Service lines

Service lines

  • Cloud Services 40%
  • Artificial intelligence 20%
  • Big data 20%
  • Blockchain 15%
  • IoT 5%

Cloud Services

  • Cloud Consulting Companies 35%
  • Aws Partners 25%
  • Microsoft Azure Partners 20%
  • Google Cloud Partners 20%

Artificial intelligence

  • Machine learning 50%
  • Cognitive Computing 20%
  • Chat bot 10%
  • NLP developers 10%
  • Deep learning 10%

Big data

  • Business intelligence 40%
  • Hadoop Developers 20%
  • Data analytics 15%
  • Data science 15%
  • Data visualization 10%


  • Blockchain 100%


  • IoT 100%
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Contact information

830 Stewart Drive, Suite 119, Sunnyvale, California 94085, US
6 502 652 266
Vejls?vej 51, bygning O, Silkeborg, DK-8600, Denmark
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Altoros review- the company that would provide cloud, blockchain, and artificial intelligence solutions for your business

Altoros is a company with a rich history, that love to explore and invent, and this fact makes them stand out from their competitors.

Founded in 2001, Altoros has evolved from a team with an office of 9 square meters to an organization with more than 300 employees with branches on three continents. Today, Altoros literally sets the tone for working with PaaS solutions, as the company is a member of the international organization Cloud Foundry Foundation and is actively investing its resources and knowledge in the development of Cloud Foundry. Altoros has already contributed to 50+ open-source projects, including Cloud Foundry Cassandra Service Broker, a boilerplate for Cloud Foundry Service Broker, a BOSH-scalable ELK release, Juju Charms automation, etc.

In 2011, the company created its own research laboratory that studies PaaS solutions, the concept of the Internet of Things, tools for processing and storing large amounts of data, and also seeks new approaches to software development using traditional technologies (.NET, Java, JavaScript, and Ruby).

Any employee who has the necessary experience or wants to acquire it can enter these departments.

They do everything possible so that every technical specialist in the company develops not only within the framework of his specialization but also can try himself in related innovative fields. As a result, Altoros employees were able to conquer not only the hearts of numerous clients but also became welcome guests at professional events around the world, such as Cloud Foundry Summit, RubyConf, and Hadoop Summit. 

Key facts about Altoros



Service lines

Cloud Foundry, IBM Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, CI/CD Pipeline Implementation, Cloud-Native Transformation, Application Replatforming, DevOps, Blockchain for Enterprises, Blockchain Network Deployment, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Intelligent Automation, Data-Driven IoT.

Avg.hourly rate

$100 - $149 / hr


Sunnyvale, CA

By implementing best practices in continuous integration and delivery, Altoros helps its customers to implement Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes, as well as to develop microservice-based applications, redesigning applications and incorporating the capabilities of next-generation technologies into them.

As a Pivotal strategic partner, Cloud Foundry Foundations silver member and Hyperledger general project partner, Altoros helped Fortune 500 customers accelerate their digital conversion process. And at the moment they provide consultations, offer methodology and training to help their clients achieve their business goals through automation and transformation of cloud computing, implementation of blockchains and AI integration.

Company’s expertise

  1. Cloud Foundry services:

During the company’s existence, it became one of the largest teams of architects and engineers of Cloud Foundry in the global market. They have undeniable experience in the usage of open-source Cloud Foundry technologies, as well as its commercial distributions. 

The experienced Cloud Foundry team at Altoros can provide:
- “All-covered” platform implementation services (evaluation, planning, deployment, and third-party services integration).
- Assistance in migrating the associated workloads to cloud-native environments (application re-platforming and migration, CI/CD setup, and custom training courses).
- A reliable partnership and expertise in a well-established practice around cloud-native technologies and a significant commitment to the Cloud Foundry ecosystem.
- An advanced partnership for Pivotal Cloud Foundry driving awareness, growth, and adoption of services and solutions based on the technology.

  1. Blockchain development services:

As a significant contributor to the Hyperledger project, Altoros created a department specializing in blockchain development services. Its employees reveal a decentralized paradigm and its value to customers, seeking to improve security, consolidate multiple systems and data flows, and streamline business processes.

- An experienced team of blockchain developers will guide a customer, helping to choose an optimal enterprise solution to address business needs.
- Altoros has successfully implemented 15+ successful blockchain solutions for its enterprise customers.
- The company delivered various PoC, MVP, and production-grade blockchain solutions.

  1. Artificial Intelligence development services:

Artificial Intelligence is actively introduced in all areas of business and life. It is impossible to deny the inevitability of this process, which is why Altoros helps companies use the capabilities of AI technology to solve everyday problems or solve complex problems using large amounts of data.

AI practice at Altoros embraces:
- Altoros has experience implementing artificial intelligence solutions for a wide range of industries.
- Altoros is the organizer of numerous trainings, conferences, and competitions for business and technical teams. They actively participate in AI conferences of various sizes.
- Altoros is one of the first TensorFlow users and the author of several independent machine learning tests.
- Altoros has developed the TensorFlow-as-a-Service solution, which allows scientists to easily install a ready-made cloud environment for using TensorFlow, run scripts and visualize the results of tasks.

