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Leawo Music Recorder review

Leawo Music Recorder is a program for recording audio from a computer and audio output. With this software you can record music from such resources as Youtube, Facebook, AOL Music, Last.fm. The program allows you to record not only music but also any other sound on PC. So in addition to music, users can also record podcasts, radio shows and keep an audio diary. 

In this review, we will see what functions Leawo application has, go through the settings and find out if they are relevant. At the end we will highlight the pros and cons of the Leawo Music Recorder and summarize whether the program is worth attention.

Let’s start with system requirements: 

  1. OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  2. Processor: 1 GHz or higher Intel/AMD processor
  3. RAM: 512 MB RAM (1024 MB or more is recommended)
  4. Other: Internet connection 

CPU and RAM usage:

  1. Processor - 0% standby, 33% during recording 
  2. Internal memory -  22.5 Mb standby, 35 Mb during recording

As you can see, the program is not too demanding on computer resources. Well, let’s look at Music Recorder features.


Let's start with the settings menu, which are located in the upper right corner of the screen. Turning to the settings, we see a small but useful set of tabs in front of us. We will consider all tabs and options one by one, and talk about each in nuance.

The first tab is General. In this tab, we have the opportunity to specify the path to save the recorded files, as well as select the desired language, which are four to choose from: English, Chinese, German and Russian.

Leawo Music Recorder review

Audio Source tab - here we are given the opportunity to select a recording source, having two options: Record Computer Audio and Record Audio Input. First one is good to capture audio from online sources such as: YouTube, AOL Music, Last.fm, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify and so on. The second one is to record audio from a microphone or other built-in audio tools, i.e. Realtek audio, digital input, etc.

Leawo Music Recorder features

Next, let's move on to the function we like in the Scheduler tab. It allows you to set the time, and at the specified time, recording will start automatically. It will be carried out from the source you’ve selected in the Audio Source section. You can also set the duration of the recording and automatically turn off the PC when recording is complete. It is convenient if you need to get away from the computer, while recording a radio broadcast or something else.

Leawo Music Recorder review

Next we see the Control tab. In this section we have three functions. First is - Automatically split when the silence is more than 0.2 seconds. This function allows us to automatically stop recording and start a new one when there is silence for the time you set. Let's give an example: you record a song, the song ends and after it there is a pause (silence), if this pause is more than 0.2 seconds, the recording automatically stops and a new one begins.

Leawo Music Recorder Windows

The next, no less useful function, Automatically filter, only save track longer than 10 seconds - does not save the record if it lasted no more than the time you specified. It is useful if there was some noise at the beginning of the recording and you immediately stopped recording, so you do not need to waste time deleting the file. We recommend setting 10 seconds, probably the best option.

Automatically get music info while recording - this function will help you save time, it will determine the tags and cover art for the file. In most cases this function does it correctly. There is the possibility to do it yourself manually in case something went wrong.

record audio from youtube

Format tab offers to choose file format and adjust it. Audio files can be saved in two formats: MP3 and WAV. In mp3 format, there is the possibility of choosing a bitrate of up to 320/Kbps, as well as a sampling rate of up to 48000 HZ. The higher the bitrate and sampling rate, the higher the quality and accordingly the file size, do not forget about it. When choosing the WAV format, there is no possibility to change the bitrate, here it will have a constant value of 1411/Kbps. The sampling frequency can be changed in the same way as in the mp3 format up to 48000 HZ.

Leawo Recorder

In the Connection tab, you can configure the proxy server if necessary. Also in the program there is a pleasant opportunity to choose a design. You can change the appearance in the Skin tab. You can only choose from the proposed options.

audio recorders

On the Recording screen we have: a) Start/Stop button, b) buttons for switching between the recordings, c) Play/Pause button, d) playback display, e) volume slider, f) recent recordings (after restarting the program they disappear), g) the microphone icon (to quickly change the recording source), h) the clock icon (scheduler), i) the plus icon to add a playlist, j) links to developer website. 

