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Vpn software Zezame Open Access
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Zezame Open Access

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Zezame is an open peer-to-peer marketplace that provides secure, private, equal, affordable and unrestricted access to information and communication worldwide:

• The Zezame Network allows anyone to share their IP addresses and excess internet bandwidth with anyone, anywhere.

• Zezame’s first product: Zezame Open Access (ZOA) is a blockchain based P2P content access network. ZOA is like AirBNB for the internet, where ordinary people (Hosts) can lease their unused bandwidth to users of the service (Guests) who are limited in their access to the internet.

• Powered by blockchain, Zezame deploys a multi-layered security protocol on top of the shared connection, so it works similar to a VPN, but the connection is more secure and much harder to be detected and blocked by the content prov

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Software type SaaS
Device type Android , iOS , Web , Windows , MacOS
Category Vpn software
Language English
Date publish December 18, 2018

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Zezame Open Access

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