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4.8/5 (9 review)

HQSoftware is a trusted international VR, AR, and IoT software development company. They enable their clients to evolve by providing software R&D services expertise across multiple verticals, including manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, education, and other.

Development frameworks / SDKs that we use for AR and VR development encompass Unity, Vuforia SDK, Oculus SDK, GearVRf SDK, Catchoom SDK, Wikitude SDK, Kudan SDK, ARKit, ARCore, and other for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS. Headsets, glasses, and accessories include, but are not limited to Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard / Daydream, PlayStation VR, Epson Moverio, Microsoft HoloLens, Treadmills, Haptic Gloves, and more.

  • For IoT development or custom software development HQSoftware offers dedicated teams with the following technology expertise:

  • - Backend tech stack: PHP, Java, .
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Service lines

Service lines

Design, UI & UX

  • Web design 25%
  • Mobile app design 25%
  • Game design 25%
  • Digital design 25%

Augmented reality

Virtual reality

Web development

  • PHP 7%
  • AngularJS 7%
  • ReactJS 7%
  • VueJS 7%
  • Node.js 7%
  • Javascript 7%
  • Laravel 6%
  • Zend 6%
  • Symfony 6%
  • BackBone JS 6%
  • Yii 5%
  • CakePHP 5%
  • Codeigniter 5%
  • Drupal 4%
  • Sitecore 4%
  • WordPress 4%
  • Joomla 4%
  • Ruby 3%


Custom Software

  • Java 16%
  • .NET 16%
  • C# 15%
  • C/C++ 15%
  • SQL 14%
  • Typescript 14%
  • Python 10%

Mobile App

  • Android 28%
  • iOS 18%
  • cross platform 18%
  • React native 18%
  • Mobile web 18%
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Service details

Number of employees 51-100
Company clients BBC Worldwide, Freightcom, World Health Organization, Canon, SEGA.
Company awards Microsoft Certified IT Professional, Professional SCRUM Master
Date publish October 5, 2018

Contact information

United States 315 Madison Avenue #3045
Estonia Tallinn 13618
+372 712 00 22



Advertising & Marketing 72 weeks $50001 to $100000
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Reviews 9

Reviews 9

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They were flexible and let me dictate the terms depending on what would make sense

Users have booked more than 6,000 reservations year to date, resulting in $500,000 in revenue. Their understanding of the necessary technology and their quick and efficient communication made this project successful. They are a smaller shop. I liked how HQSoftware was able to work with me about our payment schedule. The company flexible and let me dictate the terms depending on what would make sense. We could do it bi-weekly. If we wanted to wrap it up after 40 hours, 80 hours` worth of work, we could make payments then.


  • Understanding of the necessary technology
  • Quick and efficient communication
  • Flexibility
overal 4.25
  • Quality 4.0
  • Cost 4.0
  • Schedule 5.0
  • Communication 4.0
Peltier , 2019-06-03 22:28:20

HQSoftware`s team is great partners

We have worked with HQSoftware for over a year now and find them to be very responsive partners willing to handle any and all problems.

overal 5.0
  • Quality 5.0
  • Cost 5.0
  • Schedule 5.0
  • Communication 5.0
MJ Anderson , 2019-05-06 01:16:27

I have worked with a few outsourcing companies, and I think HQSoftware are very responsive with providing an unusual high level of constructive feedback

HQSoftware delivered the project on time and on budget. Their willingness to offer advice and feedback throughout the project was highlighted as a strength. When we have a specification, HQSoftware may come up with some idea on how to improve it, which is much appreciated. I think that is a bit of a differentiator to many other outsourcing developers.


  • Responsiveness
  • Delivering on time and budget
overal 4.75
  • Quality 4.0
  • Cost 5.0
  • Schedule 5.0
  • Communication 5.0
Erik Maltby , 2019-05-01 14:42:45

Their responsive team was dedicated to understanding our business needs and providing detailed information

Their responsiveness and accessibility were noteworthy. HQSoftware`s exceptional communication complemented their professional and supportive management style. Their skilled team is attentive to detail. There has been transparent communication throughout our relationship.


  • Dedication to understanding client's needs
  • Providing detailed information
  • Responsiveness and accessibility
  • Exceptional and transparent communication
  • Attentiveness to details
overal 4.5
  • Quality 4.0
  • Cost 4.0
  • Schedule 5.0
  • Communication 5.0
Sarah , 2019-04-13 07:03:35

Communication was very important for us, and HQSoftware`s team was very proactive and straightforward

HQSoftware completed the project on time and on budget. HQSoftware`s great communication and project management were highlighted. Even though they handled project management, we could easily track progress and adjust as needed. HQSoftware always stayed within the specified budget and I always got responses to my questions. They were warning us about any changes beforehand. Moreover, HQSoftware proactively informed me about possible risks and suggested mitigation measures. We had a very clear management workflow setup and I was always kept in the loop of everything that was going on. HQSoftware was very agile and successfully handled any changed requirements. HQSoftware was also very good at project estimation. For any additional features, their team could quickly come up with an estimate. Overall, we were always on time with project deliverables. I was especially impressed by how they managed urgent issues. Typically, HQSoftware was resolved within a few hours.


  • Great communication
  • On time delivery
overal 5.0
  • Quality 5.0
  • Cost 5.0
  • Schedule 5.0
  • Communication 5.0
Michelle , 2019-02-27 21:42:49

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