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Most of a present day people have plenty of documents to store and share. For this sake, all of us take advantage of cloud storages. Of course, not everyone wants to pay for cloud storage, especially since there are so many cost-free options available. Free services are often limited in storage space so in order to backup a lot of files one may have to create multiple accounts. Or store the content in different cloud services, which has its advantages but it also poses problems like which files to put where, as well as logging into dozens of accounts each time to find the data.

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Oris4 provides the secure SaaS-based content management solution for users to share and find information. The privacy and security of the information is of utmost importance within Oris4.

Challenges we’ve faced to create Oris4

Having received the request for developing the Oris4 application our team faced the question: how to create a unified place connecting all major clouds, file-sharing services and mail boxes, and how to turn it into a single instant point of access to everything the app user may need?

But our experienced team has done it successfully! Whether it’s a file you need from your workstation or the company’s shared folders on a server, Oris4 has you covered.

oris4 app

Simple search on any device

We have designed Oris4 with simple question in mind: “How would this work on my phone?”. And it brought fair results – the search field is totally  simple and convenient. Users may find documents regardless of the place they are stored at or device they are using.

All the documents may be certainly sorted and filtered by document’s type, applications, last update, collaborators, tags, or just found by typing the keyword in the search field.

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Oris4 is the only content management application that automatically organizes your content in a manner that makes search easy and effective. Your documents, emails and contacts are never far than a few clicks, wherever they are stored.

Secure access to all the files

Oris4 users are required to provide an username and password to access the system. Well proven Spring security framework was used to implement authentication and access control.

Oris4 is a cloud-based service. Elements of the infrastructure are separated on a “per client” basis in order to ensure proper security and data separation between customers. Oris4 user’s actions are logged on “per client”  basis too, and can be made available to customers upon request. Moreover, Oris4 systems are monitored in multiple areas: datacenter, infrastructure, applications, connectivity.

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All customer data transmitted in and out of Oris4 is secured by SSL with 256-bit encryption. Unlike e-mail attachments, when sharing a file with Oris4, it always ensures the file transmissions are encrypted.

Documents stored using Oris4 are kept in a client specific data store and are encrypted (by default using Amazon server-side encryption). Emails and search indexes are stored in dedicated storage per client to avoid any information leakage.

Oris4 implements permissions system familiar to most users. Any folder or file can be prescribed properties by role:

  • Viewer mode – files accessible, inaccessible or for reading only;
  • Editor mode – files accessible for reading and/or modifying;
  • Owner mode – all-access including deletion.

Permissions are inherited based on parent permissions automatically, however, users also have the ability to set specific permissions at the document level.

Centralized content and file sync

Connect and organize all information sources including your desktop, shared drives, emails, SharePoint, Google Sites, Salesforce, Chatter, Box, Dropbox, LinkedIn and Google Drive. There’s no need to install any additional software for secure access to content at any moment.

Users are able to easily synchronize content between Oris4 and any digital device with Oris4 Sync. Either adding documents to the desktop or to the company server, Sync will ensure up-to-date versions of all documents are everywhere user needs them to be. Oris4 works according to user’s schedule, syncing at preset intervals, making sure one has permanent access to the content – online and offline.

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Oris4 provides a PC and Mac sync tool that allows synchronizing emails and attachments, as well as files. In order to connect, user provides Oris4 login credentials, and from then on all communications are encrypted with SSL.

Enterprise integration

When integrating with applications or data stores located on client’s premises, Oris4 will use an authentication mechanism in accordance with the client policies. For instance, in case of connection via WebDav server, a specific administrative account is created for Oris4 to access information, allowing  granular access rights, smooth management and revocation of permissions.

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