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VidIQ - a brief review & FAQ

YouTube with over 2 billion of users basks in glory. Its firm ground are channels of unimaginable diversity, volume and followers. Music, entertainment, personal blogs, reviews, politics, life hacks and tips, and much much more. Every channel tries to reach as many viewers as possible by any means. Here, we are reviewing VidIQ - a tool for gathering analytics for YouTube channels and tips to promote it.   

Get started

Get to the official website and sign up with a Google account or email. Then you get redirected to VidIQ web app where you should navigate to your YouTube channel and also sign in. When successful, a notification asks to install VidIQ browser extension, for Chrome for instance.

VidIQ web app

As you activate the extension and go to YouTube, you notice its interface is amended with lots of new tools on the right side. We’ll explore it in a few moments. All of it is quite extensive, so we also advise to follow VidIQ channel to learn more, they’ve got tons of guidelines. For instance, this one - How to get discovered on YouTube in 2020:

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VidIQ Web Application

VidIQ offers lots and lots of tools to review and investigate what’s going on with a channel, and then make informed decisions to promote it better and faster. As a vidIQ web app it contains the following tabs: Analytics, Videos, Descriptions, Subscribers, SEO, Competitors.

  1. Analytics

Details channel stats. Any time period selection. Youtube SEO section with total number of views, organic views, views from Recommended area. Graph displaying monthly or hourly data. 

VidIQ analytics tool

Want to know how many minutes/hours of your videos got viewed? Youtube Overview shows the number of likes, comments, views, subscribers, and time spent too. If you’ve lost followers, it will be seen as well. See which videos are the most popular, see what users have been searching and ended up viewing a clip (Top). In Trends you see how fast/slow is channel growing. Some tools, e.g. best time to post, are in Pro version only.

VidIQ analytics tool

  1. Videos

Statistical tools per each individual video. All data in a list, easily comparable. Correlation of views and likes to see user engagement. Pro version provides the same for Facebook videos. 

VidIQ browser extension

  1. Descriptions

Helps to create similar descriptions for multiple videos or playlists. Only in Pro. 

  1. Subscriber Analysis

See what other channels the audience subscribed to, what videos on those channels are most viewed. Only in Pro. 

  1. SEO 

Many useful tools here. Configure automatic applying of tags in Bulk SEO, based on search recommendations. Channel Search Engine Optimization - see the position of videos in search results, see what tags are effective. Keyword Search - to seek or generate similar keyword combinations (only 3 keywords in Free). A quick example:

VidIQ Chrome extension

Related Score: how similar (0-100).
Search Volume: monthly amount.
Search Score: keyword popularity (0-100).
Competition Score: amount of videos with same keywords (0-100).
Overall Score: the higher the better (0-100).

  1. Competitors

Add competitor channels and compare metrics in a cohesive visual form. Add channel ID and see: views, subscribers, videos (the number), average views per day, average subscribers per day, average number of videos per day.

VidIQ Firefox extension

Graphs or tables, choice is there. Also, see trending videos from competitors, analyze it, compare, learn and improve.

VidIQ review

  1. Upgrade 

VidIQ has 3 paid plans: Pro, Boost and Boost+. To access all aforementioned tools Boost is recommended, it supports up to 5 channels at the same time. For established channels and lacking SEO, Boost Plus ($415 per month) could be a good fit. One monthly face-to-face coaching session included.  

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VidIQ Vision Extension

VidIQ Vision is the extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers. It grants detailed content analytics and changes YouTube layout. Its menu sections correspond to all the tools in a web app.  

VidIQ YouTube analytics

The difference is that users can utilize these tools on YouTube pages directly. For example, on the main search page, we get a panel on the right side displaying stats on user search words. We type in “California”.

VidIQ free for youtube

We see that: a top video has 459 million views, the average age of viewers is 50 years, and the top channel for this keyword is KTLA 5. Overall Score, designed to evaluate the relevance of using the same keyword, is 76. The more the better. The tab also shows similar keywords. 

VidIQ analytics tool

If we go to a specific video, we see an even more detailed panel called VidIQ Basic. For many users, the most handy metrics would be VidIQ Score (popularity of similar videos, 0-100) and VidIQ SEO Score (efficiency of set keywords, tags, etc.). 

VidIQ YouTube analytics

Most VidIQ Extension tools are available for free. Although, it is worth stressing once again (and then again) that there are no magic wands making your channel famous. VidIQ gives information, and you still have to do the work, analyze, tweak, innovate.  

Pros & Cons

  • Concise interface
  • Stats on YouTube videos
  • SEO and analytics tools
  • Numerous tutorials

  • High cost of subscription
  • No mobile version of web app
  • May be overwhelming for beginners

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Is VidIQ safe?
Yes. Learn more about confidentiality policy at: The company does not collect user data without permission. VidIQ also is a partner to Youtube Сertificate service.

Can YouTube block my channel because of VidIQ?
No. None of Youtube rules are broken by VidIQ tools.

Can VidIQ help promote a newly created channel?
Yes, VidIQ is designed to help aspiring channels to grow. Yet SEO skills and creativity will be needed in any case.

I’m new to SEO. How can I promote my content on YouTube?
Find many guides on the web, first. Explore and dig deeper, be persistent and you’ll get there.

Will VidIQ help in learning SEO?
Visit VidIQ Academy at: There are many tutorials to explore this tool as well as the basics of SEO.

Can VidIQ lead to millions of views?
No magic tricks here. You have to offer interesting or helpful content in the first place. Then select and realize a proper marketing path. VidIQ can only assist.

How can I unlock more VidIQ features?
Purchase one of subscription plans.

What is Personalized Coaching for Creators & Agencies?
Boost+ subscription grants help from VidIQ mentors. One monthly session of 1 hour from a coach, all of whom are Youtube-certified.

In what languages are VidIQ tutorials presented?
English only.

Can I add 5 or more channels to VidIQ?
VidIQ has a separate Enterprise package. Contact their support to find our more.

For what browsers is the VidIQ extension?
Currently, Chrome and Firefox.

What services can VidIQ integrate with?
VidIQ can work together with YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Can I export data from VidIQ web app?
There is a data export option in CSV format.

Are there any extra tools in VidIQ?
Find information at:

Will there be a VidIQ mobile app?
No information at this point in time.

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