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Mobile app and web site creation for Giroptic,the first 360 camera in full HD


The Client

Giroptic is the young French startup company producing 360-degree cameras, that connect to users’ camera app. Its first Kickstarter campaign showed huge interest in the product and raised around $1,5 million to develop the product.


The Task

Giroptic delegated us the task of creating a mobile camera app for their 3-sensor camera, along with a brand website and a desktop version for 360-player. The main product - 360cam app was to be able to make 360° photos and/or videos based on Giroptic real-time fusion technology.

360 Camera Device

The app had to capture 360-degree video footage at a resolution of 2K (2048x1024) at 30 frames per second, as well as 4K quality images (4096x2048).

Initially, we were supposed to rearrange and redesign already existing, but only partly developed, applications for iOS and Android.

After lots of technical challenges and further major task alterations by our partner, it became clear that we would have to build a completely new 360 camera app from scratch.

From a technical angle, the most challenging were the following tasks:

  • Alternative navigation for a desktop 360 player
  • HTTP live streaming for Android app
  • 3D graphics for Windows Phone platform

Our Goals

Our partner delegated us the iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile app development, the desktop 360 player and their website. Desktop player had to also have a capability to view images and videos as Virtual Reality.

Thus, we had to develop and design 5 items:

  • iOS camera app
  • Android camera app
  • Windows Phone camera app
  • 360° desktop player
  • Website

Time & Resources


team members:

  • 3 x Android developers
  • 3 x .NET/WP developers
  • 1 x iOS developer
  • 1 x Web developer
  • 1 x CSS developer
  • 1 x QA engineer
  • 1 x Project Manager

2 880

hours of development:

  • 8 weeks for Android app
  • 7 weeks for WP app
  • 6 weeks for iOS app
  • 2 weeks for Web site
  • 4 weeks for Layout
  • 1 week for testing


items created:

Having started 1.5 years ago with this Giroptic project, as result of total 3500 hours of development, ThinkMobiles delivered the 360cam app for iOS/Android/Windows Phone, the website with an in-browser spherical video player.

Illustration Notebook
Illustration Desktop


Based on Giroptic 360 camera, we developed a stunning app for users to capture images (.jpg) and video (.mp4) in everyday life and on the go, when no additional software is required.



Our Unity3D team built a fully functioning desktop 3D player and connected it with Real Sense and Kinect to let users navigate through the player via gestures.

Intel REAL SENSE technology

Android doesn’t support HTTPS officially, so the Android developers had to use the external library ExoPlayer for the app.

SharpDX allowed our Windows Phone developers to build the 360 video player to reproduce the 3D objects.

Production scheme


The desktop player and the 360 camera app developed by ThinkMobiles make enable more convenient and seamless use of the Giroptic 360cam.


Camera Device

Direct transfer of recorded files onto a mobile device via Wi-Fi connectivity.

Social sharing

Publish your photos and videos to Facebook and other social media platforms, share the content with your friends and followers.

Remote control

Users can make photo and video in 360 degrees without even touching the camera - via the mobile app. Live preview on smartphone screen also available.

360 or VR view

Camera app allows viewing photos and videos in different modes, including virtual reality.By connecting Oculus Rift to computer and using the desktop 360 video player, or using Google Cardboard with a smartphone, immersive VR view is available.

Featured content

Enjoy the most stunning and breath-taking 360 degree videos and photos from professional creators and partners of Giroptic.

The 360cam alone presents a bunch of amazing possibilities for 360 content.


Camera Extended

With unique live stitching technology, the ability to record 2K videos at 30 fps, 4K photos in popular .jpg format, or time-lapses. Moreover, three built-in microphones allow picking sounds around the camera as well.

Lightbulb adaptor

Camera Extended

360cam Wi-Fi capability allows real-time streaming to mobile, tablet or cloud video service. Easy setup - installing it like a regular light bulb (220/110 volt compatible) and powering the 360cam directly through the adaptor.

Versatile camera

Multiple options and possibilities: a removable & rechargeable battery, a tripod mount for any camera accessory, time-lapse feature, a light bulb mount, streaming through WiFi or Ethernet.



It’s refreshingly simple to operate when you just want to set up and go, while more complex configurations can be made through the app.
< • • • >
There’s also a lot of potential here with virtual reality hardware, like the Oculus Rift, but the experience with mobile devices and computers is already impressive.


…But upload videos to the 360cam’s app, however, and something amazing will happen. Your phone turns into a window that you can move freely to see – you guessed it – 360 degrees around the camera’s starting point. «OK,» I thought. «This is pretty cool.»

The 360cam seamlessly splices the images from three 185-degree fish-eye lenses and outputs a single .mp4. The .mp4 can be viewed normally as an extra long 2x1 video or, as I mentioned before, can be uploaded to the app and be shared with friends.By comparison, the GoPro’s single 170-degree camera was starting to pale in comparison.
< • • • >
Its app has an untold amount of utility and, so long as the general public adopts it, could become the next Instagram of viewing 360-degree images and videos…


Besides its ability to be used in a variety of situations, the 360cam is also unique in that it performs all of the necessary stitching to combine its three separate videos on its own. You can then transfer your stitched videos to your desktop or to the 360cam app for Android and iOS.

The Verge

There are smart touches in the software, too. Giroptic’s whole process is essentially one-button. You just press once to record, once to stop, and the camera automatically handles all the stitching and processing. You do have to wait to transfer the files to your phone, but you’re not relying on your phone (or a desktop computer) to assemble the spherical footage; it can be posted instantly to 360-degree-friendly platforms like YouTube or Facebook.




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