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about UruIT

Whether you’re ready to move into development or just have an idea, we can get involved at any stage of your project. Get to know our cross-platform app development process and how our .NET developers rely on Xamarin to build mobile products that users and stakeholders love.

Company awards

  • Nearshore Company of the Year by Nearshore Americas 2017


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  • Custom Software 25%
  • Design, UI & UX 25%
  • Mobile App 25%
  • Web development 25%
  • Custom Software
    • Staff Augmentation 100%
  • Design, UI & UX
    • Product design 50%
    • UX 50%
  • Mobile App
    • cross platform 100%
  • Web development
    • ReactJS 50%
    • AngularJS 25%
    • Node.js 25%


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    • United States
    • Los Angeles 
    • 26 de Marzo 3616, 11300, Montevideo


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UruIT review - Nearshore app development company

No matter what industry that your enterprise may belong to; healthcare, travel, finance, etc, to be competitive, it’s imperative to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. Do you want to automate aspects of your business without expanding your IT department? Or do you have a brilliant idea for a software application but you don’t have the right team to create it? Enter UruIT, a software development outsourcing company that’s able to satisfy your needs through web and mobile development services. UruIT describes itself as a "nearshore development firm" that was founded in 2007 in Montevideo, Uruguay and has since opened offices in Miami, Medellín, and Los Angeles. So, let's take a more detailed look at UruIT.

Service linesWeb development, Mobile development, UI/UX design, Machine Learning, Product Discovery
Avg.hourly rate$50 - $70
LocationUruguay, Colombia, Miami, Los Angeles

Founded by Marcelo Lopez and Iang Yim, UruIT delivers web and mobile apps for startups as well as large corporations while especially focusing on UX/UI design, Machine Learning, and Product Discovery. In 2010, UruIT partnered with Microsoft and have counted Coca-Cola, PWC, and KIA as clients too. Today, UruIT has implemented over 150 projects for 100 clients. In 2017, UruIT was recognized as "Nearshore Company of the Year" by Nearshore Americas and in 2018, the company was selected as one of the top web developers in Latin America

Whether you want to hire an UruIT team or scale your existing one with their experienced developers, UruIT follows the same best practices for each client. Firstly, they are highly communicative as they use various communication tools, possess English fluency, work from accessible timezones, and have the ability to travel to the US. Secondly, the company relies on a high-quality recruitment process that only selects candidates who fulfill all of their exceptional technical standards and fit in their Agile culture. Additionally, UruIT uses an array of effective online management and agility tools to provide unique business solutions. Stackify, Building Engines, Insala, GrayMeta, PWC, and other companies have been already found success working with UruIT in this way. 

  1. Web development

Maybe you need to expand your team, upgrade your system, create a new UI from scratch or even fully rebuild your user experience. UruIT will find the best way and the best team to accomplish any of these projects. And in the case your app must work in the browser, we recommend UruIT since it has several SaaS clients. In just three months, UruIT developed an internal portion of Top Content, a SaaS solution for marketers created by Stackify. The product analyzes a large amount of statistical web data, so it was a complicated task to implement. UruIT had solved not only the problem of processing data in real-time and giving recommendations, but also created a remarkable UX. 

The team at UruIT consists of Angular & React specialists for front-end development and specialists in Node, .NET, and Python for the back-end. That means the company is capable of easily coping with any MVP project or with any web platform that needs to be built or modernized. For example, UruIT was able to improve the user engagement of one of its client's web app by as much as 70% thanks to effectively re-building the app in a scalable, UX-oriented way, using Node and React technologies. 

Lastly, it’s not necessary to turn to UruIT only for the creation of a product from scratch. You can ask its team for the help at any project stage. UruIT follows the Scrum methodology and can work with any cloud-based (Serverless, Microservices or API based) architectures and databases (SQL and non-relational). 


  1. Mobile development

With UruIT, you can save money on mobile app development while achieving more at the same time since it proposes cross-platform apps created with Xamarin and React Native technologies (meaning the apps are available for both iOS & Android platforms using the same code). For example, the Mi Movistar app was created by UruIT with Xamarin. The telecom giant saved money and time with this multi-platform development solution and managed to produce a very user-friendly and widely functional web app for its 1.5 million customers

UruIT conducts a detailed project discovery before starting the design and development stages. The team works with its client for nearly 1-4 weeks in order to clearly understand the project idea. Then, UruIT builds the UX and visual design based on important data such as sitemaps, user-stories, journey mapping, risk matrices and so on. The last stage includes developing and testing the system while following Scrum practices.

