Corporate app development

iTacit is a creative software building company specializing in a healthcare industry, known for its passion for big data analysis, databases and automation.


Working with health-care companies that have a big number of employees, iTacit faced a problem of better inner communication among the employees. iTacit partnered with ThinkMobiles to develop a corporate mobile application to build  a productive workforce, conduct a training and assign responsibilities.



Developing a corporate mobile app for working process management demanded complex and time-consuming work. A team of 10 developers was assigned to build a native application based on iTacit’s existing solutions and technical requirements for functionality. 3 major features to develop were connectivity, training and compliance.

The result was the mobile application for teams of iTacit employees. App allows employees to manage everyday responsibilities from a mobile device. Deployed for iOS and Android platforms, the app is efficient for training purposes – bringing supervising features to track the right skills gained by the staff from the start and further on.