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DriverFix review

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about DriverFix

Upon installation, DriverFix will scan for missing and out-of-date drivers. It will then provide a report on all device drivers. Database is being updated on a daily basis. Choose a driver to update or choose to install all dated drivers. Get your PC running like new.

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Key features
  • Driver scan
  • Updates
  • History
DriverFix Pros
  • Quickly and effectively performs tasks
  • Multiple interface languages
  • Light on PC resources
DriverFix Cons
  • No macOS version
  • Old drivers need manual removal


DriverFix driver updater software review
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Vendor, Inc.

Current version


Operating system

Windows XP / Vista / 7 /8 / 8.1 / 10

Interface languages


Driver database


Extra features

Information about drivers, update notifications


$20 Personal (1 PC), $30 Family (3 PCs), $40 Extended (10 PCs).

The program contains four tabs: Scan, Updates Center, Settings, License Key. Overall, the interface is quite simple to use and concise, so it will not be difficult to get used to it. Also the dark theme helps keep your eyes healthy and work comfortably and efficiently. Of course, some users prefer a light-colored interface, but that’s a matter of personal preference. If the developer would have added a light theme, it would be a positive thing.

Scan. Search for outdated drivers and potential issues on a user PC. When you install the program it will automatically perform the first scan without consent, you can repeat it again using the Rescan button surely.

DriverFix review

Updates Center. Contains all information about files and drivers that are ready to be updated, as well as data about files, description, installation status, size, update speed, location, etc. Explore, find the exact driver version and install it. Nothing complicated.

DriverFix review and FAQ

There is also a help panel to control installation processes. These include: Show Location - path and additional information; Restart - start downloading a file again if the first try resulted in an error; Pause - pause downloading a file for a while when necessary; Cancel - self-explanatory option, for cases one needs to stop the process; Delete - remove a file from the program buffer and the download folder (only ZIP archives).

User tip. All drivers downloaded via DriverFix are actually .zip archives, thus to install those drivers you’d have to unpack it and install. Not the best workflow, but that’s how it is.

General. Launch on startup, automatic driver backups, reboot after installations, file location, language, history, update notifications, etc.

how to use DriverFix to update drivers

Internet. If enabled, it allows users to download new updates to installed drivers by default. History tab contains information about the updates a user has been getting, and he/she can see details such as date, scan type, source, etc.

Updates. Acts as a reminder to search for drivers’ new version, just reschedule it according to your preference. In the About tab you’ll find typical data: program name, current version, user serial number and license expiration date. Links to contact tech support in the bottom.

So, in essence, DriverFix is here to eliminate driver issues and inconsistencies on user devices, computers, laptops, to update any driver to the latest version and thus improve PC performance. It also accommodates auxiliary functions and tools to get the most out of it, for example backups and restore points, although this is a standard practice among driver updates nowadays.

  1. Updates

In order to perform a drive update, run the scanning first with DriverFix first. Afterwards, navigate to the Updates Center tab, select a specific file or all files with pending updates and install it. Then, locate it, unzip it and execute it.

DriverFix review

  1. Update history

This option allows you to save the update history of drivers, as well as information about these updates. It is stored in the root folder along with the DriverFix folder.

DriverFix history

The first time you run the program, it will start scanning and diagnosing itself automatically. Of course, users may repeat the procedure anytime with the Rescan button. On laptops with two graphic/video cards DriverFix is able to install separate drivers for each one. This is a rare feature as for driver updater software.

It should also be noted that the process of scanning for obsolete drivers on an average Windows 10 laptop takes about 20 seconds. In our case, the program found 8 drivers that required an update.

DriverFix scanning

As said previously, in order to update drivers, one has to find their locations, get the updates, unpack it and install the appropriate driver update. However, there’s a 1-click fix-all button called “Select All”. DriverFix database seems to contain drivers for a variety of devices such as keyboard, mouse, webcam, hardware, monitor, RAM, processor, video adapter, sound, etc.

DriverFix for Windows

After performing all the manipulations, remember to delete unnecessary remaining files, but do this not through DriverFix - remove it from the root folder manually instead. If you couldn't update drivers correctly, you can use the command Cancel and/or Delete in the Updates Center tab, or reboot your PC. Such issues may emerge with older computers or ones infected with a virus.

DriverFix is ​​an effective utility for updating dated drivers and eliminating system defects. It has a number of useful features and tools, such as update history, reminders, automatic search for new driver versions. It can update the main video card, as well as the discrete one, if you have it, in sequence.



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