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360 camera app

Giroptic is the young French startup producing 360-degree cameras, that connect to the user’s 360 camera app. Its first Kickstarter campaign showed huge interest in the product and the startup raised around $1,5 million for the development of the product. 

360 camera app – new way to capture your best memories

The product’s name is 360cam. The camera with original design allows to capture photos and videos in 3D and 360-degree. With the help of the desktop and mobile applications, the users are able to view and share their 360-degree media files. The content can be also played in VR.

360 camera app player modes


Giroptic decided to outsource the whole development process to one company. And this is how ThinkMobiles joined the game. Our partner delegated us the iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile app development, the desktop 360 player and their website.

360 camera app desktop



One of the first challenges we had to face, is that the iOS and Android applications were already partly developed. Our developers were supposed to add new features and to finalize the code.

After some time our partner decided to make some major changes and it became clear – it is reasonable to develop a completely new 360 camera app for iOS and Android.

And these are the technical challenges that our team had to face:

  • Alternative navigation for desktop photo and 360 video player

Provide the user with the alternative for PC mouse or touchpad player navigation

  • HTTP Live Streaming for Android 360 camera app

HLS is an Apple tech and officially is not supported by Android

  • 3D graphics for Windows Phone platform

Lack of 3D solutions for Windows Phone development


360 camera app android


  1. Build 360 camera app for three mobile operating systems

    • iOS
    • Android
    • Windows Phone
  2. Build a desktop 3D player, which can also connect to VR

360 camera app for iOS devices


  • Real Sense and Kinect to navigate in the desktop 360 video player

The Unity3D team built a fully functioning desktop 3D player and connected it with Real Sense and Kinect to let the user navigate through the player via gestures

  • ExoPlayer for HTTP Live Streaming on Android devices

Android doesn’t support HTTPS officially, so the Android developers had to use the external library ExoPlayer for the 360 camera app

  • SharpDX for the spherical 3D player on Windows Phone

SharpDX allowed our Windows Phone developers to build the 360 video player to reproduce the 3D objects


360 camera app macbook


The partner delivered the design of the desktop 360 video player and the 360 camera app for all the operating systems.

From our side:

  • 900 hours of iOS development
  • 800 hours of Android development
  • 800 hours of Windows Phone development
  • 650 hours for desktop photo and 360 video player development

The whole development process was supported by the QA engineer.


360 camera app for ios

Features and Benefits

The desktop player and the 360 camera app developed by ThinkMobiles make the usage of Giroptic 360cam more convenient and provide the user with several benefits.

  • Remote control:

You can use the mobile app to make photo and video 360 degree without even touching the Giroptic 360cam. The app also provides live preview on the smartphone screen before starting to shoot.

  • Import your media files:

You’ll be able to import your photos and videos via Wi-Fi directly to your smartphone

  • Enjoy the content:

The 360 camera app allows you to play photo and video 360 degree using different viewing modes.

  • View in VR:

Connect Oculus Rift to your computer and use the desktop 360 video player or watch your content with Google Cardboard to fully immerse into 3D

  • Share your content to social media:

Publish your photos and videos to Facebook and other social media, share the content with your audience.

  • Featured content:

Enjoy 360 degree videos and photos from professional creators and partners of Giroptic 360cam.

Desktop 360 video player

Evaluation and Summary

Our cooperation with Giroptic started 1,5 years ago. As a result of 3550 total development hours we delivered to our partner the website with the in-browser spherical player, the desktop 360 video player, fully functioning 360 camera app for iOS and Android and a demo version of the Windows Phone application. The users of Windows Phone 8.1 and 10 will be able to enjoy the full version of the app soon.

Have any ideas about your own 360  video player?

Learn more

Visit the 360cam website to find out more about this revolutionary way of capturing your best memories. You can also try the 360 camera app for iOS, or view video 360-degree on your Android smartphone.


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