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SPS Control

The human machine interface (HMI) includes all the electronics required to signal and control the state of industrial automation equipment. People got used that these interface products can range from the basic LED status indicators to the 20-inch TFT panels with touchscreens interface. But who could imagine, that once all the actions concerning the HMI could be performed straight away from your mobile device? We helped Holsten Systems to make it real!

Holsten Systems, the inventor of SPScontrol, was founded in 2014 in Munich, Germany. After one year of developing a prototype of the SPScontrol-App our company joined the team of SPScontrol and provided expertise in many questions of the mobile app development.

sps control file

(Owner is Holsten Systems GmbH, Lichtenbergstr. 8, 85748 Garching, Germany)

Our company faced a real challenge, working on such a project. Holsten Systems defined very high requirements on the app since the issue was: how to introduce all the functions, which have always been performed by control units of industrious machines, in the mobile application available for a general use.

SPSControl replaces conventional systems with advanced technologies: no more need in staying close to industrial touch monitors, spend costs and put efforts to deploying and licensing of special systems. The application offers the all-in-one solution for managing and monitoring the state of your hardware regardless of whether it is an air-conditioning system, washing and drying machines, conveyors or production lines. The target market is co-generation units or industrial air-conditioning systems.

SPScontrol is a vendor-neutral developer and marketplace for HMIs. The combination of the native app combined with a multi-tenant portal and HMI store for distributing universal HMIs are a direct response to the needs of customers. By taking full advantage of the benefits modern technologies have to offer, SPSControl creates an appealing solution for owners, operators, installers, and manufacturers looking for remote maintenance that is fast, easy, and affordable to deploy.


(Owner is Holsten Systems GmbH, Lichtenbergstr. 8, 85748 Garching, Germany)

Users can purchase machine-specific HMIs from the HMI store. Just import the HMI into the app, and it’s ready-to-go — that’s all there is to it. Connecting the SPSControl app to the plant is as simple as entering an IP address.

Users can easily create their own HMIs right inside the app. Everything is quick and easy. So not only the plants but machine manufacturers may use the system as well. The HMI portal allows them to manage their HMIs and make them available to other users.

If you wonder how to do everything in a few simple steps, here’s the answer:

  • create a new project and enter the IP address of the control system
  • add a page and name it
  • add and configure a data point field
  • connect to the control system and retrieve values


(Owner is Holsten Systems GmbH, Lichtenbergstr. 8, 85748 Garching, Germany)

And that’s all, everything is pretty simple and extremely functional at the same time. There are plenty of configurations available for the users that allow configuring practically all the possible parameters of the machines: notification and alarm, current values, summarized values of machine groups, target values, and so on.


SPSControl creates interfaces for plants and equipment on smartphones and tablets. As a native app, SPSControl offers an outstanding user experience in the everyday use and requires little effort to install.

The application interacts practically with every machine with the help of The Modbus TCP industrial bus protocol. At anytime application’s users can get to know of the plant’s status and processes. Everything can be monitored and managed from any place and at any time.


(Owner is Holsten Systems GmbH, Lichtenbergstr. 8, 85748 Garching, Germany)

Except for the Modbus TCP, which is the standard industrial protocol, SPSControl can also communicate with the machines via additional protocols including OPC U/A. The SPSControl provides the direct connection between the app and the plant or machine. It works reliably even when data transmission is slow.


VPN connection between the app and your plant grants the secure transmission of the data. Also, users may use the WeConnect (VPN service from Westermo Data Communications GmbH) interface for this purpose.


(Owner is Holsten Systems GmbH, Lichtenbergstr. 8, 85748 Garching, Germany)

Encrypted connection to the HMI portal and to the file system within the app grants the complete security of any operation made via the SPSControl application.

One more benefit granted to the users by the SPSControl is the WeConnect. As configuring VPNs can be tedious and time-consuming, the WeConnect service greatly simplifies enhancing user’s IT infrastructure with a VPN. SPSControl ships with a QR code scanner that allows you to scan a VPN configuration from the WeConnect portal and automatically add it to a mobile device. To take advantage of this service, all you need to do is install “openVPN” and obtain a valid WeConnect account.


Why use SPSControl? There are many reasons. Constant access to HMIs and monitoring the overall state of the equipment is now simpler than ever – one should not always stay close to the hardware control systems. SPSControl provides the operators with mobility and doesn’t require a lot of time for working with the hardware itself. Moreover, custom-built software is not always simple to use, flexible and comprehensive. Besides, there is always the risks connected with the equipment crashes and data loss due to different factors, such as hard-drive failures or anything else. And finally, to start working with SPSControl there is no more need to spend cost and waste efforts on implementation of the complex systems.

The objective is to expand the frontier of human machine interfaces (HMIs) and replace conventional systems with advanced technologies while making plant and equipment easier to operate. The goal is to provide users the right information at the right time on their mobile devices, allowing to operate plant and equipment at maximum efficiency.

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