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TeamViewer 13 review: setup, remote control, file transfer, interface, etc.

TeamViewer is a desktop sharing program that allows users to control other computers remotely and with little technical skill. Basically, it is accessible to anyone these days to grasp. To clarify each aspect and see how it works we’ve figured to do a little TeamViewer review.  

The principle of any remote access tools is simple: run the program on both your side and other person’s. Each session is protected by a unique ID and password. It is pretty popular due to costing nothing if using for non-commercial purposes, though there are asterisks to that.

Key values/features enlist ease of use, remote control, session records, file transfer, chat, meetings, phone and video calls, availability for all devices. Primarily, we are looking into TeamViewer free version, as most people would use it to fix issues remotely or help a friend with a certain task. First, the basic data.  

Software type Remote administration, desktop sharing
Version 13.2.26558
Freemium Free for personal use
License Business $49 / Premium - $99 / Corporate - $199 (monthly, billed annually)
OS Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Chrome OS, Blackberry
Installer 19.7 MB
Disk space 84 MB
Languages 12 (en/de/no/nl/pt/it/sp/fr/se/pl/dk/fi)

1. Setup: How to install Teamviewer

Go to the vendor’s website where on the main page you will see big green button “Download for free”. Upon clicking TeamViewer_Setup.exe file will be loaded to a folder of your choice. Then click on that installer to begin.  

TeamViewer review

In the first window select the type of installation: basic (general use), unattended access, or one-time use. Select commercial or non-commercial use, and note if you’d like to cheat you’ll end up outsmarted by the program anyway. Eventually, it will require a license activation due to frequent activity.

Wait one or two minutes to finish the installation and launch TeamViewer 13. You will see that your PC is assigned an ID and password. You can create new random password, copy it to clipboard, or set personal password. Write it down. You will see a green-lighted notification in the bottom part - ‘Ready to connect’.  

remote control software Teamviewer

And you’re ready to go, nothing complicated. In addition, you can go to ‘Settings’ to set TeamViewer to start automatically with Windows, assign a device to account (optional) for easy access, etc.

2. Interface, features overview

TeamViewer is designed both for personal use (to access home PC remotely) and IT departments - as a support and/or a collaboration tool. Your PC and partner PC, or host and admin computers, can share access to each other, send files, while also being secured in alternate to VPN way. Interface is clean and well-organized in a white-and-blue color scheme. A split screen with your ID/password and remote connection options. A panel with options, settings, help, etc. on the top, and a side panel for remote control, meetings, chat.

desktop sharing app

In ‘Options’ tab you have user control over all program’s settings, starting from password, account, display quality to audio/video conferencing and advanced settings that can amend TeamViewer performance. Of course, the main purpose of TeamViewer is to access remote devices, but here’s what is available besides that:

  1. Cross-platform support - PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet;
  2. Unattended access - without someone on the other side to grant access (requires specific type of installation);
  3. File transfer options - shared clipboard to copy-paste, ‘transfer’ connection, integration with Google Drive or Dropbox;
  4. Printing - on local printer from remote computer files;
  5. Team accounts - with multi-user sessions, corporate groups, management console, etc.;
  6. Collaboration tools - online meetings, messaging, video conferencing, play and record options.

Free version has its limitations, unfortunately. Full functionality is only available within a bought and activated license. Moreover, if you’re using TeamViewer intensely and frequently, it might interpret it as commercial use and ask for a license.

3. Remote control

Now, let’s explore the main feature of TeamViewer: remote access. When you’ve got partner’s credentials, you need to enter that ID, tap ‘Remote access’ below and click ‘Connect’.

access computer with TeamViewer

Note, that the program should be installed the same way on the computer/device you’re connecting to. Thus, it will also have the ID and password, which consists of 6 digits by default, but can be re-set to 8 or 10, or even set as personal password. Then, for authentication, enter the password from remote PC and click ‘Log on’. If successful, you’ll see a remote desktop and then will be able to do whatever you need there. The desktop will appear in a window with a toolbar on top of it.

TeamViewer review 2018

Toolbar has shortcuts to most likely actions one has to perform, such as remote system info, reboot, leave note, adjust a display, making screenshots, etc. By default, a wallpaper on remote device will change to all-black, but don’t worry, you can uncheck to show it, as well as a cursor.

4. File transfer

If one needs TeamViewer primarily to send or receive files, choose ‘File transfer’ type of connection on the start. Using this option from ‘Remote control’ mode is not a problem either - just go to ‘Files & extras’ tab in the toolbar.

file transfer in teamviewer

File transfer can be done via a standard dual-pane window for local and remote devices, or a ‘File box’ to drop files into. We have tested a dual-pane manager by sending 1GB file and it took 4 minutes 33 seconds. All smooth and no lags.  

send files through Teamviewer

In any type of connection, one can use an alternative way of sending files and documents. In the toolbar on the top click ‘Open file transfer’ (dual-pane) or ‘Share via file box’ to choose files from host computer, Google Drive, etc.

