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Promotion App Development

It is always challenging and honorable at the same time to work with people who want to make the difference. Skratch is one of our favorite promotion app development projects. No investments and no big partners, even no company as such – just the idea and the persuasion that one person can develop something awesome and unique.

Promotion app development – unique case

Skratch is a new mobile marketing platform with a completely new idea: to allow businesses to advertise their goods through promotions to a wide audience. Advertising doesn’t have to be annoying anymore: the users willingly come to see it and to take part in the promotions. The winners can purchase the certain products for 1 Canadian Dollar.

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For this promotion app development project, we partnered with Olivier Sans, a Canadian technology enthusiast, and self-learned iOS developer.

He developed his idea from the very beginning alone. Later he decided to cooperate with ThinkMobiles to bring his advertisement app to the new level.


Our partner is a beginner developer. He started to work on his iOS application by himself and then hired ThinkMobiles to develop more complex features. But the conversation with our experienced PM showed – the logic of the discount app needs improvements. The promotion app development process showed such challenges:

  • Completely new logic of the app;
  • Redesign of the advertisement app;
  • Security issues.

Security was the weak side of the product. The results of the promotions were random, so there was the danger someone would hack the app to win more promotions.


Skratch is considered to be the unique marketing platform. The aim of the promotion app development is to collect promotions of different chain stores and retailer. To take part in it the user has to scratch the promotion card on the screen with his finger. There are four possible results:

  • The user wins the promotion and can buy a certain item in a certain shop for 1 Canadian Dollar;
  • The user receives an impressing discount on a certain item;
  • The advertisement app gives the ability to scratch another promotion;
  • The user doesn’t win anything.

The user can scratch one promotion card for one item every 24 hours, the number of promotions he is taking part in is not limited.


promotion app development project


The completely new logic and design of the app were developed in cooperation with our partner. These changes were essential to make the discount app competitive on the market.

The redesign consumed quite a big part of total promotion app development time but brought positive results. First of all, security.

We built the logic for promotion results so that it is not unpredictable anymore. If we see that the app is giving the winning promotion card, not according the prescribed scheme, we realize that as a hack attempt and can prevent it.


From our partner:

  • Advertisement app idea and primary logic
  • Primary design of the app
  • Basic promotion app development for iOS
  • QA
  • Marketing and Analytics

From our side:

  • iOS development
  • Design improvements

The app was written in the Objective-C programming language. During the whole development process, we involved 4 iOS developers and 2 designers.

The promotion app development took around 800 hours in total and lasted three months, including the complete redesign.

Features and benefits

The promotion app Skratch is considered to be the new marketing tool for retailers and chain stores.

With the help of the app promotion website, the businesses can register their shops, create and edit the promotion campaigns. The website owner can approve the promotions and edit the website content.

As for the discount app, it has minimum features and that’s why it is really easy to use. The user can choose among dozens of promotions available in his hometown or neighborhood. Then he scratches the promotion card and finds out what his prize is: an item for 1 Canadian Dollar, a significant discount, or one more promotion card.


promotion app development project

Evaluation and summary

The beta version of the app is already available in the Apple’s app store. This promotion app development was kind of an experiment. It will show whether this idea will be supported by the market.

Actually, Skratch is discovering the new way of marketing. Not aggressive advertising with bigger revenue for the potential buyer can bring certain results:

  • Increase the efficiency of the marketing campaigns;
  • Increase the customer loyalty and satisfaction;
  • Attract new customers.

The discount app is only functioning in Montreal, Canada. With new businesses ready to offer their promotions through Skratch, the app performance can spread on the whole country and even all over the world.

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There are still a lot of things that can be improved and features, that can be added. We at ThinkMobile foresee bright future for the Skratch promotion app.

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