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about DVDFab

DVDFab Software is dedicated to providing worldwide users a complete package of top-notch multimedia solutions.

• Copy DVDs, rip Blu-rays or back up 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays to computer HDDs or blank medium.

• Convert DVDs, Blu-rays and 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays for playback on portable & mobile devices.

• Convert videos bewteen any two popular or peculiar formats and make further editings your way.

• Download online music & videos from YouTube, Facebook, Viemo, Instagram, and 1000+ other websites.

• Play 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays, Blu-rays and DVDs on PCs, Macs, HTPCs with native menu navigation.

• Produce professional home DVDs/Blu-rays/4K Ultra HD Blu-rays, remove DRMs/Cinavia watermark, and more.


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DVDFab All-in-One review

Cover image

DVDFab is an all-in-one ripping solution from Fengtao Software. It is one of the oldest rippers, with the first version released in 2003. Nowadays it has many add-ons which greatly expand its functionality. For instance, disk cloning, which can create a 1:1 copy of a movie disk or extract specific files only, e.g. audio tracks, subtitles. A built-in converter allows to convert video directly from the disk source (DVD, Blu-ray). Developers communicate regularly with customers both on global functionality level and single bugs, so DVDFab is still a leader among DVD ripper software.

Note: check the copyright law in your country before starting any disk copying or backup for home use (commercial copies are illegal in all countries).

VendorFengtao Software (visit site)
Current versionDVDFab v. out 01.15.2020
Operating systemsWindows / Mac
Installer file size3.65 MB
Menu languages29
Output presets260+
Input optionsDVD, Blu-Ray, ISO image, local folder
Extra featuresMobile app, video converter, DVD creator
License types30-days trial / Subscription / Lifetime
Pricing (1 PC)$254.90 / 1 year$299.00 / 2 years$369.70 / Lifetime


The installer is very easy, only 3 clicks are required to install DVDFab on a computer. Online installer is only 3.65 MB, however a fully unpacked program requires 619 MB of disk space. Run it, tick License Agreement, change installation path if you want.

The installation progress takes about 1-2 minutes. For initial launch, DVDFab will require Internet connection for license activation. If there is no access to the Internet, a 30-day trial will be activated by default. Also, an Internet connection will be further necessary for Blu-ray discs. DVDFab trial gives access to almost all features, except a few restrictions:

  1. Watermark 
  2. Conversion with H.265 codec and 4K unavailable
  3. Not all conversion presets available
  4. No GPU hardware acceleration
  5. No free technical support and updates

When the trial period expires, DVDFab enables a free license with limited features. It includes only 5 modules with the following limitations:

  • DVD Copy - all except adult DVDs and with multiple VTS protection;
  • Blu-Ray Copy - only disks produced before 2018;
  • DVD and Blu-Ray Ripper - only Full and Main Copy modes;
  • Video Converter - only MKV and MP4.


DVDFab has a modular structure. Almost every module can be purchased separately, without the need to purchase full package of software. Also, if the system has previously installed program modules, DVDFab will make them available inside the main application. Therefore, at the launch, DVDFab always shows a list of available and installed products with brief info about their licenses.

DVDFab review

The main menu window, initially causes difficulties in intuitive understanding. But after 1-2 days of working with the program the workflow becomes smooth, according to users reviews. Top panel provides quick access to main modes: Copy, Ripper, Converter, Creator, Utilities, Task Queue.

The lower part of panel changes view, depending on the selected mode. The central part is a working area that appears when a source is added. A small bottom panel displays options to  change location of files, start or pause tasks. The icon for settings is quite hard to spot (upper right corner). There you can also change interface skin from 7 versions, minimize and maximize the window.

Tip. DVDFab can upload the converted video directly to YouTube. To do this, log in to your account in the lower left part of the screen (next to Save to panel).

The most popular DVDFab module, enabling all operations with DVD, Blu-ray and UHD. Full copy mode creates an identical disk copy, with all the data for correct playback.  It can also work with DVD9 discs, splitting them into 2 DVD5 or, vice versa, combining two DVD5 into one DVD9. If a PC has optical drive, DVDFab can burn the disk. 