5. Chat, calls, meetings

TeamViewer is also a collaboration tool. In the second tab in the left-side menu, users can schedule a meeting or join one. This could be a fine alternative to Skype, for example. When one schedules a meeting, it has an ID - something like mXX-XXX-XXX, so that only invited people can join in.

teamviewer review pros and cons

Users may invite others by sending an email straight from TeamViewer with a link and meeting ID, or copying information to clipboard. All in all, this feature could become handy to conduct calls, conferences, chats or presentations with remote teams. Recording a session is available as well.

One can share screens, present some idea or product while explaining/commenting it via a phone or video call. For some people ‘Whiteboard’ feature might be of great use - drawing and outlining parts on a screen by cursor, as if on a board. For others, chat is helpful, for instance, if audio isn’t working properly, or you just want to leave a note.

TeamViewer app rating and review

6. TeamViewer mobile app

Actually, there are 3 apps. TeamViewer - to control remote device from a smartphone, TeamViewer QuickSupport - to allow remote control of a smartphone, and TeamViewer Host - for unattended control of mobile devices. QuickSupport is the one we need.

Download the app, allow control, and see an ID assigned (though it seemed a bit strange that there was no password for connections, like on desktop app). To be frank, it will also require a separate add-on for a specific smartphone model to install as well. After that, the workflow is easy. Connection and control via QuickSupport is similar to the one on  PC - once a remote session starts, a smartphone screen appears on a computer. From there one can access and do everything on a phone: install apps, check contacts, go to settings, etc.

Teamviewer for Android, Teamviewer iOS

This might be especially helpful for repairs, as technicians are able to view device information, transfer files, stop processes, check wi-fi settings, etc. Essentially, its the same as having a phone in your own hands.

7. Security

Of course, online security is crucial to all of us these days. TeamViewer has thorough enough security measures in place. They enroll data encryption with 2048 RSA private/public key and 256-bit standard, which essentially means client-to-client data protection, that even TeamViewer’s routing servers can’t read. Find out more here. In terms of security measures by a user, there are several possibilities. To use TeamViewer app on another device, or to access a host device when nobody is there, one has to have an account and enter the credentials. This way one adds a device to ‘Trusted devices’.

teamviewer review

Other option is to generate a new random password, to set your own password, or change standard password length from 4 to 6, 8, or 10 characters. Additionally, there’s the option to grant specific users easy access, i.e. no passwords to connect. And a blacklist as the most blunt option to block users.

8. Pricing / License

While using the free TeamViewer 13 version, there is often a notification to ‘Register an account for full functionality’ and other similar pop-ups. Moreover, TeamViewer monitors the activity and may restrict a free account in case of intense activity. This is commercially reasonable, as nothing is really free.

There are 3 pricing plans, all billed annually:

  • $49/month - single user, unlimited, 1 session at a time;
  • $99/month - multiple users, 1 session at a time, full functionality;
  • $199/month - multiple users, 3 sessions at a time, mass deployment and integrations.

It means, one has to pay $588 for personal 1-year use, or $1,188 for corporate use. Find more details here.   

9. TeamViewer 14 beta

New improvements are on the way and already available in TeamViewer 14 Preview version. Firstly, it comes with upgrades of performance: low bandwidth connections, MacOS Mojave tools, one-click script execution, new design and dark mode, more management options. Secondly, Augmented Reality remote support - for camera sharing, 3D annotations, video streaming, etc. More in the video:

10. Alternatives to TeamViewer

  1. Splashtop. Remote access to own and shared computers at any time. Huge emphasis on security of connections.
  2. Supremo. Easy and complete remote desktop control app, no need to install anything.
  3. Chrome Remote Desktop. Free and not that powerful as TeamViewer, however it could still be great for casual use and it works via Chrome browser.

Closing thoughts

As it turns out, TeamViewer app offers good performance and usability, little lag time. It definitely deserves a look if you’re seeking a remote access tool. Beside simple personal use, it can be applied as a support/collaboration tool by IT departments. It works on desktop PCs and mobile devices, it is easy enough for everyone. Plus, there are plenty of FAQs and how-to videos on their website. Speaking of a flip side, TeamViewer license is quite expensive.



How to connect TeamViewer?
Download and install TeamViewer on a PC you need access to, then set up “unattended access”, name the machine and set a password. Install TeamViewer on a PC which will control your remote machine, add it to partner list. To access a remote computer, select its name from Partner List and connect. When done, you can view the remote desktop screen, control it’s mouse and keyboard, and overall use it fully.

How to share a screen in TeamViewer?
Open the app, make a connection between devices, select the screen sharing option (note: this only works if you are the speaker). Select which screen or section of it to share, tap on screen sharing.

How to control a remote computer with TeamViewer?
Click the Remote-Control tab, ask a partner to start TeamViewer, then click the Remote-control option button. Press “Connect to partner” button, Authentication dialog box should pop up. Enter the password of a remote computer and click Log On.

