Business Website Development – 360Cam

Professional business website development is the key to success of every campaign on the Internet. Realizing this, Giroptic outsourced their website development to ThinkMobiles. The result of our partnership is the modern and highly functioning internet representative of Giroptic’s product 360cam.

Business website development for Giroptic

Giroptic came with ready design and backend solutions. ThinkMobiles’ team worked on the front-end of the website, which was quite challenging. In addition to that, our developers created a tailored solution for the in-browser spherical player. It enables the work with photo and video in 360 degree format.


The French startup Giroptic is the producer of the innovative 360 degree cameras. This product is the hit on the market since the official release this spring. To build a trustworthy representative on the internet Giroptic was looking for a partner to deliver professional web development services.

The company trusted their business website development to Thinkmobiles’ front-end team. Besides, our developers took over the work on mobile applications (for Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms) and the desktop spherical player.


Giroptic chose a complicated design for their products website. This made the business website development challenging and time-consuming.

Experience of working on Giroptic’s website was unique due to a lot of small details, like:

  • Animations;
  • Sliders;
  • Unique effects.

Besides, Thinkmobiles had to build the spherical player for the web browser. It should enable the featured content view right in the browser. 360-degree photo and video should be put inside of a sphere, where the user can manually change his view angle


The main goal was a modern and easy-to-use business website development.

Among other functions of the website there were some most important ones:

  • Product presentation;
  • Online shop for hardware and accessories
  • Gallery for featured 360 degree content
  • In-browser 3D player
  • Downloadable content sharing


The complex design was implemented with the capabilities of HTML5 and CSS3 – the .

The WebGL was used to create the spherical player in the web browser. Our JavaScript developer used the Web Graphics Library to allow the browser to work with 3D graphic and to fit the photo and video 360 degree into the spherical environment.


The business website development process involved the following resources:

From the partner:

  • Ready design of the future website;
  • Ready backend solutions

From our side:

  • 3 front-end developers;
  • 1 JavaScript developer;
  • 1 QA engineer.

In general the business website development took around 1000 hours and included:

  • 700 hours of front-end development, testing and bug-fixing;
  • 350 hours for the in-browser 360 video player

Features and Benefits

The goals of the business website development were successfully achieved:

  • Product presentation
    Potential clients are able to find all the necessary information about Giroptic’s 360 camera and the core features
  • Online shop for hardware and accessories
    Enables to order and buy items – an online shop integrated in the website itself
  • Gallery for 360 degree content
    The gallery allows the user to share their content and watch the content of other users in 360 degree format
  • In-browser 3D player
    Allows to view own content and content of other users in 3D without the need to install other software
  • Software download page
    Mobile applications and the desktop 3D player are downloadable right on the website

Business website presentation


business website development all aroundEvaluation and summary

Besides the business site development for Giroptic, Thinkmobiles delivered the mobile 360 camera app development for three most popular platforms – Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The total development time in partnership with Giroptic reached 3500 hours. Our cooperation resulted in a competitive and successful product.

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The partnership of ThinkMobiles and Giroptic is still running, so some impressive projects are about to come out soon.