It is important to note that, all modes support optical drives, ISO images and local folders as source files. The full list of options is given in this table:

Copy modeMode description
Full diskCreates a copy of a disk, including movie, audio tracks, subtitles, menu, technical data.
Main movieOnly copies the “payload”, without unnecessary files, ads or FBI warnings.
CustomizeAllows to choose what content to save - manually. 
SplitDivides DVD9 into two DVD5.
MergeCombines several sources into one. Doesn’t support mixing DVD with BD.
Clone/BurnWrites original content directly onto disk, thus, creating a fully functional clone of the original source.
To DVDConverts Blu-ray to DVD saving key data and disk menu.
To Blu-rayConverts DVD to Blu-ray format, often improving quality.
UHD To Blu-rayConverts UHD source to Blu-ray format.

These two modes are almost identical in functionality. They both convert source media to preferred  format. The only difference is that the converter does not work with disk images and optical media, which makes it essentially an ordinary media converter. Ripper also contains special algorithms that recognize disk layouts to more accurately perform copying.

In the past DVDFab often published what types of protection it can remove. Nowadays they stopped doing this to preserve software functionality. Yet, DVDFab definitely works with the following disc content protection methods: CSS, RC, RCE, Macrovision, Uops, Sony ARccOS Protection, FluxDVD, Core X2, ProtectDVD, CPPM, Settec Alpha, AACS, RC, BD-Live, UOP, Eurovideo, BD+, Java, Cinavia, DRM, fake playlists and titles. In addition, many protection methods are constantly updated. 

DVDFab supports all major video and audio formats, including Hi-Fi audio and HD video:

Converter presets
CategoryFormatsTotal presets
Web optimizedYouTube MP4, YouTube MP4.4K2
Hi-Fi audioFLAC Multi-channel, FLAC Stereo, WAV Multi-channel, WAV Stereo4
Enlarger AIMKV.AI, MP4.AI2

DVDFab has 2 specific conversion presets, worth highlighting: 1) Subtitles - to extract subtitles from a video file, 2) Enlarger AI - an exclusive DVDFab technology to improve image quality by increasing its resolution. The vendor claims a potential 3-fold video quality increase, but note that this will need at least 3GB GPU by Nvidia or more.

DVDFab ripper review

DVDFab also offers presets for devices types:

Devices presets
VendorModelsTotal Presets
AmazonKindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD2
AppleiPad, iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, iPod44
Barnes & NobleNook HD, Nook HD+2
BlackberryQ10, Storm, Z103
BoxAV200, Micca Speck, NBOX, Roki3XS, Tivo13
GoogleNexus, Pixel8
HTCButterfly, Desire, Mate X, Galaxy10
HuaweiHonor, Mate, Nova21
LGG2, G3, H58
MicrosoftSurface, Zune, Xbox6
MotorolaDroid, RAZRR, Xoom, XT5
PVPArchos, Nintendo, Zen Vision11
SamsungGalaxy Tab, Galaxy Note33
SonyLT, PS3, PS4, Xperia15
OthersPSP, PS Vita, Sony Ericsson K750, Nokia N9535

DVDFab Converter also supports custom conversion settings. As in other converters, we can change video (codec, resolution, framer rate) and audio (bit rate, channels, volume) settings. But there are 3 exclusive features that aren’t available in other video converters: 

  1. Automatic calculator of video fragment size, depending on selected output settings.
  2. Fragment conversion settings can be set as universal, by Apply to All option.
  3. Custom conversion presets, by clicking Save My Profile button.

Because beginners will most definitely have trouble familiarizing with Converter interface, here is a short instruction:

DVDFab all-in-one review

1 - Sound track selection, 2 - Subtitles selection, 3 - Outgoing video quality, 4 - Player, 5 - Conversion settings, 6 - Video editor, 7 - Information about current video fragment, 8 - Removing a fragment, 9 - Search for movie information in the DVDFab database.

In both modes a video editor is available as well. It can add subtitles, text, image and sound files. All these elements can be easily edited with multi-layered timeline.

This tool can create a new backup of disk using the source file. Though, this can also be done with Ripper or Copy modules. The main feature of this mode is the ability to create custom and fully-functional disk menus.

DVDFab creator review

The module offers the following options: background selection, text labels, buttons (only library),  positioning preview, frames for episodes.