How to give control to a remote computer in TeamViewer?
Start the program, click the Remote-Control tab, find your TeamViewer ID and a temporary password. Ask a partner to start TeamViewer, then press Remote-control button. Share data with a partner, so he/she will be able to connect to your computer. In Authentication dialog box a user who has access will be seen.

How to connect to TeamViewer without a password?
In QuickSupport app, link the client module to your list of computers and contacts. Partners will appear in the list after opening the client module, and you can connect without exchanging IDs and passwords.

How to setup unattended access in TeamViewer?
Install TeamViewer on the PC you want to connect to, click “Yes” in User Account Control. When connecting, set up Unattended Access - a window called “Setup-unattended-access” should appear.

Can TeamViewer work without Internet?
Only within a local area network (LAN) - via IP addresses or computer name if a network uses DNS resolution. Note that by default the feature for incoming LAN connections is inactive.

How to share files in TeamViewer?
Log into your account, select a device to connect, select files, open the File Transfer browser. Specify devices to transfer files to and from, and send.

How to switch sides in TeamViewer?
Go to the Remote-Control tab, click the “Connect to partner” button. Select Communicate tab and click “Switch sides with partner”. A guest will become a speaker then, or vice versa.

How to activate TeamViewer license?
Method 1: click on “Activate now” link, log into TeamViewer account, click Edit profile in the top-right corner. Under the License tab, click the “Add new device” button, in a dialog box enter the TeamViewer ID, then click the “Add device” button. Method 2: click “Extras | Activate license” from the main menu, enter the license key in License code field, click the “Activate license” button.

How to accept incoming connections in TeamViewer?
Share your TeamViewer ID with a partner, when he/she tries to connect, a notification box will open for you to accept or deny connection.

How to control Android phone with TeamViewer?
Download and install TeamViewer QuickSupport or TeamViewer Host on a mobile phone, get the ID and connect as usual.

How to block TeamViewer?
Method 1: DNS Block. First, block the resolution of DNS records on domain. If its a DNS server (such as an Active Directory server), open DNS Management Console, create a record for ‘’. Second, make sure that clients cannot connect to external DNS servers - log into Firewall or Router, add a new outgoing firewall rule to disallow TCP and UDP port 53 from all source IP addresses, except the addresses of your DNS servers. Method 2: Group policy restrictions. Get the TeamViewer EXE file, and in Active Directory Network do the following: in Group Policy Management Console create a new GPO, there, go to “Software Restriction Policies” (User Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Software Restriction Policies), right-click and choose “New Software Restriction Policies”. Then, select “Browse” in the New Hash Rule popup window, find the setup EXE and open it. Link a new GPO to the domain and make it apply to everyone.

How to bypass Firewall with TeamViewer?
Go to Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Allow a program through Windows Firewall. Hit a check box for TeamViewer to allow it through firewall. Similarly, indicate the kind of network that has to be running for the program to get through.

How to show black screen? What is black screen in TeamViewer?
Black screen option is only available with license - when activated, the screen on a remote PC will be deactivated as soon as there’s no input. Click the Remote Control tab, then click “Connect to partner” button, look for TeamViewer toolbar, finally select Actions tab and press the “Show Black Screen” button.

How to change display name / ID in TeamViewer?
Go to Extra menu > options > go to general tab. There you will see your Display Name, change it in the box nearby, press Accept. Note: there is no way to change ID since it is assigned to each device by TeamViewer.

How to delete a TeamViewer account?
Go to and sign in with your email and password. Click the big blue button in the top-right corner, select Edit profile, select Delete account.

How to find partner ID in TeamViewer?
Ask a partner to start the app, ask him/her to share TeamViewer ID and password. Establish the connection, then find his ID displayed in the title window.

How to get sound in TeamViewer?
Go to Extras > Options > Meeting section, and in the right pane, check Share computer sounds. Click OK to apply the settings.

How to print to local printer via TeamViewer?
There’s a sequence of actions: 1) In the Remote-Control window, click Extras > Remote printing during a session. In printing dialog box click Continue. 2) On a remote PC print drivers for TeamViewer will be installed. 3) Remote printing is activated, all printers available on local PC can be used by a remote PC, select one via checkbox. Open the document/file, open Print dialog, select a printer marked with TeamViewer, print it out.

How to record session in TeamViewer?
In Remote Control, click Extras > Record > Start during a session. That way, your session will be recorded. To end recording, go to Extras > Record > Stop (alternatively, just close the session). Select destination folder, if not - a dialog box will remind you to do so.

How to reset TeamViewer trial?
Uninstall TeamViewer. Start > Run > type ‘‘%Appdata%”>” Delete TeamViewer folder”. Also delete the folder from C:\Program Files to get rid of all traces. Similarly, delete the registry folder (hkcu/software/teamviewer, hklm/software/teamviewer). Install a fresh TeamViewer. Be sure to select “Personal Usage” option while installing.

How to transfer files in TeamViewer?

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