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Avast Driver Updater review - Sep, 2019

Avast Driver Updater is a software solution for updating PC drivers. A product of Avast, mostly known for its antivirus with 230 million users worldwide. This utility allows to automate regular updates of hardware drivers in order to maintain stability of the Windows operating system. Avast Driver Updater detects real-time updates, constantly expanding its 500,000 database.


Vendor Avast
Newest version v2.5.6
Operating systems Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Installation file size 1.4 MB
Menu languages 13
Driver database 500,000
Extra features One-click update, backup, restore
Pricing $39.99 1 year
$79.99 2 years
$109.99 3 years
Money-back guarantee 30 days

Installation, interface

The installation process is as simple as possible. Launch the executable file downloaded from the official site, follow the instructions, and it will be completed in just a few seconds. Note, that with a free trial version you will only be able to scan a PC for outdated drivers, but not actually update them afterwards.

The program interface is minimalistic. It consists of 7 tabs, an activation button on the right side. The workflow is similar to installation - you are led through the tabs from left to right. For instance, Home tab contains a scan start button and brief information about your system. Scan tab is self-explanatory. Next is Results tab - a list of drivers to update, also proposing a backup before the task.

Then there are Options (settings), Restore, Backup and Support. Find more details about each section in our FAQ at the end of this review.

Diagnostics, scan

The application scans the system for outdated / incorrect drivers. Its functionality does not cover development libraries and environments like .Net, MSV ++ Runtime, Oracle Java, etc., it works exclusively with drivers. The first scan was quick, although not too informative, one would say (only version and release date). Besides, the efficiency of finding drivers is doubtful, due to several mishaps.

Particularly, the first 3 drivers on the list were identical in our case. Moreover, when we tried to uncheck one of them, all 3 got unchecked. In addition, there was a driver for “Intel Xeon” (?) device in the list. Anyhow, we proceeded to install 5 other proper drivers which took about 1 minute. Download speed was high, although file sizes were not specified. A follow-up scan showed no need to update anything more.

Settings, support

In the Options tab, users may configure basic functionality, program updates, startup, logs. Backup and Restore options practically duplicate interface tabs. Schedule is probably of best use, allowing to set a period for regular driver checks. Some users might prefer initiating Avast Driver Updater from time to time instead of keeping it running in the tray all the time.

Going back to the issue of update efficiency, we got a real example. The app offered us to update USB bus controller among others. Even though it had already been installed, after the update, when the USB stick was connected, the system went through additional configuration for 20 minutes. As this specific driver had been working properly beforehand, we can’t say this improved the performance (on the contrary).

We should also mention the support service. Users are divided into Free and Paid, which is logical, although Free users can only rely on the forum, where tech support experts hang out. Paid users have the opportunity of individual communication via a ticket. We tried out both ways, and forum got us an answer in 3 hours, while a ticket reply came in after 27 hours.

Performance summary

For review, we used a laptop with Windows 10 - Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 15.6, Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, Sata SSD. Internet connection had the following parameters: ping 34 ms, download speed 38 Mbps, upload speed 37 Mbps. After installation, Avast Driver Updater takes up 30 Mb disk space.

As we said, the app detected 10 drivers in need of update, and gave us the ability to choose which ones we wanted to update. Which we successfully did. In terms of system resource consumption, the situation was as follows:


Background (idle) 0.3% 9 MB
Scanning 8% 34 MB
Background (after scanning) 0.7% 16 MB


First scan Update time Follow-up scan
Trial 4 sec 15 sec 7 sec
Registered version 16 sec 45 sec 30 sec

Pros and cons

Avast Driver Updater left an ambiguous impression.

  • Automatic driver checks
  • Ability to backup and restore
  • Low resource consumption
  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • Simple, clean, easy to use

  • No free version, only trial (no update)
  • No support for MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android
  • Does not display driver sources
  • Semi-automatic driver installation
  • Fewer features compared to similar software


What are the system requirements for Avast Driver Updater?
Minimum: Windows OS, 256 MB RAM, 400 MB free disk space, Internet connection, screen resolution 1024x600.

How to download and install Avast Driver Updater?
Just follow the steps from here: https://support.avast.com/en-us/article/174/

What features does Avast Driver Updater have?
Avast Driver Updater offers the following: scan PC to detect outdated drivers, update all drivers in one click, creates a backup for emergency situations.

How to update drivers with Avast?
After a scan, the Results section will display the list of drivers to update with the following options: a) click Download next to a driver and install, b) click Update next to selected drivers to the task automatically.

How to restore drivers in Avast?
In the Restore section, you can restore previously installed drivers. To do so, tick the box next to a device and click Restore. You can set a default location in Options -> Restore. If you store a backup in a different location, click Restore from... and locate your backup.

How to back up drivers in Avast?
In the Backup section, you can make a backup copy of your installed drivers. To do that, select a device and click Backup. You can set a default location in Options -> Backup.

What devices does Avast Driver Updater scan?
It scans hardware devices such as printers, scanners, web cameras, network and video adapters, sound cards, graphics cards.

Is Avast Driver Updater safe?
It only downloads official drivers from manufacturers. Also, before installing new drivers, the app can do a backup and create a Windows system restore point.

Is Avast Driver Updater free?
No, though Avast Driver Updater can scan a PC for free. To be able to update/install drivers, one has to purchase a subscription for 1, 2 or 3 years.

How to uninstall Avast Driver Updater?
You can use uninstaller software or standard Windows tools. In the latter case, just follow these steps: log as administrator, go to Programs and Features, find Avast Driver Updater, select Uninstall, confirm, wait and reboot the PC.

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The program is worth the money.

Friendly program with the ability to customize schedules check driver updates. It is perfect for me and those people who would like to receive the latest software. It is nice to notice the pleasant changes in the performance of the PC. It is nice to notice the pleasant changes in the performance of the PC. I was unpleasantly surprised when after downloading and launching the installation file, Windows Defender notified me about launch of "unrecognized app"... I think that a company like Avast should take care of such things. But overall it did not spoil my impression of use. I purchased the product and recommend to you.


  • Quick update.
  • Scheduled update checking.


  • Windows Defender has marked it as "unrecognized app".
Ease of Use
Ease of Use
Max Konan, 2019-11-04 12:21:21

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