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Number of employees
501-1000 employees
Service lines

Service lines

  • Custom Software 15%
  • E-commerce 15%
  • Web development 15%
  • QA 10%
  • Mobile App 10%
  • IoT 10%
  • Blockchain 8%
  • Design, UI & UX 7%
  • Cloud Services 5%
  • Artificial intelligence 5%

Custom Software

  • .NET 30%
  • Java 30%
  • Python 15%
  • C/C++ 15%
  • SQL 10%


  • Magento 50%
  • Shopify 50%

Web development

  • PHP 60%
  • Javascript 40%


  • Automation 40%
  • Usability 20%
  • Security 15%
  • Perfomance and load testing 15%
  • Mobile app testing 10%

Mobile App

  • iOS 30%
  • Android 30%
  • Mobile web 20%
  • cross platform 20%


  • IoT 100%


  • Blockchain 100%

Design, UI & UX

  • UX 45%
  • Graphic design 35%
  • Web design 20%

Cloud Services

  • Aws Partners 60%
  • Microsoft Azure Partners 40%

Artificial intelligence

  • Machine learning 70%
  • Deep learning 30%
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3900 S. Wadsworth Blvd., Suite 485 Lakewood, Denver CO 80235, US
17 202 072 820
3rd floor, 5-8 Dysart Street, London, EC2A 2BX, UK
442 036 872 281
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Itransition - a software engineering and digital transformation company review

Software development - is a combination of development tools, implementation technologies, and creation experience. Without any of these factors project has no chances for a successful realization. Software creation begins with the choice of a platform. Due to the chosen platform, there will be available different methods of implementation, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. The more difficult software, the bigger the team will be required to develop and support it. Hiring a third-party developer group allows you to focus on product development and avoid most of the mistakes inherent for personal programming.

Key facts about Itransition

Established 1998
Service lines Consulting, Design, Custom Development, Quality Assurance
Employees 1500+
Avg.hourly rate Undisclosed
Location Lakewood, Colorado, USA

Itransition - is a team of software developers with more than 20 years of experience in development, support and consulting. Itransition uses the most modern approaches to create customized applications that will meet customer requirements. Their portfolio of completed projects includes solutions for Mobility, Blockchain, IoT and AR / VR. Сompany's programmers are well-skilled in code writing technologies based on .Net, C++, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails and Python. They also provide refactoring and optimization services for finished projects.

Services provided by Itransition

  1. Custom Development

One of the key Itransition services is custom software development. They are experienced in creating enterprise solutions, web tools, and mobile applications. As part of software modernization for existing systems, Itransition can audit the infrastructure. It helps to organize seamless integration for new products. At the end of the audit can be created a full hardware map with detailed characteristics for every part of the system. Audit results can be used for correcting companies' strategies such as "Equipment usage strategy". Audit results help to correct plans with calculations and maintenance reserving according to needs.

If the solution uses additional hardware to work, such as IoT sensors in the equipment management system may be integrated special software to provide compatibility between components.

Itransition has its own data engineers and architects who can work with big data solutions. It allows Itransition to create algorithms customized for every solution. This helps to increase compatibility between big data receiving and processing. For high-level analytical instruments and long-term forecasting tools, they implement calculation based on using artificial intelligence. For machine learning processes they use own samples bases. To increase recognition level it can be used simulations to generate massive of specific data (for example quotes dynamics).

Modern monitoring methods allow detecting data sources of any type from intra-corporate correspondence to big data. For highly segmented information structures, can be developed custom data aggregation algorithms using the company's cloud or local servers as a base for it. In a solution that works with sensitive information, Itransition integrates data protection algorithms according to corporate or national client protection standards.

To unify highly segmented information structures the team develops data aggregation algorithms. According to the needs they can be realized as a part of the company's data processing network or integrated into cloud servers. 

Itransition support and the consulting system is divided into three levels. According to the customer’s needs, it may be app monitoring, audit or upgrading. A multipurpose approach of problem-solving allows them to provide services for both regular customers and owners of solutions developed by third-parties.

  1. Design

At Itransition, more than 150 team members are involved in design development. Their vision of design developing process can be characterized as the constant collaboration between designers, developers, testers and analysts. Thanks to this, Itransition can independently develop, implement and test their prototypes and concepts. They can also perform a design audit for existing solutions or help in design strategies creation.

Interface designers are paying great attention to secondary factors of convenience, such as the processing speed, resources using or animation smooth. More than 50 testers and analysts ensuring responsiveness and ergonomics for each interface element. Also, they use special convenience checklists for all design concepts. This guarantee, that design will have a detailed and high-quality implementation at any screen.

