Logistics app development

Move For Less Inc. is the US company offering local and long distance moving, packing, storage and loading services since 2007. The company’s idea was to invest in transportation mobile app development in view to improve its transport management efficiency.

Logistics app development – the way to optimize the workflow and transport management

The transportation management software helps to automate certain tasks that were usually performed by the manager. Investing in mobile technology optimizes the work processes and allows to free manager’s time for accepting more orders.


Our partner wanted to invest in transportation mobile app development in view to optimize the working process and the document workflow. He had an idea of an app for logistics services which the drivers could use on tablets to access the required information at any place and any time.

Move For Less already had an administrator panel used to manage the orders. Our part was to develop an Android logistics app that simplified the drivers’ interaction with the system, had friendly design and automated a great part of manager’s work.



As our partner already had a backend system for transport management, our team had to cooperate with their developer to implement features of the logistics mobile app.

During the logistics app development there were the following technical challenges:

  • Generation of PDF documents

This moving app is intended to replace completely the paperwork. As the library which has been used for logistics app development did not have all the required functionality, our developers had to add some features, e.g. horizontal scrolling.

  • Payment possibilities

The clients have different payment possibilities. The Move For Less app also gives a possibility to divide payment into parts and use different payment method for each part.


  • Offline mode

As the drivers do not always have a possibility to be online, the transportation management software should have an offline mode and synchronize data as soon as the device goes online.


  • PDF generation

Automatic generation of contracts and invoices with the possibility to insert signatures and print documents.


  • Payment functionality

This logistics mobile app includes different payment methods and also gives a possibility to pay a deposit and to give a discount. There is a possibility to combine different payment methods as well.

  • Navigation

As an app for logistics services, Move For Less includes a map with tracking and route guidance functionality.


  • iText Library for PDF generation

This library allowed to implement the required functionality: generate contracts and invoices, insert signatures, send documents to a server.

  • PayPal Android SDK

This kit integrates payment with different types of credit cards and PayPal.

  • SQLite database

When a device is offline, the changes are stored locally by the moving app and synchronized when it is possible.



The work on design started in September 2015 and the logistics app development has been launched in October. It was finished in December 2015. Till February 2016 our team has finished development of additional features of the moving app.


This Android logistics app combines all essential features of transportation management software.

  • Job details.

The driver receives a task assigned to him by the manager in Android logistics app installed on his tablet. He can view all necessary information and update it, if necessary.

  • Timer.

Our logistic application includes the timer, so the driver knows exactly how much time he spent for the job.

  • Navigation.

The driver sees the departure and arrival addresses on the map included in the app for logistics services.

  • Sign contract and invoice.

The documents are generated by the moving app automatically. The client signs them on the tablet and his signature is added to the document, as well as chosen options of insurance and packing. Then the documents are sent to the server for storage.


  • Stop job.

After the task has been completed, the driver marks its completion in his logistics mobile app and receives updated information on actual costs.

  • Payment.

Move For Less proposes different payment methods, including cash, credit cards of various types, checks, terminal, PayPal. If payment is made with check, the moving app gives a possibility to take and attach its photo.

  • Feedback.

The client rates the service and writes his feedback about it. If he has any reclamations, he can send a claim via the logistic app.


Evaluation and Summary

The idea to invest in transportation mobile app development and the partnership on logistics app development was valuable. Our partner liked the proposed design of moving app. Due to the implemented transport management functionality, this app for logistics services will soon be able to replace managers and allow them to accept more orders.

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