Case studies

Altoros is an amazing company, its work is not only related to business activities, but it also makes significant contributions to technology development. And it is difficult to overestimate their achievements, after all, you have read you will definitely agree with us. If not, then let's take a look at 3 cases where the company has made this world a little better, maybe they will change your mind.

The use of machine learning (ML) is no longer an innovation; most routine processes simply need to be automated. However, when it comes to serious consequences in the event of an error, you rarely want to entrust the matter to the machine. The reason for this is the stereotypical imperfection of such a "performer", but it should not be forgotten that technologies are moving ahead. A striking example of this is the developed Altoros system for automating the processing of financial statements. It is based on machine learning and optical character recognition.

The client works in the field of investment management. Its headquarter is located in Boston, with branches scattered around the world as the company serves customers in 25 countries. To find the best investment opportunity, the company manually analyzed publicly available financial statements. When contacting Altoros, the customer wanted to automate the process of recognizing and removing explicit content tables (ToCs) from PDF reports. Although the content records varied greatly from company to company, Altoros engineers were able to implement unification to better content recognition. The Tesseract Object OCR (OCR) module was designed individually, because of problems with extracting text from a PDF. The result of complex development was the ability to automate the manual processing of financial statements, thereby reducing the time spent on analyzing a single document by 72 times (from 12 minutes to 10 seconds). As a result of the optimizations, an incredible 99% accuracy was achieved. However, the main achievement of the system was to save time for a team of high-level analysts who can now use it for more important tasks.

Another up-and-coming area for the use of such technologies is the creation of new generation systems for energy management.

Altoros already have experience in this field as they assisted the Galtronics Group in developing symHome, an energy management system that can record, store and process power consumption data. The system is also capable of analyzing electricity costs for each device in the home. SymHome data can be accessed on the web portal as well as on portable devices (iOS application developed). Homeowners can monitor and manage their electricity consumption with the device.

Galtronics has set itself the goal of supporting green technologies by providing its users with a tool to analyze electricity consumption that will replace digging in paper bills. The company appealed to Altoros because they needed to create a system for collecting, storing and processing large amounts of electricity consumption data. The energy management system had to deal with petabytes of data. For example, collecting information on electricity consumption from devices and appliances located in 1,000 homes results in 50,000 entries being added to the database every 15 seconds. Each of these records had to be processed and stored to provide access to the analysis of electricity consumption.

In addition, Galtronics was planning to add 4,000 more homes to the system in the near future, which would increase the number of entries to 200,000 in the same interval. US electricity companies have also expressed their intention to become involved in the use of technology. Which clearly indicated the need for an organization of architecture with infinite scalability.

Distributed data processing was implemented using a Hadoop hosted on a cluster of computers. And the solution for the database was to use Cassandra NoSQL, specifically designed for large-scale data usage (2500 times faster than in MySQL).

The solution allows you to collect, aggregate and process electricity consumption data in real-time, as well as generate detailed reports on electricity consumption. You can access the tools from the website or from an app on your Apple device. With it, users can now quickly determine which gadgets and devices cost them the most money, and what can be abandoned for the benefit of the environment and cost savings.

Altoros projects make a significant contribution to a better future for all mankind. However, sometimes people's lives depend on company decisions right now. It is about the case when they were approached by a unit of a conglomerate from Germany, a company that worked on creating solutions for rail transport. Their field of activity included solutions for suburban, regional and long-distance trains, as well as subway locomotives and automation systems. In short, several million lives a day depended on the reliability of their software.

The customer wanted to develop a new system for monitoring railways and crossroads, with the possibility of real-time notification of responsible parties about accidents, malfunctions and potential threats. To do this, the software had to analyze the situation in real-time, identify potentially dangerous situations, and send premature notifications about their occurrence. At the time of contacting Altoros, the customer already had a legacy system. But the existing application had problems with scaling and could not deliver critical messages on time. And these are just critical mistakes, the full list of all problems to be solved was much longer.

The final solution allows experts to track and aggregate petabytes of data per day.

day. It is built using a microservices-based architecture that scales the system as needed and unifies data from different sources. The implementation of the HiveMQ protocol made it possible to create a system for sending critical messages in real-time, and to reduce the amount of traffic due to their compression. The system distinguishes three types of message importance - critical, warning and for review, it also allows them to be aggregated according to priorities. To meet security standards, a policy protocol based on Apache Kafka has been integrated. A TensorFlow-based module was developed to analyze data from video cameras at train stations to identify potentially dangerous situations and prevent accidents by notifying responsible parties.

This system is a great example of combining many years of experience using artificial intelligence and building high-performance systems. Considering the amount of work done, it may seem that there is no problem that the Altoros team cannot solve.

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