App promotion website development

A lot of entrepreneurs use the website as a powerful app marketing tool. Skratch owner decided to follow the same strategy.  App promotion website development was outsourced to Thinkmobiles.

The initial aim of the website was to advertise the application and to enable businesses to manage their promotions in the app by themselves. For this purpose, we chose to build a simple website without any CMS and added the backend on Parse.

Keep reading to find out how long does it take to build a website and how does the whole process look like.


Skratch app promotion website development was the unique project. Its idea and core features were developed by one single person. Olivier Sans is a Canadian technology enthusiast. He decided to build an app that has no analogs in the world. The idea was to create an ultimate advertising platform for retailers and a place where the users can win products or services for free.


The app promotion website development forced our team to face some challenges. And here they are:

  • Secure client side of the website
  • Easy address input and geotagging
  • Backend for the CMS on

Our partner wanted to have the backend on Parse. This solution enabled easy content management without the need to build the website on one of the existing CMSs.

Though Parse is the solution for application backend, our developers had to adopt it for the website.

Earlier this year Parse announced its coming shutdown. This resulted in the new challenge for the app promotion website development team


The goal of the app promotion website development was to create a minimalistic website. It should have three simple functions:

  1. To give detailed information about the Skratch application and its benefits
  2. Enable businesses to add and edit promotions by themselves
  3. To enable the website owner to review the promotions and to take the functions of the admin.

The website as the powerful marketing tool targets the Canadian market. It was important to provide it with localization for French (default language) and English.

Together with our partner, we decided to create the website without any CMS. But at the same time, we built a page on the website where he can log in and manage the content of the site.

So we haven’t neglected any convenience for the website owner. At the same time, we managed to make the website uncomplicated.


Some of the solutions were quite simple, some others required hours of hard work. The app promotion website development is now over and the website is in production. We are still supporting it with minor fixes and develop the backend migration strategy.

And here are the solutions we found for the successful website development:

  • Backbone for secure client-side of the website
    Backbone allowed to improve user interaction
  • Google Maps double way linking
    This function enables the easy address input with automatic geotagging or the manual geotagging with automatic address input.
  • Migration from
    Parse shutdown caused multiple challenges in the projects we were working with. For every particular case we found the best possible solution. The strategy of Parse migration is now in development.


app promotion website development iosResources

The app promotion website development is a complex process. It involved a lot of resources. To achieve the goals of the project, the resources were divided as follows:

  • website design – 80 hours
  • Frontend development – 680 hours
  • Backend for the CMS – 470 hours

How long does it take to build a website?

The app promotion website development process took around 1230 hours. This includes design, frontend and backend of the website, as well as minor bug fixes.

The simple website can be developed in 1-3 months. This depends on the number of developers working on the project at the same time.

Features and Benefits

As the result of around 1230 hours of app promotion website development our partner received an elegant and intuitive one-pager with following features:

  • Localization for French (as a default language) and English;
  • Button with direct link to the application in the app store;
  • Registration and login screen for businesses;
  • CMS for the website owner.

Evaluation and Summary

Skratch is using its website as a powerful marketing tool. It provides potential customers with all necessary information about the project. Moreover, it has a smart connection to the application. It allows businesses to create and manage their in-app promotions straight away.

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App promotion website development is already finished. We are proud to be a part of such a project.