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ISL Online review

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VendorISL Online (website)
Software typeRemote administration program, Desktop sharing
Available forWindows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows mobile
LicenseFree trial (15 days), paid subscription $469 per year (Price List PDF)

ISL Online is a software for remote access, control of computers and mobile devices. The program is available on all the most used platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows mobile and is cross-platform, that is, the connection can be made between devices with different operating systems.

ISL Online roots originate back from 2003. Since then, this product has established itself as a stable and powerful tool, and currently ISL Online services are used by large companies around the world, including Avast, AT&T, Canon, Mango, Azteca, Swiss Post, Konica Minolta, Mitsubishi, Raiffeisen Bank. This is also the No.1 software for providing remote technical support in Japan and occupies 29% of the market in this area.

Key features:

  1. Does not require account registration on the client side
  2. Connection via RDP or SSH protocols
  3. Cross-platform support, multiple devices supported
  4. Interface design in accordance with business branding
  5. 15 day trial version with no functional limitations
  6. Intuitive interface, connection in a few clicks
  7. Loyal pricing for businesses

In this review we will show how to choose the right software client, the installation process and give an overview of some basic functions. To download the program, you need to go to the developer's website and select the type of software client - there is a version of the program for the Technical Support Center Operator or for Clients. In our case, we chose the Operator version for the Windows platform and the Client version for macOS. 

Download and installation is very fast, in a few clicks. After you downloaded and launched the application, you have to select either a stationary or a portable version. After installing, we see an authorization window, to enter a username and a password for an account previously registered on the site. Registration page here.

The interface is very simple and to-the-point. There are two tabs here, the Sessions tab displays active connections, on the Computers tab you can see all paired devices, as well as create device groups by category or by company, which adds convenience to usage.

Nothing else is required. The client version of ISL Online is even easier. You do not need to install anything or log in, you do not need to create an account, just download an application file and run it. This is how the main window of the Client application looks like. 

ISL Online review

Conducting a remote control session is as follows. In the Operator’s application, you need to click on Start New Session, after which a connection window with a unique session number will open. This unique code must be transmitted to the client in any convenient way. As you can see, there is the Invite button, which is one of the ways to invite a client to the connection through email. 

ISL Online review

There is also the Options section where you can configure the session quality and connection type. You can choose among: remote control, share screen or chat mode. After another person receives a message with the code, he/she has to enter it in a special line in the client application. 

After doing so, information about the upcoming connection instantly appears: email and the name of the technical support operator. If all the data matches, click on the Join button. In a few seconds, depending on the Internet speed on both sides, the desktop screen saver on the client’s PC will change to a solid gray background and the connection chat will open. 

ISL Lite review

At the same time, a similar window will open from the side of the Operator, but with advanced management capabilities. The panel has several additional tools for interacting with the client. The Desktop Sharing menu has several options: desktop sharing, file transfer, chat, pointer, etc. In order to end the session, click on End Session.

ISL Lite review

Using the program, you can connect to an unattended computer via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) on Windows or SSH (Secure Shell) on macOS and Linux. In this case, only ISL Online AlwaysOn utility should be installed on the computer. To do this, connect to this computer in the usual way using ISLOnline AlwaysOn (included in the installation package), in the tray find the application icon, right-click and click Settings. Note: make sure your app version is 4.4 or later. 

ISL Online remote desktop

Next, go to the Advanced tab, then uncheck the Use default server settings check-box, check the Allow Tunnel Connections (RDP, SSH) check-box and click Save. Open Remote Desktop settings on Windows and enable this function.

ISL Online remote desktop

Then click Select users that can remotely access this PC and add a user who can manage a PC by clicking the Add button. That's all, now you can connect to this PC via RDP. In the Computers tab, click on the Action button opposite the PC on which the RDP connection settings are configured (Connect via - rdp: // localhost).

remote desktop software

If a password is set on the PC to which you are connecting, enter it in this window. Next, enter the data of the user to whom you allowed access to connect earlier in the RDP settings. In some cases, because the RDP certificate (RDp certificate configure) is not configured, the following message may appear. Then just click Yes and see an active connection to an unattended PC via RDP.

ISL Online FAQ

Another interesting service that program developers can offer is the interface design in accordance with the client wishes. That is, the company that will use ISL Online can place its logo, name, choose a font, background color and also change other interface elements.

ISL Online ui design

A secure connection is another of the company's priorities. Two-factor authentication passes through external services with AES-256 encryption, and this is one of the most secure encryption algorithms at the moment. Security developers do everything customers expect to protect a connection.

ISL Online is a very interesting tool. Using the program, you can create the perfect team of centralized technical support, which the entire corporation will be proud of. The program is really user-friendly and as easy to use as possible, even for users who do not have special knowledge or skills. Thanks to the support of a huge number of devices of various types, this program can be used by any company or business anywhere in the world: from companies producing software for mobile devices to large engineering plants. A full list of supported devices and operating systems can be found on the website.

Name of product Pros

  • Both RDP and SSH protocols
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Variety of supported OS and devices
  • Integrated portable version

Name of product Cons

  • Too expensive for personal use
  • UX asks for improvement

Finally, we’d like to note that ISL Online is a remote desktop software that does not lose to competitors. Looking at the number of companies using this software (some of them affect the global economy in different countries), you can understand that this is a stable, responsive, understandable and user-friendly product. A 15-day free trial will be to see for yourself.


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