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Best Data analytics companies in Japan in Tokyo in 2019.


Notable project

First Utility, the #1 independent energy expert in UK, had a legacy data platform incapable of data management anymore, so they approached DataStax team. By complex analysis and development of in-house special software platform, they improved customer retention and were first to introduce such an innovative tool.

“Investing in digital engagements creates higher customer lifetime value, and First Utility is focused on delivering applications that build trust and create long-term profitable relationships with our customers. DataStax Enterprise offers the data scale and analytics capabilities we need to bring these innovations to market.” -Bill Wilkins CIO/CTO First Utility

Since 2010, DataStax is offering cloud storage and related services as their key focus, due to quick access, convenience, security and other aspects of rapidly growing cloud technology. With lots of top-clients in portfolio, its services also include enterprise data optimization, eCommerce, identity management, security and compliance, inventory management, supply chain, etc.


ebay, SONY, CISCO, Nvidia, Walmart

Employees 201-500
Service lines
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    Big Data
New Relic

Notable project

“New Relic Infrastructure” - to track orderliness of servers and hosts, as well as applications and services which they rely on, and thus create the context for software engineers. It works in local, hybrid and cloud environment, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Pivotal. With it, you can search info on software packages and libraries in seconds, literally.

“AWS cloud services monitoring data combined with application monitoring data is immensely powerful - we get a full picture of our application delivery stack performance all in one place with New Relic.” - Mark Kelly, SkrippsNetworks director of infrastructure services

Located in San Francisco the company with self-evident name operates metrics and data coming from software of all sorts. This encompasses user clicks online, mobile activity, sales transactions, and more up to generating full coherent data sources for businesses. Therefore, such data aids in understanding customer behavior, defining ways to launch new products, decision making, etc. In addition, they work on innovations, e.g. “Relic Insights” - an analytical platform collecting data from numerous points (browsers, mobile devices, apps) in real-time. 


Ryanair, Alkami, MLB Advanced Media, Bionic

Employees 501-1000
Service lines
  • 100% Big Data 100 %
    Big Data

Notable project

New tools by Zoomdata, e.g. Keysets Analytics and Cross-Source Filtering, extensions to Zoomdata Fusion, to consolidate data sources in a single place. All of it, gives opportunity to process data on the go.

"While data platforms get heavier and more varied, Zoomdata counters that weight by reinventing an easier, lighter BI experience that allows users to freely explore and clarify relationships between data sources, enrich the data experience, and accelerate time-to-insight." - Nick Halsey, CEO, Zoomdata

Zoomdata is an open platform that provides visualization tools for various types of business information. They extract value from modern tech services like Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, cloud data stores, search engines, SQL MPP and streaming sources, plus conventional relational databases. Cloudera, Hitachi, SAP, Google Cloud, Azure, MongoDB among top partners.

Main services and solutions by Zoomdata:

- Hadoop analytics
- MPP, Columnar, NoSQL databases
- Real-time data visualization
- Data sources, embedded dashboards


PayPal, American Airlines, Envista, Goldman Sachs, MScience


2018 Technology Innovation Award by Dresner Advisory Services, 2017 Hot Vendor in Streaming Analytics by Aragon Research

Employees 101-200
Service lines
  • 100% Big Data 100 %
    Big Data

Notable project

Western Union partnered with Alteryx to create a system to analyze and detect fraud data, transactions ,etc. Using Alteryx Server and behavioral analytics, they reached the following results: before - 1 team member, 6 data sources, 1 Tableau dashboard, hard to extract data; after - a complete cyber security analytics program, 200 countries covered, 3 team members, 25 data sources, 5 Tableau dashboards.

“It just provides this level of creativity that no other tool that I’ve worked with, or that I’ve seen can ever mutch” - Erik Miller, Sr. systems engineer, Western Union

Alteryx, a US company founded in 1997, is the leader in self-service data analytics, providing ability to analyze data though a simplified user interface, and many other products such as Alteryx Connect, Alteryx Designer, Alteryx Server, Alteryx Promote. Key services offered by the company are:

Advanced analytics, BI and visualization
- Data discovery and preparation
- Tax, audit, finance office
- Marketing, operations, real estate analytics
- Sales and customer insights


Amazon, Adidas, Ford, Western Union, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble


Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500, “The best business intelligence and analytics” by Gartner

Employees 501-1000
Service lines
  • 100% Big Data 100 %
    Big Data