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 We have been working since 2013. We develop software, mobile applications, websites, interfaces, launch pay-per-click advertising, consult on Internet marketing.

 Approach to software.

 We specialize in Custom Software Development, Software Product Development, Software Prototyping.

 Approach to design.

 We are familiar with the works of Edward Tafte, Jeff Raskin, Jan Tschichold, Muller-Brockman, Tim Harrover and other authors.

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Service lines

Service lines

Mobile App

  • iOS 100%

Custom Software

  • Java 100%
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Service details

Number of employees 11-50
Company clients
Date publish January 16, 2019

Contact information

Belarus Minsk 220036 Karl Liebknecht 66 street


IOS app Metronome ONE

Art, Entertainment & Music 7 weeks $0 to $10000
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IOS app Tuner ONE

Art, Entertainment & Music 8 weeks $0 to $10000
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IOS game Dots ONE

Gaming 10 weeks $10001 to $50000
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