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What can be done with React JS?

Interactive UI

Upon any change made, React re-renders UI in a Virtual DOM representation, re-calculates it with previous and current one and patches up real DOM with updates.


A combo of Flux and React is awesome for making re-useable plugins and extendable applications. React gives you an option to define self-contained components with isolated rendering and behavior, so it's a great start for plugins.

Web Apps and Solutions

Having a modular nature and tons of re-usable components, binding React with Flux is a great choice for setting up awesome dynamic and progressive web apps that load in a blink of an eye - even with a flaky connection. Don't forget they're mobile-friendly too.

Apps Solutions


ReactJS, but allows to build outstanding native hybrid apps. When user experience meets ease of development, hybrid mobile app arises - written in technologies many developers already know and wrapped in container to make it run natively.

Rewriting existing website with React

Our React squad will re-write your exisitng website and season it with intuitive, secure, mobile- and user-friendly interfaces. Best UX, eye-catching visuals and exquisite brand identity details are guaranteed.


Upon implementing the Flux architecture, React apps data flow becomes much easier to support and maintain.


No need to refresh the page that much, Ajax will handle it. It's a method of exchanging data with a server and updating parts of web page without reloading it.

Benefits of React JS apps

It's easy

ReactJS rendering can be tracked at ease -- you always know know when component is ready by looking at render function, while rendering can be also done at server side. React's JSX syntax extension makes reading the component code painless, while you can see the layout and how components are combined with each other.

It's simple

Having a relatively simple structure, ReactJS modules are easy to test and maintain while also allowing the developer to efficiently re-use code components. This may sometimes cut down the coding time in half compared to other approaches -- isn't it a game-changer for your urgent website needs?

It's flexible

Being only a "View" part of the Model-View-* pattern makes ReactJS components easy to integrate with frameworks. It also has more of toolbox rather than framework nature, which makes it simple to add various features and tools to a project.

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React JS examples

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Clients testimonials

We were put in touch with ThinkMobiles through a member of our business network. They came highly recommended and we were not disappointed. Our project manager was very helpful and insightful. He made everything very clear to us; technical process, resources available, costings and additional options we might want to consider.

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Dan Moriarty
First Up Co-founder

It was a great decision to visit you in your office, guys. My friends said something like "No Marc, don't go there, it's dangerous, be careful..." but I met you guys with a great welcome and had a great time and I will never forget this and will support you. Thanks for all you did!

Ingo Nadler
360 camera project Co-founder

ThinkMobiles brought the opportunity of fast and effective virtual reality development, which doesn’t need excessive investments. As a result of cooperation, Hashplay Inc has received the app that is exactly up to quality.

Marc Seick
Hashplay Co-founder

React JS Development process

  • Contact
  • Requirements
  • Keep in touch
  • Delivery
  • Voila!

Get in touch with our team, send them an inquiry and start communicating on the project details.

Establish project's terms, requirements and deliverables. Upon deciding, team initiates the work to deliver you first bits of the product.

Throughout the development cycle, you are kept informed on project updates and how the work is going.

When ReactJS modules are ready, they undergo strict quality assurance testing to ensure no bugs or errors are found.

Modules are handed over to you. The whole development process from initiation to delivery usually takes from few weeks to a month or two, depending on the project's complexity. Now go pimp your website with them.

How to make customers fall in love with your business?

Prior to development process our business analysts conduct meticulous audit of your idea as well as relevant market research to figure out exact strong points to your business and offer potential areas of optimization. This approach is mandatory for all projects and secures the maximum goals reach for you and your customers.

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Dedicated developers

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MVP of your idea

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Full project

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Dedicated developers

Dedicated developers

from 20 $ per hourFrom one month

MVP of your idea

MVP of your idea

from 6 000 $From two weeks

Full project

Full project

from 12 000 $From two months