Itransition has own R&D Center which called the "UXD Competency Center". This center helps to use in their work only modern design and creation rules, which regularly improves quality checklists in collaboration with world-class designers. This allows them to successfully save a holistic style in combination with creative ideas.

For example, for Evo Inc. were developed an Internet portal and mobile application, which helped them to attract more than 10,000 users within a few months.

  1. Consulting

Itransition can assist in project development and technical documentation writing. Projects which are on the final development stages can be eligible for advice in application optimization and security. All consultations provided by qualified specialists, which guarantee that even the smallest and implicit details will not avoid developers’ attention. Clients especially emphasize on company's ability to get quickly into the swing of the workflow at any stage of the project.

Itransition helps businesses to identify inefficient and redundant work processes. They use processes formalization and automation methods to speed up their processing and efficiency. A risk management strategy can be formed to reduce the likelihood of downtime or equipment failure in the future and optimize future modernization costs.

For example, Toyota's division in the Republic of Belarus turned to Itransition for the company's business process analysis. After analyzing using Gartner's tools, it was created an optimization plan. As part of the plan implementation, were formalized 200+ internal business processes and developed software which automated 4000+ work processes. The result was a 32% reduction in TCO cost for all 40 dealerships in the country.

  1. Quality assurance

Itransition provides stable high quality for own products due to the well-established work of QA specialists. They use different testing standards as a base and may add customized tests or operations if needed. Each test program compilates using manual and automatic tests. They divide their scenarios into 5 levels to guarantee 360o coverage for application front-end and back-end sides. Great attention is also paid to forming non-trivial testing scenarios in participation with programmers.

Itransition also provides audit and testing for third-party solutions. According to customer requirements, the product will be checked by:

• Stability and possible optimization
• Security level
• Compatibility with various devices and platforms
• Interface convenience (including localizations verification)

Itransition also provides testing in compliance with national and international performance standards (ISO standards). To verify compliance with the documents which govern the personal data storing and processing (HIPAA and GDPR), use comprehensive testing scenarios and different audit types.

Also, Itransation provides project documentation development and analysis. Documentation details level is formed in accordance with the customer, as the project develops. Documentation for third-party projects can be checked (completeness and readability), supplemented or revised.

Case studies

InsightUnlimited - enterprise solution for reports creation and control. To ensure superiority over competitors, InsightSoftware turned to Itransition to improve the Business Intelligence module in their solution. They choose Itransition due to the company’s extensive experience in developing ERP applications based on .NET frameworks. 

InsightUnlimited had its own team, so the cooperation process was based on the Scrum methodology, which helped to ensure high-quality and efficient communication between the application team and Itransition specialists.

Application optimization, allowed to reduce its resource consumption and improve performance. Also, to features was added the ability to bind contextual comments for table cells. 

The team connected additional modules and libraries in order to expand the list of available for calculations data types. With Itransition's support was released several app versions and planned a few next updates.

Click2Sell - ambitious, but a large-scale project which required a large number of developers in specific programming areas, so founders turned to Itransition for help.

First of all, Itransition performed an audit of existing components and modules. The audit allowed them to identify vulnerabilities in the concept and rebuild it to avoid them. Also, revision results helped to identify correct implementation tools, as the basis was chosen J2EE platform with the MySQL server.

The website`s receiving and processing online payments system was implemented as a separated module. This allowed to use it as universal means for various payment sources. In its initial configuration, it was set up to accept payments from WorldPay, PayPal, Google CheckOut,, and StormPay. One of the key advantages was the ability of Click2Sell to become independent of third-party payment gateways and their commissions.

In the second stage, custom modules were step-by-step integrated into the site structure. The modules "Seller", "Administrator" and "Buyer" gave the possibility to increase the role-based content management system. The website’s ecosystem has also been improved through the integration of a support service, a product promotion system and affiliation with partners.

BundleBox - reseller service which can receive your parcel in the United States and ship it to your country. The client asked Itransition to upgrade the website because the increased number of customers began to threaten its stability.

Itransition modernized basic functional, which allowed to increase its performance without critical investments in the infrastructure. As the main payment service, PayPal was integrated into the website structure. Transaction operations protection received was updated to actual versions. Following modern requirements, the traffic between the service and the client received an SSL encryption certificate.

For customers, were added additional functions which make it possible to download receipts in PDF format and communicate with support online. For administrators, were added algorithms for collecting user behavior statistics, which increased marketing campaigns targeting. 

Also was expanded collaboration with other companies, for example, it was integrated parcel tracking system from FedEx.

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