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  • Adidas
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about Contus

Contus - an Indian software development company with more than 10 years of experience. The headquarter is located in Chennai, India, but it also has 2 additional offices in Georgia and California (USA). Their 350+ staff including creativity designers, experienced developers, and professional testers allows Contus independently to perform full-cycle software development. They prefer to build the work processes in compliance with DevOps. 

Also, Contus provides consultations for third-party companies DevOps integration and industrial automation. The company has successful projects in Web developing, Mobile apps building, Cloud deployment, migration, and IoT integration. Contus is the part of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry).


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  • Big data 5%
  • Mobile App 15%
  • Cloud Services 10%
  • Custom Software 15%
  • IoT 15%
  • Augmented reality 5%
  • Web development 15%
  • E-commerce 20%
  • Big data
    • Data visualization 70%
    • Data analytics 30%
  • Mobile App
    • Android 35%
    • cross platform 15%
    • Mobile web 15%
    • iOS 35%
  • Cloud Services
    • Cloud Consulting Companies 10%
    • Google Cloud Partners 25%
    • Aws Partners 50%
    • Microsoft Azure Partners 15%
  • Custom Software
    • Python 15%
    • Linux and Unix 10%
    • Custom ERP 15%
    • SQL 15%
    • Java 25%
    • Django 20%
  • Web development
    • Laravel 10%
    • Ruby 5%
    • ReactJS 20%
    • AngularJS 20%
    • Javascript 20%
    • PHP 25%
  • E-commerce
    • Magento 100%


  • HQ
    • United States
    • Atlanta 
    • No.12 A, 6th floor, Kamak Towers, Guindy, Chennai 600 032, India
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Contus review - a software development company with the special focus on IoT and RPA development

A collaborative mobile app, corporate website or even ERP - all these solutions are very important and always must be up-to-date. In addition, a lot of new development areas have appeared recently. Like others they have their own rules and methods, which makes it even more difficult to find a good software developer. In this review, we will look at a company with more than ten years of development experience in various fields, including Web and IoT.

Service linesWeb development, IoT, Cloud technologies, RPA
Avg. hourly rateUndisclosed
LocationChennai, India

Contus - software development company from Chennai, India. Founded in 2008 by a group of seven people, today this company is in the top developers of India with 350+ staff. They have 2 additional offices in the USA (California and Georgia) and satisfied customers from more than 40 countries.

They are experts in mobile and web development. Contus independently performs a full development cycle, from layout designing to performance testing. They build their development process according to DevOps rules and offer consulting in DevOps integration.

In addition to developing customized solutions, Contus provides cloud services (integration and migration), and RPA developing. With advanced technologies such as Blueprism, Uipath, NICE, and others, they create bots and back-office systems based on triggers and interaction scenarios.

Also, they have developed 8 own products that help them significantly reduce the time to develop new solutions. The most famous of them: Mirrorfly - an application for fast messenger creation and Vplayed - audio/video streaming solution.

Contus' versatility and flexibility in the best way, show their customers list: Bank of Palestine (E-banking), Dr. Reddy's Laboratories (Collaborative), Learning Space (Education), Cbazaar (E-commerce) and others. Also, they are a part of the reputable association - the Confederation of the Indian Industry.

  1. IoT development

The integration of IoT systems on industrial manufacturers helps to optimize work processes. Contus implements IoT systems and creates a single environment for data exchange between sensors, predictive analytical systems, and control terminals. This solution helps to increase productivity by integrating technology for remote and automatic control based on decision-making algorithms. Therefore, among other things, IoT solutions improving safety and productivity.

Also, the company supports the Industry 4.0 concept. The essence of this concept is in automation which can be achieved by creating a single digital environment between all elements of the system including work mechanisms and human departments. According to customers' requests, Contus can fully or partially automate:

- Equipment management- Equipment technical condition monitoring- Level of wear calculation for mechanisms

The manufacturing processes analytics data collected from numerous sensors can be used in the creation of customized forecasts about the using intensity of technological units and systems. These forecasts can reduce equipment downtime due to unexpected breakdowns and significantly increase work safety for employees.

Contus developers work with all modern data transfer technologies (from mobile GSM to WiFi), which allows them to easily integrate IoT components into existing systems. They also can build a new data channel in the absence of stable regular communication channels. In general, Contus developers have big experience in IoT development, and they are universal specialists in this area. Here is a short table of technologies which they can use:

Tool nameSupported technologiesTotal
ChannelsGSM, 2G, 3G, SMS, 4G LTE, NFC, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Wireless9
Platforms AWS, Windows Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Bluemix, ThingWorx5
StandardsOPENIoT, Alljoyn, HomeKit, Brillo, Thread, Weave, Nest7
  1. Web development

B2B, B2C, C2C - full-stack Contus developers can independently develop any type of web application. They have a portfolio with dozens of successful web products for mobile and desktop platforms.

The company's clients emphasize their special approach in providing design services. Designers always conduct the research of a target audience’s needs before layout creation. They create design compositions that emphasize the uniqueness of the product but retain a high focus on user needs. With full-stack project development, Contus also can integrate KPI design measurement tools (conversion, CLV, CTR, etc.). For web pages design implementation they use the most modern libraries and frameworks, such as AngularJS, React, Bootstrap, Ember JS and Jquery, which provide high response speed and compatibility with various platforms.

Contus makes extensive use of cloud services integration to create the most modern solutions. They can easily deploy the product in AWS, MS Azure, AKAMAI or Google Cloud. In addition, an application deployment service can be available on the client’s own server.

