by IObit has more features.

Driver Easy vs Driver Genius
Both apps are very similar. We recommend comparing reviews for both products.

Driver Easy vs DriverMax
If take free version into account, then DriverMax is better. As for Pro versions, check out our DriverMax review to learn more details.

Is Driver Easy free?
A free version is available for personal use, but it has serious limitations.

Is Driver Easy safe?
Most drivers are certified by Microsoft and, according to Driver Easy, have been personally tested by them.

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Driver Easy reviews 1

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Additional features more useful than basic.

This program has a perfect installation: you have to select the interface language and choose a location of the shortcuts. The program will do the rest itself. I liked additional features (like drivers backup). Unfortunately, there are no more advantages. I know my computer needs to update drivers (all other similar programs indicate this). But Driver Easy said I have the latest drivers and there are no newer versions available‚Ķ For example, DriverMax showed 12 available updates. therefore I can conclude its database of drivers is not sufficient for full use... I would not buy this program. 


  • Ability to backup drivers


  • It shows that there are no updates, but they really are.
Ease of Use
Ease of Use
Max Konan, 2019-11-04 12:19:32

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