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Best Data analytics companies in Australia in Canberra in 2019.


Notable project

A huge global client present in 180 countries, had a client platform with all customer information located across 22 servers made by Teradata. They handled everything from ground zero and let the client focus on communication with consumers.

Just like Teradata is helping us focus on what we can do for helping the business what they can do. The no longer have to control the development of new capabilities, they can rely on us to bring that and what they need to do is focus on what can be most important for the business so I think that inspiring in a taking go aftermore - Dennis Devine, IT Associate Director

Established back in 1979, this US hardware and software vendor has also introduced special systems and tools skillful data processing and analysis. Teradata is one of the leading cloud-based data and analytics company with over 1,400 customers and various projects, offices in 75 countries and 11,000+ employees.

Teradata offers the following big data solutions:

- Teradata Database
- Cloud tools - IntelliCloud As-a-service, Do-it-yourself deployment, IntelliSphere
- Digital marketing and consulting
- Integrated data warehouse
- Hadoop services


ebay, Ace Hardware, Alior Bank, Blizzard Entertainment, Danske Bank, DHL Express


“World’s Most Ethical Company” by Thomson Reuters, “#1 For Customer Treatment” by Forbes

Employees 1000+
Service lines
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