The next function of the program that we would like to focus on is the addition of recorded files to iTunes with one click. Undoubtedly, this is one of the advantages of this program.

Leawo to iTunes

The Media window contains all your recorded files. Let's start with the library and playlists. Initially, for our convenience, there are sections All Recordings, New Recordings, Recently Played. You cannot delete and rename these sections, and why do something with them, but you can play them and add them to the iTunes library.

Leawo Music Recorder playlists

In Media, the Add playlist icon becomes active. Created playlists can already be deleted and renamed. Also in the Media window, you can change the display of the window itself. It is also possible to sort files in one click by name, duration, artist, album, genre and date added. There is also a search bar, you can search by keywords or set a search filter. The following search filters are available: by name, artist and album. This is useful when you have a large library of files. 

As you can see, the developer took care of your time and did everything for convenience. Files in the library can be edited, added to the playlist one at a time, or all at once, added to iTunes, in fact, the entire set of options can be seen in the screenshot.

Leawo Music Recorder review

How to make a recording in Leawo?

You need to click the red button and then launch the desired audio source - video, music online or on a device. As soon as the sound starts to be audible - recording begins. In the program window you can see time counting, bouncing columns on the equalizer and notes moving to the center. If the song title and album cover are recognized, it will all appear in the center square with the notes.

How to make a recording in Leawo?

Once the recording is finished, it moves to the bottom row, and you can also open its context menu for editing. As promised on the developer's site, Leawo Music Recorder can automatically download and add music tags to recorded files, including title, artist name, album title and album cover, genre, year of release. For the vast majority of tracks, all tags are correctly defined.

It is a surprise that even the music from the movies recorded on the hard drive has been properly tagged. To view a list of all recorded audio, click on Media at the bottom of the window. The Media tab opens a library of created records. Here you can manage your recorded files, edit tags, create or delete playlists. Recordings in the library will be played one by one continuously, according to the playlist. If you do not pause, the list will start playing again and again continuously. 

How to make a recording in Leawo?

Record from microphone

The function may not seem necessary to someone. Because, as we all know, Windows lets you record audio using the built-in feature. However, Windows software stores its audio in .WMA format, which is not played by all players. Leawo Music Recorder instantly saves our sounds in the right universal format with better sound quality.

In general, recording from a microphone has a certain charm to many creative people. It allows parents, for example, to read a fairy tale for children that they will listen to when mom or dad are away. One can record a romantic sound message for a lover, and even sing. It is always helpful for those preparing public speeches to listen to a speech on record to analyze its sound. Such users may benefit from Leawo Music Recorder nicely. 


Leawo Music Recorder application is quite stable, we haven’t experienced any lags, bugs or crashes during basic operations (recording, playback, recognition). While recording audio, the program records sounds from a microphone or PC. When recording from a PC, all sounds played on your computer are recorded, no matter how loud or quiet the sound is. We’ve tried to record audio from YouTube, turning off the audio on the PC completely. This did not affect the recording quality and recognition function.

How to make use Leawo recorder

The recognition feature during testing has proven to act similarly to Shazam. Due to the fact that the Leawo product can read audio directly from the PC, you get clearer sound for the recording and analysis of the track compared to Shazam, which uses a microphone for recognition and is therefore forced to analyze the sound with extra noises.

We also ran a test to see if you could use Leawo Music Recorder instead of a media player. To do this, we moved a MP3 file into the folder with recorded files. At the same time, we took into account that the trial version of the program has a limit on the recording of the track at 3 minutes, so the downloaded audio file was also shorter than 3 minutes. This track was not displayed in the application library and was not playable. Conclusion - Music Recorder cannot be used as an audio player.


Leawo Music Recorder is a decent audio recording and managing tool, with all the key functions working properly. It has more pros than cons, and the latter ones aren’t too critical. This application will be helpful to audiophiles who’d not only like to listen to music but also to record own sounds or streams. Interface is to-the-point, nothing excessive, 4 languages to choose from. 

