VR presentation dataSpring

dataSpring VR was designed for HTC vive as a modern solution to demonstrate information and gather user data

VR Headset

5 experts

2 Unity developers
1 3D artist
1 QA engineer
1 Project manager

3 technologies

Virtual Reality

3 weeks

For the development


dataSpring came to us with the desire to create an innovative tool for business presentations that would engage attendees in new and creative ways.

The goal was to combine visual data and survey into a single tool, using the newest technologies, Virtual Reality in particular.

Idea Illustration 1 Idea Illustration 2


ESOMAR Congress 2017

The VR app that we had delivered was made based on a mix of traditional Japanese and corporate style.

ESOMAR Congress 2017



1 location 2 location 3 location


From the administrative, project kick-off perspective, I thought that you did a very good job in presenting your services, understanding our needs, responding to our requests, and being available at times for questions/issues.

Additionally, I'd give you very strong marks on handling the various contractual issues as they arose (even though we were dealing with some complex details due to language and country-specific points of concern).

John Crum

John Crum,

SVP, Talent & Brand Management, dataSpring

Tomohiro-san came with an idea to make an interesting VR presentation for the conference in Europe. At the beginning he was looking for a mobile VR solution, but after few skype-meeting we decided to use HTC vive as it can provide better VR experience and interaction.

It was really interesting for me to work with Tomo-san, John, and Lim-san, hope there will be another opportunities for collaboration in the nearest feature.

Norbert Magyar

Norbert Madyar,

Business Development Manager, THINKMOBILES

I really appreciate your effort for our VR content. I had a chance to see the final result through the video clip which was recorded by Tomo. It was really really awesome! I'd love to do it with the actual VR glasses (device) myself in the near future.

Lim Sunhyuk

Lim Sunhyuk,

UI designer, dataSpring

I really think this was a great idea and great decision to have worked with you guys. Everything is working out very well.

Tomohiro Hosono

Tomohiro Hosono,

Deputy General Manager, dataSpring