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FirstUp is for people with the lack of motivation to wake up in the morning.

We have been very happy with ThinkMobiles work with us to date. Our product looks and behaves exactly like we envisioned and they even provided a few really great ideas for improvement.

Dan Moriarty — First Up Co-founder
Player 360


Player 360

Fast 360 video player SDK and photo viewer for iOS. Available as a component and can be easily integrated into existing app

ViGO Sensei app

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ViGO Sensei app

ViGO Sensei allows you to create affirmations and visualizations, which will increase your positive energy and focus your attention on most important goals. These are powerful tools which can help anyone heal, grow and excel.

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This social networking application will make your online life brighter.



The VR application lets the patients immerse the truly realistic environment, where he can face and resist his fears.

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iTacit Corporate app development

Mobile app faced a problem of better inner communication among the employees.

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Skratch is a new mobile marketing platform with a completely new idea: to allow businesses to advertise their goods through promotions to a wide audience.

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SPS Control

Application replaces conventional systems with advanced technologies.

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Quick Connect

This is a free messeging & calling app that allows you to easily connect with your friends from all over the world.

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The aim of VR platform development is to allow every user to create his own content in virtual reality and to share it with others.