2D game development

Zombario is the internal project of ThinkMobiles game development team. The aim of this simple game was to show our experience and expertise in 2D game development for different platforms.

2D game development experts

We started with an idea – at that time the world seemed to be obsessed with zombies and vampires. That’s why we decided to join the hype and chose the cute Zombario as the main character of the game.

The genre of the game is the 2D platformer with the elements of 3D. Our developers sometimes call it 2,5D game, so why not? 🙂


The goal of 2D game development was simple – to prove our expertise in this field. With the development of Zombario our Unity3D team showed

  • The ability to create 2D game with 3D elements;
  • High-level skills in game development with Unity3D
  • The ability to work with external libraries;
  • Skills in developing game’s physics;
  • The ability to build further levels based on the already developed logic;
  • Soft skills needed for successful 2D game development.

Zombario is the classical 2D platformer. Despite the new possibilities of 3D games, 2D are still more popular and beloved among mobile users.



Unity3D is the universal 2D game development platform. It’s core features are extended with different tools from the Asset Store.

To build the Zombario game our developers used

All the other game features were provided by Unity3D version 5.0.3.


2d game development ressourcesRessources

As we were under time pressure, we had to use the licensed assets and sound effect. Though our 2D and 3D designers are real pros in this, it was decided to buy the ready assets to reduce the total development time.

From external sources:

  • Assets
  • Sound effects

The team of 2 Unity developers dedicated 2 months to the 2D game development.

The Unity3D team overtook the testing phase as well. This enabled us to reduce the total development time and to enhance the working efficiency.


2d game development benefitFeatures and Benefits

The Zombario 2D game is similar to the classic of game world – Super Mario. The main protagonist Zombario has to move around the dark world facing the dark forces like spiders or other monsters. Zombario can run, jump and even fly. On his way through the dark world he can collect coins and different boosters, that will help him during the game.

By now there are two levels of the game available for free download in Google Play Market. Another two levels are in the repository and will come out soon.

The 2D platformer Zombario is flexible and extendible. Since all the mechanics is already developed, the new levels of the game will not take long to build. The development of every next 2D game level will last around 2 weeks. This depends on the level complexity, new enemies and extended protagonist properties.

The language of Zombario 2D game is English, but the localization will take one to several days, depending on the language type:

  • 6-10 hours for european languages;
  • 24-36 hours for afro-asiatic languages.

Some afro-asiatic languages have specific properties that require UI changing. For example, Arabic language is right-to-left (RTL). The localisation to this language will require full UI rework. Additional work for the designers team will result in additional development hours. According to our experience, the localisation to RTL languages will take up to 4 days.


2d game development youtubeEvaluation and summary

2D game development with Unity3D has one major benefit – the ability to develop cross-platform software. Zombario is available for the users of Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.

Zombario proved the 2D game development experience of our team. We are ready to share your passion about 2D games!

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