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Best Data analytics companies in Belarus in 2019.

What: We help businesses develop transformative and innovative software solutions.

How: By partnering technical and non-technical business leaders with a smart team of passionate, committed engineers who write, code, and design beautiful and effective mobile and web applications.

Why: At Spiral Scout, we believe that when it comes to software development and delivery,


Coca Cola, Adobe, Procter & Gamble

Employees 51-100
Service lines
  • 10% Big Data 10 %
    Big Data
  • 20% Design, UI & UX 20 %
    Design, UI & UX
  • 20% E-commerce 20 %
  • 20% Custom Software 20 %
    Custom Software
  • 15 %
  • 10 %
  • 5 %
    Mobile App
  • 90% other
InData Labs

Notable project

In partnership with Flo, the agency faced an unusual yet complicated task of updating the mobile app predicting women’s menstrual cycles. Flo formula wasn’t accurate, but InData Labs implemented a neural network with customers filling out special forms, and in that way had obtained better results. Accuracy improved by 54% and app installations went up as well.

“As a growing company, we found InData Labs’ expertise in data science invaluable. In almost two years of our cooperation, they’ve helped us define our data analytics strategy, build a scalable data pipeline, and improve menstrual cycle predictions with a sophisticated neural network. – Andrew Kovzel, Head of Data Science, Flo

A young, dynamic and highly-ambitious company, started in 2014, moves up progressively towards skillful data processing and its consequent diverse applications for business gains. Looking at usual processes at new angles, they are able to deal with the most courageous projects.

InData Labs specialties include:

- Data strategy
- Data science & AI technologies
- AI software development
- Big data consulting


Flo, Wargaming.net, Okko, Captiv8

Employees 51-100
Service lines
  • 100% Big Data 100 %
    Big Data