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about eHouse Studio

eHouseStudio is an e-commerce agency specializing in the development of Shopify Plus e-commerce solutions, their design, and marketing.

The agency's office is located in North Charleston (South Carolina, U.S.).

Mainly the company is providing services in the field of creating e-commerce solutions based on the Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms. As well as migrations to one of them from any other platform. 

Along with this, eHouseStudio is ready to offer its help in creating a design and UI / UX for your decisions or to help emphasize the features of your brand and make the experience of your customers unforgettable. Conversion Rate Optimization and marketing services are also available, for example: E-commerce marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and SEO.

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  • Web development 20%
  • E-commerce 50%
  • Design, UI & UX 30%
  • E-commerce
    • Shopify 100%

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    • 1707 Meeting Street Rd, North Charleston, South Carolina 29405, US
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eHouse Studio review - the company that creates digital experiences that Shoppers love

eHouse Studio - is an eCommerce agency dedicated to keeping you ahead of every shift in shopping, by analyzing the behavior of your customers.

Their team consists of experienced strategists who have a deep understanding of the processes related to your business and customer interests. Their approach involves combining the interests of business, brand authenticity, and providing the best shopping experience.

The company develops solutions that are aimed to increase the conversion rate by maximizing customer satisfaction. The user experience developed by them not only creates a client’s connection with your brand but also makes him rethink the concept of online shopping experience.

Having appreciated the convenience of your service once, they will return only to you.

eHouse Studio's main platform for developing e-commerce solutions is Shopify Plus. By combining the best UX design, technology, and analytics in the development process, they achieve superior results. Agency stands for expanding the boundaries of the possible and is never satisfied with the acceptable.

Service linesAnalytics, Content Creation, Content Strategy, Conversion Rate Optimization, Data Migration, Development, Ecosystem Integration, Email Marketing, ReCharge Customer Portal Customization, ReCharge Subscriptions Implementation, SEO Onsite, Shopify Plus Implementation, Site Speed Improvements, Strategy, UX & UI Design, UX Site Audits, User Testing, eCommerce Strategy
Avr. hourly rate$150 - 199 / hr
LocationUS North Charleston, South Carolina

The agency can offer you both the creation of a solution from scratch based on Shopify Plus, and migration from any other platform. An alternative to this process, or the next step after it, is redesign. Unfortunately, many companies underestimate the importance of a well-designed and convenient JI, as well as the importance of high-quality IT. But fortunately, eHouse Studios are more likely to be opposed to such views. Their experienced designers, in collaboration with marketers, will help you create a unique design that fully reflects the essence and values ​​of your brand, making your website a real business card.

Thanks to the significant experience of integrating third-party applications and services, the development team can choose the most effective tools for solving your problems. From selling subscriptions to managing inventory, orders, and user-generated content. If the necessary tool does not yet exist, then it will be created especially for you. Using Shopify Plus’s robust API, eHouse Studio can develop custom features when they are truly needed for further optimization and growth of your business. Creating a website is only the first step, the next ones are no less important. Thanks to the available range of services, the company is ready to accompany you on this journey almost all the time.

Shopify Plus Development

As a Shopify Plus partner, the agency can offer you a full range of services related to this platform. The most popular services are migration and website creation from scratch. The reason for this, as a rule, is the much lower cost of maintaining a website on Shopify in comparison with Magento or Woocommerce, as well as the time required for the development.In Shopify Plus, much is available from the "box" and most of the functionality does not require additional complex settings. All these advantages are ideal for small businesses and some segments of medium-sized businesses, thanks to a balanced ratio of opportunities and cost.If you are interested in expanding existing functionality, you can always order the development of the module/plugin you need. Certified developers from the eHouse Studio team will do everything possible and not possible for you. Whether it's migration, development, or the integration of an entire ecosystem.

UX & UI Design

Undoubtedly one of the company's strengths is the development of the most customer-oriented designs. Designers of eHouse Studio create stunning designs that clearly reflect all the key features of the brand, and at the same time fully satisfy all the needs of the business and customers. They manage to find the perfect balance, not a compromise.Through collaboration with the marketing team, they manage to create a unique shopping experience in your store. This approach guarantees a significant increase in conversion rates, an influx of audience and an increase in the number of loyal customers.


The third and final section in the range of services is marketing services. At eHouse Studio, the team is ready to provide all the necessary tools for the development and consolidation of the success of your business. Starting with analyzes and audits, ending with the construction of a specific strategy.Whether it’s a content strategy or an e-commerce strategy as a whole, you can always be sure of the company's interest in your success. That is why they give preference to integrated approaches that maximize the result of the effort. These additional services include: Email Marketing, Content Creation, and SEO Onsite.

