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4.8/5 (2 review)
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Number of employees 1-10
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Date publish October 18, 2018
Reviews 2

Reviews 2

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They are a small company making a big difference.

Throughout this long-term engagement, they consistently published 2 major releases per month and secured 10-20 interviews at annual telecom events. K2 Global Communications` international experience, impeccable turnaround time, and results-focused approach continue to drive attention. We run into fewer political issues or writer changes, but working with the same person helps them better understand our business. We sent to their team materials, and I think they put their hearts into doing good work. After working with several other providers over the years, I think the main pluses of K2 Global Communications are their understanding of our business and willingness to give us their best. Their team is also very personable and we had a great relationship. I could pick up the phone anytime to talk to this company.


  • Results-focused approach
overal 5.0
  • Quality 5.0
  • Cost 5.0
  • Schedule 5.0
  • Communication 5.0
Lori Lichtblau , 2019-01-19 21:06:04

There was a lot of brainstorming, and we felt that K2 Global Communications understood us. They are very thorough with their work.

Even with short timelines, they excel at delivering quality work that brings businesses closer to their goals. The PR articles and awards K2 achieved helped to drive traffic and attention to the new website. They are a responsive team that is always available when called upon. K2 Global Communications was always available to us whenever we needed them even though we gave them a lot of projects on short notice. The messaging that their team put together was something that really worked well for us. We use it all the time for our different materials and for our site. K2 Global Communications helped us clear up our message and understand who we are, what we are, and what we do. K2 helped us make it easier for users to grasp what we do and how we can help them from our company`s point of view. We have had a really good relationship with them.


  • Delivering quality work
  • Responsive team
  • Availability
overal 4.5
  • Quality 5.0
  • Cost 3.0
  • Schedule 5.0
  • Communication 5.0
John , 2018-12-06 21:57:24

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