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Number of employees
1-10 employees
United States, San Francisco
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Service lines

Service lines

Big Data

  • Data science 50%
  • Data analytics 49%
  • Business Intelligence Companies 1%

Web development

  • CakePHP 100%


  • Direct 35%
  • Inbound Marketing 30%
  • Digital Marketing 25%
  • Email Marketing 5%
  • Social Media Marketing 5%

Custom Software

  • Linux and Unix 40%
  • SQL 30%
  • Scala 30%
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United States San Francisco 94103 Nema, 8 10th St San Francisco, CA 94103
+1 84158051620


Proofy is a great tool to verify emails, user can check single emails and bulk files of maximum 50000 emails. The price policy is very adaptable, we are sure that every user can select a price point that he is comfortable with.

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