In back-end development, they use methods that help to centralize data processing and simplify access to it with the unified interface. The server part is usually implemented using PHP and Python, but due to the client’s needs, the scripts based on Java, Lumen or Spring can be integrated.

For full-featured web applications, the service available customized API creating. An API is a set of standardized functions that allow interacting with an application or website. This can give a giant impulse to web platforms, realizing the ability for users to independently interact with the application in a secure environment. And for corporate web applications, the integration of the API makes it possible to increase the security of the application by formalizing the allowed ways to interact with it from external networks. Contus prefer to use Laravel as the main tool for API developing, but the Django framework can be used for particularly sensitive information.

  1. RPA Development

RPA is the ideal solution for small companies that cannot afford the integration of a full-fledged AI to automate workflows. Contus offers developing RPA systems of any complexity. Depending on customer requirements, this solution can serve as a data aggregator or be a “corporate assistant” and manage business processes.

The RPA can automatically respond to incoming e-mail messages, collect and group information from divided databases, or report about specific events (for example, a lack of resources or unsuccessful customer order). RPA systems allow employees to use their working time more efficiently rid them of performing routine and repeatable actions.

One of the main areas of Contus's RPA is the development of automated back-office systems. The advantage of such systems is the ability to convert workflow processes into electronic form, which greatly speeds up access to documents for all employees. But the most important feature is the possibility to integrate a trigger system. As a rule, the triggers for each company must be selected individually because they largely depend on the business processes architecture. It is important to note that in order to get the maximum effect from automation, it is recommended to use an electronic back-office with ERP systems.

In addition to creating full-fledged RPA systems, Contus also provides services in the development of customized bots for ready-made RPA systems and individual solutions. They are well-experienced in creation: Data Entry Bots, Validation & Verification Bots, System Integration Bots, Schedule Bots.

Here is the list of typical actions which can be easily automated with RPA and/or bots:

Resources managementManufacturingServicesHealthcare
Balance AuditSensor data collectionCustomer NotificationsMedical records administration
Cost controlProcess managementReceiving of ordersReporting
Use efficiencyEmergency AlertsPriority ServiceLegislation Compliance

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

The client is a large Indian pharmaceutical company. The company was in need of a product for centralized informing employees about key news and decrees. The main difficulty was in the multi-level structure of the company, which had more than 20,000 employees in 30 countries. 

As a service for authorizing in-app was chosen the Single Sign-on service. Its source code has been rewritten and adapted to improve compatibility with the corporate network. This made it possible to significantly increase the level of security because the application was able to constantly check the status of permissions for an employee in a corporate database. Employees also got the opportunity to use a single set of authentication data for all corporate applications (which was based on Yammer and Kindling).

For news was developed a hierarchical structure, where each user was attached to a department or unit. This decision saved employees from irrelevant news and decreased the accidental disclosure of confidential information.

To increase the interactivity in the application was added the option to create RSS news feeds based on customized user groups, commenting, bookmarks and other functions of social interaction.


BookingLettings - the website and service for booking and renting real estate. To attract new customers, they decided to upgrade their website in order to meet better the expectations of their customers. With this request, they turned to Contus.

First of all, Contus conducted research to identify market trends. Also, they made a comparative analysis of the best solutions on the market. Based on the collected data, Contus identified three areas of work: website infrastructure, interface, and interaction with partners.

The Contus programmers rewrite the backend part of the website. Experienced PHP specialists reintegrated the website into a cloud platform with the usage of Airhotels software. That allowed to reduce the cost of maintaining the network infrastructure. According to the fact that the website works with a large number of media materials, it also was integrated CMS Magento to provide comfortable website management for moderators and editors.

Designers completed a design audit on compliance with the new platform. As a result, there were discovered serious omissions in the UX, which could give a negative effect on the growth of popularity. Afterward, they developed a new layout using modern trends and new platform features. The new website structure has become much more informative, thanks to the graphical icons in the description and search results. Also, it was integrated a block with recommendations for the most popular holiday places based on user requests. 

A new partnership program has been developed for landlords. In particular, the new API allowed landlords to embed BookingLettings widgets directly on their websites. The result of the project was the growing popularity of the BookingLettings, which has become one of the world leaders in the online reservations. 

 Learning Space

The client, an educational portal with online video courses, turned to Contus with a request to help ensure cross-platform access to the website. Also, the customer wanted an implementation of security measures against illegal materials copying.

As the main video platform, Contus decided to use Wowza. This choice was due to the fact that this software supports broadcasting to various types of devices and audio/video materials streaming broadcasting.

Since it was planned to use a large number of high-quality video content, the server was deployed on AWS. 

The front-end part was created using Contus's own software - Contus VPlay. Using it as a basis, designers adapted its source code to the customer's needs, which significantly reduced the project implementation time.

At the next stage, the website was equipped with additional functionality to increase user-friendliness. Also, it was added: the ability to create and manage subscriptions to various content, playlists, the user profile page and functionality for viewing webinars in real-time.

Source code was written with the possibility of easily organizing advertising viewing to increase revenue.

For iOS and Android, it was developed similar in design applications, which contained all the website's functional, adjusted for platform features. Protection against illegal copying of content was implemented using traffic encryption with the AES algorithm.

Today, thanks to the right combination of technology and high cross-platform, Learning Space has more than half a million subscribers, and it's library contains video courses for the USA, Europe, and India.

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