Many users will also appreciate a feature to add recorded files to iTunes. Leawo consumes few system resources, making it possible to use on old/weak computers. During our in-house use and testing it never crashed or lagged, files were recorded and saved properly, scheduler proved to be precise. Overall, the program is worth attention. Our verdict is 4.5 out of 5.  

  • Recording computer audio sources
  • Good quality, audio format selection
  • Quick upload of files to iTunes
  • Ability to add tags (artist, song, album, year, cover)
  • Ability to edit tags manually
  • Filtering and separation of files

  • Forward/Rewind toggle acts erratically at times
  • No 100% automatic song detection
  • 3 minute file limit, full version costs $30
  • System sounds will be recorded too along with the main audio source (except microphone)


Does Leawo Music Recorder work on Windows?
Yes, it supports all Windows OS versions, starting from XP.

What are the limitations of the trial version?
The trial version can record a maximum of 3 minutes of your computer's audio.

How to find out the current Leawo version?
You can do this by clicking on the About button.

Why doesn't the program get an update?
Updates require a subscription.

In what format is audio saved?
Recording can be saved in two common formats - MP3 and WAV.

Can I record audio from Youtube videos?
Yes, you can make audio clips from any Youtube video.

Can I record from a microphone?
Yes, you select the appropriate item in the settings - Record Audio Input and record sounds from a connected or built-in microphone.

The program crashes, what should I do?
If the program has crashed, please make sure that you are using the latest version of the program and try again. If the issue continues after the upgrade, try uninstalling and reinstalling the product. If none of the above helps, send a crash report to the support team.

How to report a bug?
Click About - Bug report.

Where can I find a saved file on my computer?
Select the required record in the Library, right-click on it, Show in Folder.

Do I need to convert files to play it in another player?
No, recorded audio files are saved in mp3 and wav, which are supported by all media players.

How to add recorded music to iTunes?
After recording, select the files on the Library tab or press Ctrl to select several songs. And then click the Add to iTunes button, shown as an arrow icon at the bottom of the main interface, to add recorded music to your iTunes library.

Why doesn’t Leawo indicate music tags?
Music tags will not be listed due to one of these reasons: a) tags were not identified within the first 20 seconds of the song, b) other sounds on the computer interfere.

Can I record from 2 sources at the same time?
No, there is no such possibility.

How to edit music tags manually?
In the Media - Library tab, you can see all of your records. Select a record and right-click, then select Edit Music Tags to manually edit the music tags.

How to play and manage recorded audio?
In the Library tab, simply double-click on the recorded song, you can play it using the built-in player. You can also right-click on recorded songs to manage them, for example, add to iTunes, add to a playlist, edit music tags, etc.

Can I pause recording?
No, the program does not support continued recording of a file after pausing a song or recording. A song played back to the stopping point will be recognized and recorded as a song. To record an entire song, please play the entire song from the beginning again.

How to split songs during the recording?
Go to Settings (on Windows) or Music Recorder - Preferences (on Mac), then Control tab. Turn the option called Automatically split when the silence is more than X seconds on, and set the value in seconds. Close any other programs on a computer to avoid other sounds. Also note, that some websites (like online radio stations) play songs without pauses in between, so then Leawo won’t be capable of splitting tracks.

How to delete short files?
Go to Settings and switch Automatically Filter on. Set the value of length to save tracks between 1 and 1000 seconds.

Can Music Recorder identify an artist and a song?
Yes, while recording the app can detect the artist, song title, album title, etc. This occurs automatically, though not always correctly, mainly due to improper tags on the source.

Is it possible to edit files (crop, merge, increase volume) in Leawo?
No, Leawo Music Recorder is only intended for audio recording and certain setup options, but not editing.

Is it legal to record audio from online sources?
It depends on laws specific to your country, as well as the source. If an audio file is protected by copyright law, recording it is illegal.

What languages does Leawo have?
In the Settings you will find an option to select interface language. Beside English, there are Chinese, German and Russian languages.

Can I change the interface color scheme?
No, unfortunately, the only color is purple, and the only option here is switching between cover pictures.

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