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Project Manager

Dmitro Babilya

Dmitro Babilya

Our client Dan Moriarty came to us with an idea to create a simple, but curious alarm aplication.

FirstUp was dedicated to encourage persistent “sleepy heads” to wake up early. A tool somewhat similar to the game to rapture and help people not to oversleep.

First Up Co-founder

Dan Moriarty

Dan Moriarty

We were put in touch with ThinkMobiles through a member of our business network. They came highly recommended and we were not disappointed.

Our project manager was very helpful and insightful. He made everything very clear to us; technical process, resources available, costings and additional options we might want to consider.

Dan get free estimate on his idea in 4 hours. You can too:

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First:Up First:Up

Custom Alarm

  • Time zone synchronize
  • No suspended mode
  • Up to 3 alarms
  • Silent mode

Unblock Modes

2 modes turn off alarm:

  • Scattered dots
  • Easy swipe

Prize Rewarding

  • Special picture
  • Promocode
  • QR code
  • Other methods

Brands Advertise

Ability to promote brands and establishments thru challenges

Project Manager

Dmitro Babilya

Dmitro Babilya

A person could choose a reward which he/she liked & share the goal. Example: wake up 5 times on time and get a 50% discount at your favorite coffee shop

The main task - not to delay the alarm but turn it off & wake up. This should motivate people in the morning.

First Up Co-founder

Dan Moriarty

Dan Moriarty

We have been very happy with ThinkMobiles work with us to date.

Our product looks and behaves exactly like we envisioned and they even provided a few really great ideas for improvement.




  • IOS native app: Swift
  • Android native app: Java
  • Display orientation: Portrait
  • Analytics: Mixpanel

CMS is designed for:

  • User management
  • Creating content for the challenge
  • E-mail sending for winners

Backend: Ruby on Rails

  • Server: Digitalocean
  • Data Base: Postgres
  • File Storage: Ubuntu
  • E-mail Delivery Provider: Google Api
  • Deployment Tools: Capistrano

The application (having a background mode) could be semi-active for 3 minutes to complete all the tasks remained in cash, e.g. music playback, VoIP, remote notifications, location updates and so forth.

We decided to stop on the first action. To prohibit the app to boot into suspended mode we made a conclusion to produce a fake task every 2 minutes. This would make system not to suspend the application.


Architecture Scheme


FirstUp fits for people with lack of motivation to wake up in the morning. From other side, it is a good way to advertize a new brand or establishment and help them evole.

First:Up Screenshots First:Up Screenshots