Creator also has a built-in video editor, though a more simple one compared to Ripper and Converter modules. Nevertheless, it is easy to use and has 2 players actually. The first one shows the source file, the second - shows changes in real time. There are only 3 main edit options:  

  1. watermark (text color, text font, image size)
  2. crop/trim (select aspect ratio to avoid black bars on the sides)
  3. properties (brightness, contrast, saturation, image rotation)

DVDFab 11 review

This section includes additional tools for BD-drives and integration which can expand DVDFab functionality. The free ones are:

  1. BDInfo - reading technical information on disk (size, codec, method of protection). 
  2. BDFix - adjusting ripping settings for Blu-ray disc, correcting playback errors, protection removing.
  3. File Transfer - file sharing with a remote mobile device via DVDFab Remote app.

There are also a few paid modules:

  1. iOS Screen Recorder
  2. DRM Removal for Apple
  3. YouTube to MP3
  4. Video Downloader (200+ websites)
  5. UHD Drive Tool (change UHD firmware to allow backup)

This solution has been on the wishlist of everyone who ever used DVD rippers and converters. Waiting forever until a task is complete is always a bummer. DVDFab Remote is a mobile app for Android (4.0+) and iOS (9.0+). With it, users can monitor DVDFab operations progress on the phone and receive notifications. It is not necessary to be near a PC, because the app uses local Wi-Fi connection. This app can also send video files from phone to DVDFab for PC.

DVDFab Remote app

For tests, we used an ISO backup movie, 4.19 GB in size. In addition to the video track, it also had 2 audio tracks and 3 subtitle files. We tested the 3 most popular modules and here are the results:

Test modeSourceOutput detailsDuration (h:m:s)
CreatorISO (DVD5)DVD5 with custom menu02:35:57
Ripper+ConverterISO (DVD5)Conversion to AVI00:46:09
Ripper+ConverterISO (DVD5)Conversion to MP400:48:31
Ripper+ConverterISO (DVD5)Conversion to TS01:53:59
CopyISO (DVD5)1:1 Copy00:05:07
CopyISO (DVD5)1 Sound, 1 Sub00:02:08
CopyISO (DVD5)2 Sounds, 3 Subs00:04:24
  1. Creator - took the longest, because DVDFab first ripped the original, then converted the files. The new disk content and built-in menu were correctly recognized by a DVD player.
  2. Converter - successfully completed a different type conversion. It is worth noting that DVDFab describes in detail the process of completing a task, including progress, FPS, elapsed and remaining time.
  3. Copy - turned out to be the fastest mode, although changing additional content significantly affected the time to complete a task.

DVDFab pricing policy is quite flexible. It allows to create own set of utilities and don’t overpay for unnecessary functions. At the same time, thanks to bundles, there is always the opportunity to save some money on a purchase.  For long-term use, lifetime licenses are the most profitable, they are more expensive by $30 on average, but provide long-term support and program updates.

DVDFab pricing has a rather complicated structure, so we’d like to drop an extract of it for convenience:

Name1-year subscription2-years subscriptionLifetime license
DVD Copy$54.90$63.90$79.00
DVD Ripper$54.90$63.90$79.00
DVD Creator$42.90$52.90$69.00
Blu-ray Copy$64.90$84.90$119.00
Blu-ray Ripper$64.90$84.90$119.00
Blu-ray Creator$42.90$52.90$69.00
UHD Copy$69.00$89.00$119.00
UHD Ripper$69.90$89.90$119.00
Video Converter$44.90$52.90$69.00
DVDFab All-in-one$255$299$369

License for 1PC, can be extended for 3 or 5 PCs just for $30 and $50, respectively. DVDFab also offers Bundles - a pack of several programs with discount. The most suitable is an All-in-one, which contains 22 modules and is “a Swiss knife” for DVD, Blu-ray and UHD. By the way, a 30-day trial offers access to All-in-one version.

DVDFab alternatives

If DVDFab does not fit the requirements, or is too complicated to use, here are some alternative applications:

  1. Format Factory - a free converter with various presets for devices or formats.
  2. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum - a cheaper (in comparison to DVDFab) ripper, but contains only basic functions.
  3. Pavtube - a ripper which can burn discs and has video converter inside.

DVDFab is one of the oldest products among ripper software. It’s decryption tools can recognize and deactivate most content protection methods. This program offers various operations with disks - from dividing into volumes, to burning custom disk with menu. DVDFab has an integrated converter that supports high-quality audio and video, as well as video adjustments for different screen sizes. DVDFab Remote app is also helpful when users wish to control tasks remotely.

Name of product Pros

  • Recognizes over 25 disk protection algorithms
  • Plain modular structure
  • Sync with mobile app

Name of product Cons

  • No free version
  • Small buttons for settings
  • Joining User Experience Program by default

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