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Best Market-based development companies in India in Delhi in 2019.


Notable project

One of their globally known projects was the AR location-based reality game called "Pokemon GO." This game allows players to navigate their real-world surroundings while catching virtual in-game characters and enabling players to move around and interact with other game players in real time.

"We've been able to grow and expand more within the market using their services and solution. We're now able to manage and analyze our secondary sales and loyalty program for our mechanics. You have a problem and they have the solution. I'm really happy to write a few words for the company and recommend them." - Balchandar Itagar.

QuyTech is one of the leading technology companies that specializes in top-notch Augmented Reality app development for mobile phones and provides their clients with various mobility solutions for their customers.

The company, founded in 2010 with offices in India, US, and the UK produces different augmented reality application types such as:

- Location-based AR
- Mobile image tracking
- Real-time character AR
- Mobile phone facial recognition

With the use of technologies like OpenCV, Unity, Vuforia, Tango, they are able to create advanced, technically reliable and cost-effective solutions to meet and exceed their client's marketing goals.


Petrofac, Honda, LemonTree Hotels, Marks&Spencer, Exon Mobile


Top App Developer India 2018

Employees 51-100

Colleen jansen

Quytech is one of the top AR/VR/Mobile app development company in India which provides professional development services across the world. view all

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    Augmented reality
  • 33% Game 33 %
  • 33% Mobile App 33 %
    Mobile App
  • 3 %
    Virtual reality
  • 69% other