15 seconds is all new talent needs

With MobStar you have a chance to present yourself to a global audience of potential fans and sponsors who will directly support you on the road to becoming a global star.

Mobstar application


The Client

MobStar is an open network for fresh talents and passionate fans. Using the MobStar app users can discover, share, engage, follow, and support their favorite rising star. 15 seconds of opportunity, that is all that new talent needs and that is just what MobStar provides.

Fresh artists have a chance to present themselves to potential fans and sponsors, that chance is a precious resource.

mobstar logo

The Task

MobStar delegated us the task of adding some features to the app. Since they have already iterated the product through several beta stages, their next step was updating the app. So, they needed a team of developers that can keep up with their high-quality standard.

That’s where ThinkMobiles came in, taking on the task of adding features to iOS and Android, web services and CMS. The goal was the ability of MobStar staff to manage all of the content, users, and other information.

Time & Resources


team members:

  • 4 x UX & UI designers
  • 2 x Android developers
  • 4 x iOS developers
  • 3 x Web developers
  • 2 x JS developers
  • 1 x CSS developer
  • 2 x QA engineers
  • 2 x Project Managers

8 980

hours of development:

  • 5 weeks for design
  • 5 months for Android app
  • 3 months for iOS app
  • 4 months for Web CMS
  • 6 weeks for testing

The MobStar app was used to conduct a Miss World competition. The founder and chief executive of MobStar, Brendan Morrissey, has teamed up with British entrepreneur Jojar Dhinsa to create a new $300 million fund designed to support tech and digital startups. It’s called Athlone Ventures fund, it was created to finance up to 15 companies a year.


Split screen

Allows users to create a split version of the original song. This way audio collaboration is created and the video is played side by side. This encourages users to create amazing videos.

YouTube integration

This feature provides users the ability to access their YouTube account from the app, and upload videos to their MobStar profile. If the user has logged in to the app using his Google account then he should gain access to his YouTube account without any actions.

Voting UI/UX

mobstar app illustration 1

The whole idea of the MobStar app is to allow users to vote for or against new talents. This is one of the key features of the app, so it had to be executed perfectly.

The task was to create a UI/UX that is intuitive and functional. So the users will know how to use it right away, without any instructions and minimize the chance of accidental input.

In order to complete this task, our developers implemented swipes in a common fashion.


Allows users to tag their content with a geographical location. Also, this feature applies that users will see content that is geographically relevant to them.

For example, users from India will see their Indian artist first, and users from the USA will see artists from their area before anything else.


The trending segment in the feed will allow users of MobStar to view the most popular items from every segment or region. The main purpose of this feature is to highlight the most important and interesting content, so the users won’t miss a thing. Based on the geolocation feature, it automatically adapts the trending segment to the user’s position.

Reward Points

This feature allows users to receive reward points for different actions, such as sharing on social media, voting, filling profile information, uploading media, commenting etc. A number of reward points are displayed in the personal profile of every user. This points can be spent on digital rewards, such as the promotion of an entry, or on physical goods, for example, a concert ticket.

Live messaging

mobstar app illustration 2

The MobStar app provides a complex messaging system that provides a lot more functions than just sending a message, for example:

  • Typing notifications for another participant of chat
  • Signs that show that the message is delivered or read
  • The ability to send media content, such as images, videos, audio files, etc.
  • Record audio or video and send it right away


MobStar provides new artists an ability to interact with users by promoting their concerts in a certain area. But this features works in a reverse way too, users are able to view the events in their current area.



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