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Give your Macs a boost, backed up by worry-free multilayered protection along with Mac performance optimization. When your Mac needs care - full disk space, Mac runs slow, or files need protection. It turns out you can teach an old Mac new tricks. With a suite of simple but powerful cleaning tools, your Mac will feel like it just came out of the box.

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Key features

  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Optimization

MacKeeper Pros

  • Powerful functionality
  • Extra tools: updater, VPN, ad block
  • 75% discount for 3 Macs plan

MacKeeper Cons

  • Negative reviews
  • No way to turn off notifications


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MacKeeper review: Mac optimizer, antivirus, VPN, and more

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Programs like this become more and more popular every day - a toolbox of sorts, with useful features for productivity, security, maintenance, collected in one place. The first app that comes to mind is Parallels Toolbox. Competition is fierce, so vendors try to come up with something unique or quite niche. When all possible utilities and programs are already created, one of the options is to unite them in one. Thus, we have MacKeeper - a single tool for solving or completing specific tasks for Mac users.


Clario Tech Limited


Official website

Available for

macOS 10.9 or later

Current version

5.0 (4853)


78.3 MB

To be honest, new-wave applications, especially for macOS, are incredibly easy to use. Certain categories of apps, for example optimizers, memory cleaners, iPhone cleaner apps can afford themselves frivolous designs as well. Beautiful colors, smooth animations, modern flat icons, etc. can result in a beautiful application. On the other end, often such simplification reaches absurd levels and programs look and feel like games.

MacKeeper manages to withstood the golden balance between convenience and functionality. The target audience of this app could be both casual users and more savvy folks wanting to solve emerging issues quickly. MacKeeper interface consists of 5 general tabs, each containing tools for specific tasks: Fix, Security, Cleaning, Performance, Privacy. Left side menu always stays in sight, so it is easy to switch between different tasks.

MacKeeper review

We can assume that Find & Fix is the main tab of the program. The task is to perform the complex analysis and suggest recommendations on the overall condition of your device in terms of performance optimization, security, privacy, etc.

MacKeeper review

One can apply all fixes, namely clean all junk files, apply all security, privacy and performance improvements at once by pressing the Fix Items Safely button, or go through each category separately. This is quite simple even for inexperienced users. Now, let’s go through all the tabs and tools.

MacKeeper review

MacKeeper takes customer support to a whole new level with this feature. Although there is the live chat link within the app, MacKeeper gives users an opportunity to conduct personal and complete system checkup with the help of experts. During this procedure tech experts make a full device diagnostics using MacKeepers features. Remote connection establishes via LogMeIn remote access software.

MacKeeper review

To do a scan and find potential harmful files or programs you need to go over to the Antivirus tab. With real-time protection, malware removal, VPN, anti-spyware, MacKeeper assures to provide 24/7 security of device and user data. There’s also the Adware Cleaner tool to stop ads, spyware, trackers, etc. while browsing: it detects and deletes it.

macos optimizer app

Antivirus is probably the most significant part of this section, it has become active since the moment we first launched real-time protection. Also, it added approximately 200-250 MB of RAM load. Just to check the difference, we’ve disabled real-time mode, but the process remained active; even after device reboot, as it turns out.

Then we wanted to explore how efficient real-time protection by MacKeeper is. For this test we used a popular Eicar test, which consists of 4 files that are downloaded - proper antivirus software has to spot the threat and alert a user. 2 of 4 files are zip archives. MacKeeper did not detect these two zipped files, yet detected the other two. We also have noticed even though the antivirus process is active all the time, it reacts to dangerous files only when real-time mode is enabled inside MacKeeper.

Safe Cleanup. Several useful tools here. The first one is Save Cleanup which will find and delete all possible junk files - cache, logs, email attachments, etc. All these files can amass over time and can be deleted freely. In our case this feature found 2.5 GB of files, most of which were cache from programs and applications, even deleted ones.

MacKeeper review

Duplicates Finder. Finds all possible copies of existing files, thus freeing up more storage space. Then there’s Smart Uninstaller to take care of application leftovers, widgets, browser extensions. In the Applications section you will find installed apps and all files that belong to it. For example: Spotify app occupies 280 MB, but it also has a lot of files scattered all over. MacKeeper collects all these files in one place and as a result we see that Spotify takes more than 10 GB in total. Quite useful, to be frank. And of course, one can remove any files from this tab.

how to clean junk on Mac

Memory Cleaner. Memory Cleaner is the most common tool in programs like this. Almost every optimizer or cleaner app includes it, so many users may be familiar with it already. It can help free some RAM, therefore a device will respond better and load apps and files faster. There is not much to say about this feature, except it also includes some kind of process manager.

