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YoVivo! started as an app to manage and share photos, but resulted in a wide and multi-channeled social media app development.

From an idea to a tailored solution

The idea of uniting all social networks in one app is not a new one, but the features of YoVivo! make it stand out among its competitors.


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Our partner was the British company “YoVivo!”. One of the co-founders, Filippo Di Pisa, had an idea of the app, that would help the smartphone users to store and manage their photos. Together with Javad Zahir, the CEO of the startup, they developed the concept that resulted in a successful social network and photo sharing app.

We were looking for a development partner who could work with us in an integrated way. We are very experienced in terms of developing software across multiple platforms, but we needed a partner that could work with us as an extended part of our team.

Javad Zahir, YoVivo! co-founder

That’s how we’ve joined the international development team partly based in London.


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The app idea appeared quite simple but required some specific skills and experience in social media app development. The team faced the next challenges:

  • The real-time photo processing performance

Photo preview while editing and applying different effects straight away loaded the processor and could affect others apps functioning

  • The live video filtering

Apply filters to the videos without any delay and without processor overloading

  • The encryption

Prevent encrypted content from accidental or unauthorized decryption

  • The slides VS the music beat 

Enable automatic slides presentation according to the beat of the background music


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Our partner decided to work in sprint sessions to achieve a better result. Moreover, YoVivo!’s CEO Javad Zahir turned out to be a scrum master and led the project from the very beginning until the official release and further.

The main goals of the social media app development were as follows:

  • Social networks and cloud services integration:

Allow the user to view the photos, upload and download, edit and delete them

  • Slideshow function:

Combine photos into slideshows, use music for the background

  • Content encryption:

Secure the pictures and videos when storing them in the cloud

  • Social network realization:

Create the own social network for photos and slideshows editing and sharing

  • Video projects integration:

Allow the user to edit and share videos


social media app development yovivo app


  • Calculations moved to the graphic processor

GPU integration allowed to increase the real-time processing performance of the iOS photo editing apps

  • OpenGL for live video filtering

Open graphic library helped to reduce the time of filters application 

  • Advanced Encryption Standard for content security

The users are also able to use Touch ID instead of using the password

  • BPM (bit per minute) recognition for automatical slides switching

The photos in the slideshow change according to the tempo of the background music

Social media app development - YoVivo! slideshow


From our partner:

  • the ready photo sharing app concept and structure
  • design
  • partially written code
  • QA

One of the startup owners was the scrum master of the project, so he took over the whole project management.

From our side:

  • iOS development team / 1 iOS developer / 2 supporting iOS developers

The social media app development was conducted with Objective-C programming language.


Our cooperation with YoVivo! started in October 2014. The photo sharing app was launched in July 2015, but the work on the project didn’t stop. Since that time YoVivo! has released 2 big updates of the app.


social media app development yovivo photo sharing app

Features and Benefits:

Compared to other iOS photo editing apps, it makes the work with photos and pictures generally easier, faster and more convenient.

  • Manage the pictures from major social networks with just one click.

YoVivo! united all social networks in one app.  It will let you access the photos in Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, Picasa, as well as the clouds GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox and other services.

  • Store media files on cloud services

YoVivo! will help you to save your phone’s memory and access the files anytime and anywhere.

  • Edit the photos with the set of free creative tools

Rotate, add filters, emojis, crop the photos, adjust size and position or add another effect.

  • Create video slideshows

Transform your photos from different sources into great slideshows with your favorite music background and share them with your audience.

  • Share your photos and videos with the world

Share your content via social networks, cloud services, emails and even messengers in one click.

  • Photo and video encryption

Store your encrypted content in the cloud services and protect it with the password or Touch ID.

Social media app development YoVivo! encrypted data storage

Evaluation and summary

And here is the result of the social media app development process.

Just one week after the app release the top review sites published positive reviews of YoVivo! and encouraged the users to try this app. The Washington Post and The Guardian also wrote about the new photo sharing app in their articles.

As a result, YoVivo! became the Best New App in 31 countries in July 2015.

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