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Skywell Software - custom development company, was established as an independent software development services provider in 2015, but the business came into existence in 2008 as a supplier of IT equipment for businesses and organizations. We have experience in developing software and applications for retail, manufacture, logistics, agriculture, digital and fashion industries. Among our clients, we have Auchan, ACC, Cisco, Ukrainian Fashion Week, Art Nation and others.

Currently, the Skywell Software team has about 200 employees - all of which are professionals in a particular area of planning, development, design, and testing. We provide full-cycle development services for small businesses and large corporations while guaranteeing high quality and wide functionality of the finished product.

Skywell Software provides custom software, web development, mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms, and innovative AR/VR development services.

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Service lines

Service lines

Augmented reality

Virtual reality

Design, UI & UX

  • Mobile app design 30%
  • Product design 20%
  • Web design 20%
  • Digital design 10%
  • User experience 10%
  • Graphic design 10%

Web development

  • PHP 10%
  • Laravel 10%
  • Node.js 10%
  • Ruby 10%
  • VueJS 10%
  • WordPress 10%
  • Drupal 10%
  • ReactJS 10%
  • Javascript 10%
  • AngularJS 10%

Mobile App

  • React native 30%
  • iOS 30%
  • Android 30%
  • Mobile web 10%

Custom Software

  • Java 30%
  • Perl 10%
  • Python 10%
  • SQL 10%
  • Linux and Unix 10%
  • .NET 10%
  • C/C++ 10%
  • C# 10%
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Service details

Number of employees 101-200
Company clients Finlandia, Cosmia, Auchan, Art Nation, Ukrainian Fashion Week
Date publish October 18, 2018

Contact information

Ukraine Kiev 01033



Art, Entertainment & Music 1 weeks $10001 to $50000
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Art, Entertainment & Music 1 weeks $10001 to $50000
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Cosmia MakeUp AR App

Consumer Products 20 weeks $50001 to $100000
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Consumer Products 2 weeks $10001 to $50000
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Reviews 7

Reviews 7

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Skywell Software knows it`s stuff and communicate efficiently and accurately

The 3D character, that Skywell Software created, took part in a robust conversation with press conference attendees, which unlocks a world of expanded brand engagement and awareness opportunities. Along with Skywell Software`s technical skill, the team was highly responsive and communicated understandably. I was impressed with the speed of their responses and no-limit attitude. Skywell Software`s technical director, whom we speak with directly, knew every aspect of the development and could explain what was happening at every stage.


  • Efficient communication
  • Highly responsive team
  • Quick responses
overal 5.0
  • Quality 5.0
  • Cost 5.0
  • Schedule 5.0
  • Communication 5.0
Olexandr Bereguliak , 2019-05-19 00:38:06

All of the staff, from the sales representatives to the developers, were friendly and professional

By unifying user messaging, the new module shows promising potential to significantly reduce irrelevant appointment booking fees. Skywell Software was personable, easy to work with, and responsive to our needs. If there were any issues, their team was quick to solve the problem. It was very easy to do business with Skywell.


  • Friendly and prosessional staff
  • They are easy to work with
  • Responsive to client's needs
  • They are quick in solving problems


  • Provided design
overal 4.75
  • Quality 4.0
  • Cost 5.0
  • Schedule 5.0
  • Communication 5.0
Oleg Brizhatiy , 2019-05-06 15:15:00

Skywell Software completed every aspect of the platform in a timely manner

The prototype that their team delivered included every feature that was initially required. Skywell Software`s team was responsive and diligent, offering expert guidance throughout the design process. Customers can expect from Skywell Software a professional and efficient approach to creating high-quality design work. Skywell Software`s project manager guided me through the entire design process and was always willing to listen to my wishes and concerns.


  • Responsive and diligent team
  • Professional and efficient approach
overal 5.0
  • Quality 5.0
  • Cost 5.0
  • Schedule 5.0
  • Communication 5.0
Andreas Schuepbach , 2019-04-15 15:53:56

Skywell Software`s team was dedicated and met all of our requirements.

The application increased sales and brand awareness. Skywell Studios fulfilled all our specifications. Their customers can expect to work with a flexible and focused team. Skywell Software`s team was flexible and had a solid grasp of the project specifications.


  • Dedicated to meet client's requirements
  • Flexible and focused team
overal 4.25
  • Quality 4.0
  • Cost 4.0
  • Schedule 4.0
  • Communication 5.0
Tremblay , 2019-01-28 14:07:24

They are highly organized and they adhere to their plans and deadlines.

Skywell Software team`s thorough research and consultation helped them execute an appealing interactive website. The website has attracted customers, expanded brand reach, and improved team efficiency. Skywell Software`s team skills include communication, planning, and project management. We had meetings and workshops with their development team. Communication was comfortable and effective.


  • Highly organized
  • Good communication and planning skills
  • Project management
overal 5.0
  • Quality 5.0
  • Cost 5.0
  • Schedule 5.0
  • Communication 5.0
Margaryta Lavrenuk , 2019-01-16 21:33:42

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