Logistic mobile Android app provides all necessary information for drivers to start and finish the job, sign documents and receive the payments from client.



Move for Less application was developed to simplify the drivers and managers paper work and to automate the work as much as possible and make the driver and movers work more productive and effective.

This application was developed by our team only for internal use inside the company.
And using the paper in 21 century looks a bit out-dated, agree?

The Problem

This application helped to solve the next problems in the logistics:


Use of paper work for invoices, contracts and other documents


Having outdated information about the job details


Need to call to the manager to check the job details


Need to call to the manager to confirm the completing the job

Man with box

Ability to get payment in cash only. Need to call to the manager to confirm the payment


Need to know how much exactly time was spent on the job


Moving to unknown addresses


Working in areas where no internet connection at all

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Driver always have up-to-date information near at hand

The client can pay via cash, check, credit card PayPal

Driver can work in offline mode

Driver will find the way to destination with navigator

Tracking the spent time with the biggest accuracy

All information in real time on the CMS



Project timeline


Offline mode. SQLite database

When a device is offline, the changes are stored locally by the moving app and synchronized when it is possible. To provide the information about job at any moment it required the solution that allowed the drivers to have all information near at hand. The possible way to solve this was using the offline mode in the application implementing the local database that will work on the device without need of internet connection. Work offline also helped to save the battery life time and prolong the work time from one charge.

PDF documents. iText Library

To remove the paperwork was decided to use generated on the fly PDF documents by iText Library in the mobile application. It was really good user friendly decision. The normal signatures on the paper were replaced by the signatures by finger on the screen device. The process is the same, the difference is only in using the electronical device for receiving the document and the signatures. Also the managing of the electronical documents allowed to send them to manager and client’s email immediately after the completing the job.

PayPal SDK. For Android

To allow accept the most popular payments type we used the PayPal SDK for Android OS. This software solution provides the payments via cash, check, credit card or directly via PayPal account.

Google Maps and Navigator

The usage of the maps and the navigator provided by Google allowed the . The navigator and maps showed to them the shortest path to get to the desired destination. Also, on the map they had not only possible way to get to the destination.

The Timer

So they will have exact values about time on each step of the moving. As well, this feature allowed to track the time from office to pick up, the idle time (or wait time as it was used exactly in the mobile application) in case of client’s delay, the time of the job only and the time spent on driving from one location to another one.

GPS tracker

Now the manager will know where is the truck with driver and the movers. All information will be presented in the real time on the CMS, so manager will alway have up-to-date information about the current status of all jobs. Also, it will automatically notify the manager and the movers that they come to the destination and the job status will be changed automatically. Then this information from GPS tracker can be analyzed to maximize the profit and improve the logistic processes.

Credit card reader

This is the major improvements that allows to get payments from the clients the fastest and the most convenient way. The client just need to give the credit card to the driver and driver pays it within few seconds. It accepts the credit cards with chip and/or magnetic tape. No need to enter credit card numbers into the application or log in into PayPal account. Everything was made to make the work easier and transparent.

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