Click Apps & Processes to view details of your RAM. In the Activity Monitor (default Mac process manager app) you can see much more information about the process, for example: CPU, Memory, Network, Energy, Disk process usage. Unfortunately, MacKeeper doesn't show this detailed information, but let's not forget this app is meant to be easy to use, and there’s no way to cram everything possible in one app.

MacKeeper review

Update Tracker. This option is scanning all installed programs and finds official available updates. The most important thing is that it finds updates for both AppStore apps and programs installed outside. One can even update it all straight from MacKeeper - select and click the Update All button.

MacKeeper review

Login Items. This is a list of apps and programs that will open automatically when you log into your computer. Some programs have the “Launch when system starts” option, so as you select it, a login item is added to the list. Cancelling the autolaunch can be done here as well.

MacKeeper review

ID Theft Guard. A guard tool for connected email accounts. It performs automated scans and notifies users in case any of these accounts are being compromised.

Private Connect - VPN. MacKeeper offers a VPN service with 48 countries and over 100 different servers. It is hard to find a decent connection point manually, and for this purpose there is a Best Server option.

MacKeeper VPN

VPN is a peculiar function, so we’ve decided to conduct certain tests: Internet speed with VPN on, iPv4, Ipv6 and DNS data leak tests. With VPN off we have stable 100 Mbps. When it is On, the average speed is 44 Mbps. Considering that we’ve selected the Best Server option, MacKeepers VPN cuts Internet speed significantly (by 66%), although for casual web browsing it should be enough still.

During iPv4, iPv6 and DNS leak tests we couldn't find the information about our real IP, location, provider, or any other information that can lead to personal details. This is good. Finally, we want to see whether MacKeeper VPN can grant access to services restricted geographically. Results are ambiguous - we’ve established connection to Sling TV, but failed to open BBC iPlayer and Netflix US.

StopAd. Last but not least, an ad blocker. It is implemented as a browser extension for Safari and Google Chrome.

MacKeeper ad blocker

To test it, we enable the Chrome version and select a few popular portals that contain lots of ads: Youtube, CNN, Buzzfeed, USA Today, Facebook. Most ads are successfully blocked. As for the page opening speed, there’s no trouble either. Here’s the summary about different types of ads - contextual advertising, analytics services, banner ads, error collection services.

Contextual ads

Google AdSense


Yandex Direct



Google Analytics




Yandex Metric



Flash ads


Gifs, still images


Error collection





Support Center. The online Support Center deserves special attention. This app offers one of the best tech support out there, in a form of chat. They reply literally in seconds and can help you with any question regarding the app. If a current expert is not competent in a matter, he will switch to another to get proper advice. We’ve asked a lot of questions within a short time and MacKeepers employees calmly and patiently answered all of them.

Notifications. This program may appear a little bit unusual and it is not necessarily a bad thing; rather surprising. MacKeeper sends notifications, and really informative ones - on how to boost performance, free space, etc. One negative aspect - there is no way to turn notifications off. This may be a bit annoying at times.

MacKeeper review

There is also a minimized version of the app in the menu bar, and it is variable, for example: when VPN is on, you see a little sign on the MacKeeper menu bar icon. There are three features for quick access: 1. Safe Cleanup (start a scan from here); 2. view antivirus activity; 3. turn VPN on/off.

MacKeeper review

Pricing. There are three paid plans which differ by a number of supported devices and period of time.

  1. 1 year, 3 Macs: $84 / $7 per month
  2. 1 year, 1 Mac: $56 / $4.7 per month
  3. 1 month, 1 Mac: $17

There are quite a lot of negative reviews and opinions about MacKleener on the Internet. This may scare some users. We read a lot of articles, examined forums, and watched YouTube reviews before installing this app. Eventually, we had not noticed a single issue or suspicious behaviour of this app, except that one little issue with the antivirus process. MacKeeper performed well, just like any other optimization software.

Moreover, with things like duplicate finder, uninstaller, RAM cleaner, VPN, ad blocker, this program offers more than just optimization tools. We definitely notice the high level of care the creators are carrying out. MacKeeper contains a lot to try to satisfy as many users as possible, and does it competently.



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