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Photolemur features, pros & cons

Key features

  • Simplicity
  • Number of supported cameras
  • Full automate work


  • No subscriptions, one-time payment
  • Processing speed
  • Translated into many languages


  • The program is not free ($ 35), and free version is very limited
  • Sometimes incorrect editing or glitches occur
  • Annoying sounds (you can disable them in the settings)

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Photolemur 3
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  • For Mac and Windows
  • No watermark
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Photolemur review - March 2019

Photolemur 3 is a photo editing program, developed by Skylum. The thing about is that it basically does the job for you. It improves photos, uses algorithms and AI (artificial intelligence, which at some point will select a proper style for certain types of photos on itself), and overall save time. In paid version there’s also batch photo processing. How does it save time? Drag the photo, select filter or effect and get the updated photo. More details below in this Photolemur review.

The program is aimed at full automation, so a user doesn’t have to do anything, except upload a photo. It is simple so do not worry about photo editing skills. This also means it isn’t a professional high-quality solution for experts. Yet it has a lot in store. Photolemur offers paid and free versions, one-person license costs $35, and there is a family subscription for 5 people which costs $ 35 too due to current discount, as of March 2019. Free version is not limited in time, though it adds a watermark, the maximum size for images is 1200px. This photo editing app is available in 21 languages.

Technical parameters

Photolemur image enhancing app works on Windows and MacOS platforms, and unfortunately there are no mobile version yet. For Windows, you will need no less than 64-bit Windows 7 version, 2 GHz (and higher) processor, 4GB RAM, a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768, 4GB of free disk space. Mac users will need at least 10.11 (EI Capitan) version, 2010 Mac device or newer, 64-bit Intel Core 2 Duo processor or better, at least 2 GB of RAM, 1024 x 768 resolution, 4 GB of free disk space (SSD is the best option too), 1 GB of video memory.


Vendor Skylum (website)
Newest version (for Windows) Photolemur 3 v. out September 2019
Operating systems Windows, Mac
Installer file size 343 MB
Menu languages 18
Key features/modes Filters, face corrections, batch processing
Extra features AI enhancement, distortion fixes
License Free / One-time license
Pricing $35.00 (1 Year Subscription, 1 Device)
$55.00 (2 Years Subscription , 5 Devices )

Photolemur supports about 1,000 cameras by different developers, e.g. Apple, Canon, Epson, FujiFilm, Imacon, Leica, Olympus, Panasonic, GoPro, OnePlus, RaspberryPi, Pentax, Nikon, Samsung, Sony, Seitz, Minolta among others. A complete list can be viewed here.

Price (1 person) Supported cameras Automatic editing Watermark Batch processing Max.size for exported photos Face retouching
Free 0 1000+ ✔️ ✔️ No 1200px ✔️
Paid $35 (discount) 1000+ ✔️ No ✔️ Unlimited ✔️


Due to AI and other image enhancement technologies, Photolemur is great to edit low-resolution images, for example old, vintage or badly scanned images. The editor analyzes a file and applies most fitting filters. Take “Face Finish” technology as example - it smoothes the skin, eliminates flaws, enlarges eyes and whitens teeth. There are also filters such as Apollo, Fall, Noble, Spirited, Mono, Evolve, Sky Enhancement, etc.

It also takes time of the day into account: for daylight editing the app adjusts color, exposure, contrast, saturation. With Denoise technology, photo editor removes unwanted chromatic, bright, and other types of noise, often caused by wrong ISO settings. Using JPEG Fix, Photolemur identifies and corrects errors, sharpness, etc., while clearing out noise at the same time. Color temperature is automatically adjusted for all images too.

Installation + activation

Download Photolemur 3 from the website - find Free download button in the upper right corner - then enter your name and email, or login via Facebook. The download file is 348 MB. Run the .exe file, specify folder, wait few minutes, and it will be ready - clicking Finish.

To purchase, click ‘Buy Photolemur 3’ to open purchasing page, select license type (family for 5 devices or single for 1 person), go to payments, choose method (Visa/MasterCard, PayPal, bank transfer, WebMoney, UnionPay, Skrill Wallet). Afterwards, the order number will be sent by email to activate photo editor app. Return to initial window, select Activate and enter the order number, that’s it.

