Best 1 Password management software - Aug, 2020

  • Passwork


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    Trial 5 days
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    • 1.5 Cloud version
    • 90 Small team
    • 490 Start
    • 990 Standard
    • 1990 Premium
    Available on:
    android ios web-based windows macos

    Key features

    • Team management
    • Security dashboard
    • Automatic sign out


    Passwork is a password manager web service that is created to help users in the process of managing their numerous passwords. It can analyze the difficulty or security level of your passwords and accounts. One major flaw of the Password password manager software is that it is available for free only for 5 days. The installation process is quite fast and simple, there are two versions of the app: Demo and Trial Cloud. However, some users may find it hard to even install the app because there are only 5 languages available. The main feature of any password manager software is the ability to save passwords, this feature works well, just like it should. It saves login and password. As a bonus user can set up an alternative login or password for certain websites. Two-factor authentication is present to ensure a secure login to the Passwork password manager itself. One of the additional features that are present, is the ability to configure an automatic sign out from your accounts. But you can only switch the feature on or off, the interval is always 10 minutes. Activity log or history is present, so users can monitor the actions of Password password manager. If you wish to export your accounts you can, but only in XLS format. Sometimes, users are struggling to come up with a new password, in this cases password generator is very helpful, creating a random but secure password, that will be saved by Passwork. Speaking about the security of the passwords, in Passwork there is a special tab called Security Dashboard, here the security levels of all passwords are displayed. Using this information the user can improve their security level by changing the weakest passwords.

    Password management software Pros

    • Passwords are saved in the cloud
    • Team sharing passwords
    • Ability to mark the password cards with colors

    Password management software Cons

    • No password import from browsers
    • No hyperlinks for saved accounts
    • Only password save is available