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Best Data science companies in Australia in 2019.


Notable project

Tableau Desktop - a unique service for visual analytics with unlimited amounts of data. It can be linked to SQL databases, cloud applications (Google Analytics, Salesforce), and can generate statistical reports, forecasts, correlations, as well manage metadata from multiple sources. A special feature is automatic interactive map creation based on geo-codes, e.g. sales regions, in over 50 countries.

“If I didn't start using Tableau, I would still be using Excel. I would still have a fear of data. And then I wouldn't have a bigger view of how data can help in my day-to-day work.” - Eunice Lim, Sr. manager / Business analyst

One of the biggest players in business analytics B2B solutions. Founded in 2003 on grounds of Stanford University, now with HQ in Seattle, Tableau is venerated for interactive data visualization capabilities, relational databases, web data processing, cloud databases and tables, graphics generation, etc.

Tableau creates products in areas like:

- healthcare / medical analytics
- education, government, IT data
- marketing, insurance, hi-tech analytics


Honeywell, Lenovo, Lufthansa, Charles Shwab, Linkedin


Silicon Valley Community Foundation: Company of the Year 2016, Ventana “Research Leadership Award”, Dresner Advisory Services 2016 “Technology Leader & Trust Leader”.

Employees 1000+
Service lines
  • 100% Big Data 100 %
    Big Data

Notable project

TIBCO optimized manufacturing process and created brand new features - data virtualization, machine learning, advanced data analytics. Tools are intended to collect and analyze data from sensors, devices and processes.

“We applied predictive analytics to identify patients at risk of surgical site infection and changed our wound management strategies with remarkable improvements and outcomes for patients.” - University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

TIBCO Software Inc., established in 1997, provides analytics, event-processing software and cloud computing tools as B2B service. It is also closely cooperating with Abontech, Cisco Systems, Google, iZeno, L&T Infotech, Accenture, IQVIA, Cognizant, and many more tech vendors.

Among core solutions by TIBCO you’ll find the following:

- Data visualization for Hadoop
- Predictive analytics, stream analytics
- Machine learning for data
- Agile data management


BGL BNP Paribas, CargoSmart, General Mills, JetBlue, Norfolk Southern


“Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms” 2019, Leader in Forrester “iPaaS and Hybrid Integration Platforms”, Q1 2019

Employees 1000+
Service lines
  • 100% Big Data 100 %
    Big Data

Notable project

New tools by Zoomdata, e.g. Keysets Analytics and Cross-Source Filtering, extensions to Zoomdata Fusion, to consolidate data sources in a single place. All of it, gives opportunity to process data on the go.

"While data platforms get heavier and more varied, Zoomdata counters that weight by reinventing an easier, lighter BI experience that allows users to freely explore and clarify relationships between data sources, enrich the data experience, and accelerate time-to-insight." - Nick Halsey, CEO, Zoomdata

Zoomdata is an open platform that provides visualization tools for various types of business information. They extract value from modern tech services like Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, cloud data stores, search engines, SQL MPP and streaming sources, plus conventional relational databases. Cloudera, Hitachi, SAP, Google Cloud, Azure, MongoDB among top partners.

Main services and solutions by Zoomdata:

- Hadoop analytics
- MPP, Columnar, NoSQL databases
- Real-time data visualization
- Data sources, embedded dashboards


PayPal, American Airlines, Envista, Goldman Sachs, MScience


2018 Technology Innovation Award by Dresner Advisory Services, 2017 Hot Vendor in Streaming Analytics by Aragon Research

Employees 101-200
Service lines
  • 100% Big Data 100 %
    Big Data

Notable project

A huge global client present in 180 countries, had a client platform with all customer information located across 22 servers made by Teradata. They handled everything from ground zero and let the client focus on communication with consumers.

Just like Teradata is helping us focus on what we can do for helping the business what they can do. The no longer have to control the development of new capabilities, they can rely on us to bring that and what they need to do is focus on what can be most important for the business so I think that inspiring in a taking go aftermore - Dennis Devine, IT Associate Director

Established back in 1979, this US hardware and software vendor has also introduced special systems and tools skillful data processing and analysis. Teradata is one of the leading cloud-based data and analytics company with over 1,400 customers and various projects, offices in 75 countries and 11,000+ employees.

Teradata offers the following big data solutions:

- Teradata Database
- Cloud tools - IntelliCloud As-a-service, Do-it-yourself deployment, IntelliSphere
- Digital marketing and consulting
- Integrated data warehouse
- Hadoop services


ebay, Ace Hardware, Alior Bank, Blizzard Entertainment, Danske Bank, DHL Express


“World’s Most Ethical Company” by Thomson Reuters, “#1 For Customer Treatment” by Forbes

Employees 1000+
Service lines
  • 100% Big Data 100 %
    Big Data

Notable project

The analytical platform and processing environment for dissimilar databases and storages at HP Inc. New platform supports simultaneous data analysis from over 20 million devices in real time and provides quick access to all data.

"Databricks unified platform has helped foster collaboration across our data science and engineering teams which has impacted innovation and productivity." - John Landry, Distinguished Technologist at HP, Inc.

Big data processing company from San Francisco, utilizing advanced technologies, machine learning and remote computing, and partnering with Azure and AWS cloud components to support Apache Spark, TensorFlow, MLflow and R technologies. Started as a student research, in 10 years it grew into a leading data science experts by constantly improving big data algorithms for commercial use.

Company offers next cloud data services:

- Data systematization
- Data monetization
- Sales analytics
- Analytical reports


HP, CISCO, Shell, Viacom, Hotels.com, Overstock.com, NBC Universal

Employees 501-1000
Service lines
  • 100% Big Data 100 %
    Big Data
Beyond Analysis

Notable project

Productivity boost for DFS sales agents by 15% due to optimization of information flows. To automate big data analytics, the new patented “Quick&Easy” software was introduced, that had also increased overall efficiency by 12%.

“The tool from Beyond Analysis leverages our two greatest assets: our people and our data, leading us towards a data driven transformation of our day to day activities.” -Russell Harte, DFS Technology Director

Beyond Analytics is a British analytical company with offices in England, Australia, Lithuania and India. The company specializes in big data for retail, travel, financial and business sectors. With over 13 years experience in crafting business strategies, the team applies forecasting techniques and own software tools for big data processing. For example, the SSID-based technology for retail, helping to turn customer data into reports.

Beyond Analysis offers the following key services:

-Analytical business evaluation
-Structuring and processing information
-Machine learning and forecasting
-Data monetization


Travix, DFS, Travelport, Commonwealth Bank, Waitrose, Robinsons, Wolseley UK

Employees 51-100
Service lines
  • 100% Big Data 100 %
    Big Data