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BullGuard review

Bullguard is an antivirus suite from the English company Bullguard, which first entered the market in 2001. The engine from BitDefender and Outpost firewall were used as the basis. You’ll find out more in this BullGuard antivirus review. You’ve already seen Kaspersky, Norton, Trend Micro reviews, so you know we pay a great deal to real tests instead of repeating complementary vendor descriptions.

There are 3 plans to choose from: Antivirus, Internet Security and Premium. BullGuard Internet Security contains such components as antivirus, firewall, PC status, backup, game booster, tune up, parental control, browser, VPN. Note, that we are reviewing the first one, BullGuard Antivirus, which is only what it is, nothing more. 

bullguard antivirus review

Let’s start our review with specifications:

  1. installer file name: BullGuardDownloaderAV.exe
  2. installer file size: 395 KB
  3. disk space (after installation): 454 MB
  4. version: 20.0.373.3
  5. ms5 hash installer file: 1/71 at VirusTotal
  6. 15 days free trial

System requirements are pretty common: a Windows (10, 8, 7, Vista) or Mac (X 10.11 or newer) computer with 1 GB RAM at least and 850 Mb free drive space. BullGuard also supports Android devices - tablets and phones with Android 4.0 and higher. 

For various, and affordable, pricing one may get a protection level of choice - see the table to compare. 

Antivirus Internet Security Premium Protection
Number of devices 1 3 10+
Behavioral engine
Vulnerability scanner
Game booster
Secure browser -
Firewall -
Parental control -
PC tune-up -
Android protection -
MacOS protection -
Identity protection - -
PRICING (year) $29.99 $59.99 $99.99

Security tests

Test stand: 16 GB RAM (Kingston HyperX), Intel Core i5-9400 (4.1 GHz), MSI B360M  motherboard, Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64. 

As always, the prime goal of our in-house testing is to check real-time detection capability. For this, we download EICAR files in various formats (com, txt, zip, zip inside another zip) and watch how the antivirus reacts. And it is good to know that BullGuard detects and blocks them all 100%.

Eicar testing for Bullguard antivirus
real-time eicar.com eicar.com.txt eicar_com.zip eicarcom2.zip

bullguard antivirus review

To follow it up with some really harmful files, we take a ZIP archive with over 3,700 viruses - the same one as in all previous antivirus reviews. When downloaded, we scan the archive with BullGuard and get the following results:

3,690 viruses out of 3,732 total found (98%).

Performance tests

Following the routine for BullGuard antivirus review, we test its speed and computer resource consumption. This simply means, we initiate two types of  scanning - fast and full, on the same test PC. See the results. 

BullGuard scan results
Scanning type Time Scanned files CPU load (avg)
Fast 33 sec 19,574 ~15%
Full 1 min 38 sec 128,375 ~60%

There’s also one final independent test via PCMark 10 service, which measures and analyzes dozens of PC parameters key in terms of performance. To measure the impact of the antivirus we test 2 scenarios: with BullGuard on and off. 

For proper and more accurate results we run each case 3 times. Thus, without the antivirus we get the average score of 4403 (4394, 4407, 4409). When BullGuard enabled, we get 4298 score (4278, 4304, 4313). And in this way we’re able to see that the impact is not significant: -2.4%.

BullGuard support

Technical support for this antivirus software is provided via email and web chat communication. 

Tech support channels
E-mail Phone Web chat App form Web form
- - -

Support is available in 14 languages: English, French, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese.

Note: Even when using a trial version, support staff is helpful to customers. Also, forum  community is actively involved in discussions about the product.

BullGuard antivirus review: Summary

After working with BullGuard for several days, we can state the following. Immediately after installation, system scan begins, which, in our case, has lasted about 3 minutes.

The interface is plain and straight, and at the same time functional, with two display modes (basic and advanced). A full system scan is well implemented, and surprisingly has a noticeably lower CPU load after the initial scan - from 60% to 5% in our case.

bullguard antivirus review

Scan reports are convenient and informative. BullGuard has all the necessary functionality for a modern antivirus and even more, yet not oversaturated. Backups, game mode, parental control and system optimizer are in place, but we have not studied it closely.

There are also versions for Android and Mac devices, though they differ in interface and capabilities from the Windows version we’ve been testing. High-quality technical support deserves praise too. It all leads to the summary that we can surely recommend this product for those looking for comprehensive PC protection. It is also worth remembering, that no antivirus can guarantee 100% safety.

  • Easy to use
  • Proper real-time protection
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Outstanding virus detection

  • Outdated interface design
  • Lack of firewall in Antivirus subscription


What does Bullguard mean?
BullGuard is a global, privately held software company in the internet and mobile security market. Its product portfolio features internet security solutions for home users and small businesses, including award-winning antivirus and anti-phishing tools, parental controls for PC and mobile devices, as well as PC and mobile backup software. The company has offices in the UK, Denmark, Romania, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Australia and the US.

How to add an exception in Bullguard?
Open the app and go to settings, Real Time Antivirus -> File (This section allows you to customize the BullGuard real-time file scanner by choosing what files it will scan and defining possible exceptions to the scanning process).

How to remove file from quarantine in Bullguard?
To reach the Quarantine, click on the drop down button from the Antivirus box and select Quarantine from the list. You can move any valid files sent to the Quarantine (false positives) back to their original location by ticking the box in front of the file and clicking the Restore button.

How to disable Bullguard?
Go to the antivirus settings and disable protection in the corresponding section.

Is there Bullguard for Windows XP?
There is no official support for such OS version.

Is there Bullguard for Chromebook?
No, but Chromebook doesn’t need protection.

Is Bullguard safe?
Yes, it is safe and we recommend it.

Is Bullguard free?
No, but it offers a 30-day trial period.

Is Bullguard VPN free?
Like most of its competitors right now, BullGuard VPN isn't available as a trial or free version. However, customers can still try the software and all of its features, which is made possible with a 30-day money-back guarantee that will allow users to test the VPN with no rush, risk free.

Is Bullguard a good antivirus software?
We consider it a very good antivirus software.

How to uninstall Bullguard?
In Windows 10, click Start > All apps, and under Windows System, click Control Panel, then click Uninstall a program, click your Bullguard product, and then click Uninstall/Change.

How to cancel Bullguard subscription?
If you want to cancel BullGuard subscription, you will have to disable the auto-renewal option for that first of all log in your BullGuard account, after that for each product present on your subscription list click on the More option, from there you will click on the option Disable Auto-renewal.

How to reinstall Bullguard?
The BullGuard installer can detect installed BullGuard copies and automatically uninstall them for you. You can also reinstall BullGuard manually by uninstalling the version you already have on your computer and manually installing it again.

How to transfer Bullguard to another computer?
Remove the Bullguard on the device where you no longer need it and then you can activate the bullguard on the new device.

How to install Bullguard on a second computer?
If your subscription includes more than one device for protection, just install BullGuard and log in using your credentials.

How to disable Bullguard firewall?
Open the BullGuard main window, click on the menu button, from the firewall section select Settings, from the settings menu turn off the firewall protection.

How to stop Bullguard pop-ups?
Open the program, click Settings, click Advanced and click on General from the left. Click Main under it and on the right uncheck Enable Communication screen.

How to stop Bullguard notifications?
To minimize notifications, open the program and go to Settings ->Advanced ->General ->Main and check the Minimize notifications box.

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