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Best Data visualization companies in Switzerland in Zurich in 2019.

New Relic

Notable project

“New Relic Infrastructure” - to track orderliness of servers and hosts, as well as applications and services which they rely on, and thus create the context for software engineers. It works in local, hybrid and cloud environment, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Pivotal. With it, you can search info on software packages and libraries in seconds, literally.

“AWS cloud services monitoring data combined with application monitoring data is immensely powerful - we get a full picture of our application delivery stack performance all in one place with New Relic.” - Mark Kelly, SkrippsNetworks director of infrastructure services

Located in San Francisco the company with self-evident name operates metrics and data coming from software of all sorts. This encompasses user clicks online, mobile activity, sales transactions, and more up to generating full coherent data sources for businesses. Therefore, such data aids in understanding customer behavior, defining ways to launch new products, decision making, etc. In addition, they work on innovations, e.g. “Relic Insights” - an analytical platform collecting data from numerous points (browsers, mobile devices, apps) in real-time. 


Ryanair, Alkami, MLB Advanced Media, Bionic

Employees 501-1000
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