It might seem to you that the list of services provided by eHouse Studio (eHS) is rather modest, which means that the company is not very popular in the market. We hasten to disappoint you, even after a brief analysis you can understand that the company is very popular due to its approach, experience, and reputation. If we talk about the Shopify platform, eHS is definitely among the ten best companies in the world. The gradual development of the popularity of the platform is due to market oversaturation with large and redundant solutions. This situation leads to the fact that even relatively large and reputable companies want to switch to more compact and less costly solutions, both in terms of development and in terms of service. A vivid example of this situation is the appeal of one of the market veterans (more than 80 years on the market) - Zero Halliburton Case to eHS.

Zero Halliburton Hour decided to switch to the Shopify Plus platform, so they decided to turn to professionals, namely eHS. Before eHS, tasks were set that included optimizing the UK, a complete design update (to support compliance with the brand aesthetics), as well as work on the implementation of the email strategy.

Thanks to impressive experience, the migration process did not cause eHS any difficulties. It was followed by a redesign process, which began with a thorough analysis of the existing website structure, analytics and a detailed study of competitors. As a result, it was decided to restructure the product categories and filters, in order to improve their perception by the user. It was also decided to place a list of categories on the main page. That will allow users to immediately appreciate the range of products. Each category was provided with an attractive landing page.

The next step was refreshing the brand, improving the user experience and working on the page architecture. By optimizing the workspace, most pages gained more free space and highlight key blocks of content. In the development process, the custom theme Shopify Plus was used, which allowed to fully customize the website according to the needs of the client. And also to optimize its ability to scale, and reduce the complexity and cost of maintenance.

After the launch of the website, all efforts were aimed at promoting the brand.

A campaign was launched to send out welcome letters to subscribers and the target audience to notify them that the service was updated. After some corrections and planning, a full-blown email strategy was launched.

Thus, having completed all the tasks set by the client, the developers were able to recreate the necessary conditions for the rapid development of the brand. In the first 3 months, the conversion rate increased by 86%, mobile-specific revenue went up by 341%, and the income from emails grew by more than 700%.

eHouse Studio collaborates with its customers even upon completion of the project. They are ready to provide support for any projects and adapt them to the new market situation. And the clients willingly turn to the agency completely trusting it with solutions to their problems. An example of such a trusting relationship is a case that happened due to the collaboration of eHouse Studio and Dr. Axе.

Dr. Axe is a brand built around the world-famous nutritionist, having problems with the outflow of customers, he decided to turn to eHS for help as his old partner. Their existing solution uses the Shopify Plus platform and Recharge, once created by eHS.

According to the outflow of customers, which significantly affects profits due to the use of the subscription model, Dr. Axe decided that customer retention is their first priority. And without rectifying the situation, you can forget about the long-term growth strategy. Thus, eHS was tasked with rethinking and reorganizing work with customer accounts to reduce their churn. The longer the customer uses the services of the brand, the more profitable it is for the company as part of the provision of subscription services. For this, Dr. Axe needed a customer portal that would satisfy customer needs after purchase. Improving the visibility of frequently requested information and simplifying the management functions of orders and subscriptions. This was to reduce potential problems and provide customers with the convenience of self-service. The main problem was the sharp mismatch between the interfaces of the three platforms Shopify (order management), ReCharge (subscription management) and Loyalty Lion (reward management). Each of these platforms used its own, different styles, and this created a negative experience when users navigate between pages.

At the time this decision was made, there was no opportunity to change anything. However, now with the release of the ReCharge theme editor, developers were able to get full access to the interface styles. Thus, it was decided to create a single interface for the user portal without sacrificing functionality. A single navigation menu was created, accessible on all pages of the account, which created the illusion of a seamless portal for the user.

Thanks to the work done, the quality of the customer experience has increased significantly, and its impact on the user has gone beyond the moment of making a purchase. 

Lastly, we left perhaps the most interesting. It will be about the collaboration of eHouse Studio and Twelve South and an unusual redesign of the website.

The fact is that although most of the work done by eHS for Twelve South is not visible to the consumer, it is extremely important for the stability of the project and the possibility of its subsequent development.

In the process, all used business systems were combined. This list included a system for processing orders from customers, accounting software, order fulfillment systems, as well as wholesale and standard order systems, credit card authorization software, and even a retail database into a single automated system. In addition to this, an effective product return and exchange system have also been created.

All this variety of control systems was integrated into a common dashboard on the website for team members. This approach saved them from digging into CMS records or constantly updating spreadsheets. All important information is at hand and is displayed in real-time on the dashboard.

Adaptation of a "live" website is always a difficult process, and in this case, it was still complicated by the presence of many moving parts. They appeared due to the fact that the functionality they implemented was not taken into account at the design stage and was implanted during operation.

I had to make a lot of efforts to adapt to the established business process of the company. This was achieved thanks to close collaboration with the Twelve South team throughout all stages of design and development.

As a result, user interaction was optimized and the website became easily accessible for all devices.

Fully responsive web design has been developed, and all operational processes have been integrated and optimized to support website performance. The new version of the website successfully supports current customer products and contributes to its sustainable growth.

The website has received a number of awards, including:2015 WMA Web Awards | Outstanding website2014 w3 award | Best in Show: Mobile2014 Awwwards | Honorable Mention

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