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VR Therapy App Development

Developing technologies that directly impact peoples’ lives is challenging and exciting. This time ThinkMobiles joins the VR therapy app development process. WaspApp helps people with insectophobia fight this disease. The VR application lets the patients immerse the truly realistic environment, where they can face and resist their fears.


We had a conversation on VR with our Partner, virtual reality coach Dana-Maria Faneker from CaptainVR startup from Netherlands. That’s how the idea of WaspApp, unique VR therapy app, appeared. Not a long time after, this idea as a pilot app “Fear or Love” has won the 1st award in Samsung Best VR-idea in Startup Fest Europe competition.

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“It was exciting, I’m so happy. This will open doors so I can now truly realize this idea. But it’s not about me. It’s about all those people who I can now help to still achieve their goals or dreams. ” — Dana-Maria says.

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The main idea of this app is based on the virtual reality psychotherapy and phobia treatment. Such an app can help cure psychological diseases through patient’s full-fledged immersion into modeled fearful situations.

Dana-Maria Feneker has the idea to develop a series of VR therapy apps. But on that stage, we had to choose the first phobia to fight with. Our Partner had a patient who was panically afraid of wasps and couldn’t leave the home in summer. It was one of the biggest causes to start development immediately.

We set up only one major goal – to build an efficient VR therapy app, that could be used in phobia treatment in clinics and hospitals.


The VR therapy app development took us 1 month. The team of 2 Unity3D developers implemented the initial idea in just around 300 development hours, including testing and bugfix.

Since we were limited in time, we discussed possibilities to reduce the development time with our partner. The decision was to use the free models and environment templates, and not to develop our own.

Features and Benefits

The WaspApp is available on Gear VR headset.

How does the app work?

According to the scenario, the patient is standing inside of the room, where wasps fly in and out. To achieve the immersive effect we implemented 3D sounds. On the higher levels, wasps sit on the hand of the user. Since he is wearing the VR helmet, he understands that there is no danger for him. He learns to control his emotions and feelings in such situation.

Evaluation and Summary

WaspApp was our first experience in phobia treatment and virtual reality psychotherapy. Was it successful? Definitely, it was!

In partnership with CaptainVR we created an efficient VR therapy app, that will help thousands of patients around the world. The traditional methods of therapy are sometimes very expensive or have different contraindications. As a result, a lot of people have to live with their phobias the whole life.

We believe that WaspApp opens the new era of phobia treatment and allows people to return to a normal life full of everyday joys.

Our partnership with Dana-Maria Faneker is not finished yet. We are planning to execute the next virtual reality psychotherapy applications together with Captain VR.

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