How to use Photolemur: basic actions and filters

To start off, open any image, select the appropriate style from main 6 options and let the program do the adjustment. Turn on/off face retouching and eye enlargement as you like. Let’s try out main presets of Photolemur.

1.Apollo. Great for travel photos with cities, buildings, streets, etc.

2.Fall. Convey the beauty of nature, autumn, leaves, trees, landscapes.

3.Noble. Suitable for photos of sculptures, fashionable places, architecture, etc.

4.Spirited. For warm, fuzzy and sensitive images, that possibly contain people, places or objects with photographer’s twist.

5.Mono. Black and white photos - a classic that will always be in fashion.

6.Evolve. Gives more shades and accents to photos, good for wildlife or marine imagery.

A slider at the bottom can be used to adjust filter strongness in percents - so 0 (left) means no effect at all, and 100 (on the right) means maximum force of editing, respectively.

For batch processing (if you want to edit multiple photos with the same filter), click ‘Open more’ in the top left corner of the program - you will be able to select the necessary number of photos. Click Export to go to settings - specify folder to to save images, format, etc., or select ‘Web JPEG’ and ‘For email’ settings.

Then hit Continue to start the process of export. Edited images then can be viewed by clicking ‘Reveal in Explorer’. In our experience, the average time to process and export 1 photo is 5-6 seconds, 5 photos - 35 seconds, 10 photos - 2 minutes. You can always view photo ‘Before’ and ‘After’ side by side, which is nice and handy.

Photolemur as Photoshop plug-in

The paid Photolemur version can be installed as plug-in for Adobe Photoshop. For this, when the editor is open, click on the main center button and select ‘Install Plugins’ in drop-down menu. The software will recognize Photoshop on user’s device. Same goes with Lightroom, by the way. After plug-in is installed, use it by clicking ‘Filter’ in Photoshop and select Photolemur 3. A photo processing window will open and everything there is identical to working in the editor.


Photolemur is a simple little photo editing and enhancing software. It supports many formats, works quickly and overall saves much time. On the downside, free version is almost impossible to work with, as it is more intended as demo, not the actual use (watermark, no batch processing, no full screen mode). Yet, the paid version reduces work for the user considerably, it is convenient and suitable as an entry-level photo editing software.

  • Simplicity
  • Number of supported cameras
  • Translated into many languages
  • Processing speed
  • No subscriptions, one-time payment

  • The program is not free ($ 35), and free version is very limited
  • Sometimes incorrect editing or glitches occur
  • Only few settings and all 6 available styles do not differ that much
  • Annoying sounds (you can disable them in the settings)

Photolemur alternatives

  1. Photoscape - offers hue and contrast auto-correction, 3 saturation modes, different filters and backlight level. 
  2. Zoner Photo Studio - a decent image editor with a large set of tools, can perform automatic photo processing. 30-day trial, $49 per year. 
  3. Photomaster - by Russian vendor, AMS Software. It has all the necessary tools for photo editing, including autocorrection. 
  4. Photomizer - quick image editing and processing, incl. batch mode, $20 cost. 
  5. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer - a simple editor app for large quantities. 


How to install Photolemur?
Download the program from the official site. Then launch the installer, choose location and click Install. Wait for it to finish and you’ll be able to start working.

What does Photolemur do?
Photolemur applies artificial intelligence technology to enhance images. Users just have to upload their images.

How to install Photolemur as Photoshop plugin?

How to use Photolemur in Lightroom?

How to transfer Photolemur to a different computer?
For transferring you have to reset the license code for active devices. Go to the official site , type your email or serial number and click “Reset the code”. Now you can activate the program on another PC using that same serial number.

How many computers per Photolemur license?
It depends on the type of license: e.g. Single is 1 device, Family is for 5 devices.

How to switch styles in Photolemur?

What does paid version of Photolemur offer?
All basic features, plus batch processing, no watermark, no size limits.

How to change Photolemur language?
Navigate to Settings, find Language tab and select your preferred language.

How to use batch processing in Photolemur?
Import all photos and press Export.

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