  1. UI/UX design

UruIT provides UX/UI design which is created after relying on detailed user behavior research. That means you can receive a product design that is already known to have user responsiveness before launch, which results in savings and a shorter time to market. The company builds UX/UI designs based on iterative Scrum practices which allow the avoidance of risk through frequent testing and communication with customers. 

UruIT has a list of tasks it can do before designing in order to better study user behavior and the client's brand so that it may represent it faithfully. For example, some of these tasks include creating sitemaps, personas, user journeys and also conducting usability tests. The company applies recommended design techniques such as wireframing, creating mockups, and prototyping. UruIT redesigned the UI/UX of a telecom mobile app with its high-end UX/UI services. During its development, the company tried out several user flows in prototypes to generate feedback that helped to create the UX/UI design which is best adapted to real user behavior. Ultimately, the client received a truly user-friendly and effective app.

  1. Machine Learning

Its machine learning expertise is one more advantage up UruIt’s sleeve. UruIT’s developers can leverage ML to offer natural language processing (NLP),  Computer Vision, Predictive Analytics and Signal Processing.

NLP allows you to do things automatically such tag content, classify new support cases, and find items that are similar to one another. Other examples include transcribing images to natural language, identifying defective products, object recognition, tagging uploaded images, and more. UruIT's machine learning capabilities also include voice and sound recognition and smart data processing such as report generation and discovering hidden data patterns. For one of its clients, Nexus, UruIT developed a customizable dashboard and a notification system for real-time communication. For another client, GrayMeta, UruIT used computer vision and audio processing in its app development to provide data about user-generated visual content.

  1. Product Discovery

In order to make sure no development project results in losses, UruIT’s team of planning and strategy experts first provide a full discovery phase before getting started with development. This service includes several stages. First, the team strives to get an excellent understanding of the client's business. Then, it analyzes all of the project’s risks, processes, capabilities and coordinates results with the client at the same time. In the end of the discovery, UruIT proposes a plan for the development project which contains aspects like feature prioritization, roadmap building, time and budget estimation, and project documentation. For one client, UruIT  provided a UX-heavy Discovery phase for a project involving the refresh of an app for higher user engagement. The discovery involved heuristic evaluation, user interviews, personas and user journeys which lead to the total transformation of the existing app into a robust product with a more intuitive interface that increased its conversion rates and performance level.

UruIT has created a portfolio of successfully implemented projects. Let's see some of them. 

UX- oriented web app: In this case, UruIT modernized an existing web app used during a multi-day workshop whose purpose was to guide people in their financial lives. UruIT was able to turn an outdated, ineffective app into a user-friendly, smart, scalable and high performing one which saw a 70% increase in user engagement. UruIT managed to produce these results by first starting with a complete product discovery. Then, it developed a UX/UI design for the cross-platform app built with Node and React technologies. In the end, the app helped to automate many tedious processes for its users like updating and printing event plans and built new functions for the event organizers such as notifications and task creation. 

The next case demonstrates UruIT's ability to solve difficult problems in the short term. One of its clients, Stackify, decided to create a product called Top Content which is a marketing tool for automatic data processing (traffic, keywords, content visibility). It had already created an MVP, but didn’t have the resources in-house to complete it. So, Stackify turned to UruIT. As a result, in three months, the company was able to develop various APIs, real-time data management and a display with diagrams. 

In 2018, UruIT developed a Xamarin based product, a mobile version of an existing platform for analyzing users' health and delivering exercise and nutrition plans. The client from the health sector turned to UruIT with the necessity of creating a cross-platform mobile app with better UX design. Before the development started, UruIT spent a week on the client's product discovery to completely understand its business and create a project plan. And before implementing UX design, the team performed several tests as well as conducted user-story mapping, journey mapping, demographics, sitemaps, and gathered feedback. As a result, it produced a well thought out and simple to use product with great performance.

UruIT is a nearshore outsourcing, web, and mobile development company.UruIT creates cross-platform mobile apps and offers Machine Learning services.UruIT is an expert in the discovery phase, an important step before the development phase which enables teams to develop products faster and less expensively. It has rich experience with 150+ launched projects for 100+ clients, among which are large corporations.Strong focus on Agile methodology. 


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