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Best Data visualization companies in Germany in 2019.


Notable project

Tableau Desktop - a unique service for visual analytics with unlimited amounts of data. It can be linked to SQL databases, cloud applications (Google Analytics, Salesforce), and can generate statistical reports, forecasts, correlations, as well manage metadata from multiple sources. A special feature is automatic interactive map creation based on geo-codes, e.g. sales regions, in over 50 countries.

“If I didn't start using Tableau, I would still be using Excel. I would still have a fear of data. And then I wouldn't have a bigger view of how data can help in my day-to-day work.” - Eunice Lim, Sr. manager / Business analyst

One of the biggest players in business analytics B2B solutions. Founded in 2003 on grounds of Stanford University, now with HQ in Seattle, Tableau is venerated for interactive data visualization capabilities, relational databases, web data processing, cloud databases and tables, graphics generation, etc.

Tableau creates products in areas like:

- healthcare / medical analytics
- education, government, IT data
- marketing, insurance, hi-tech analytics


Honeywell, Lenovo, Lufthansa, Charles Shwab, Linkedin


Silicon Valley Community Foundation: Company of the Year 2016, Ventana “Research Leadership Award”, Dresner Advisory Services 2016 “Technology Leader & Trust Leader”.

Employees 1000+
Service lines
  • 100% Big Data 100 %
    Big Data

Notable project

One of the largest Turkish banks, Akbank, had to analyze marketing campaigns efficiency, so Datameer offered the new database structure, that had reduced the speed of collecting reports for Akbank advertising campaigns by 20 times.

“Our inability to see results while campaigns were running prevented us from making adjustments as needed. We needed a platform that would allow us to change the strategy while in the game, not after it is over.” -Attila Bayrak, Chief Analytics Officer at Akbank

A US company heavily focused on big data analytics and optimization for retail, telecom, financial and healthcare industries. Founded in 2009 in San Francisco, with HQs in USA, Germany, UK, Datameer solutions allow to merge more than 70 different types of databases into a single one, and access it all remotely. Their data engineers can construct and organize highly-optimized databases.

Team has successful cases in areas:

- Fraud and compliance
- Operational analytics
- Customer analytics


Deutsche Bank, Siemens, UPS, Etstur, Targo Bank, Akbank

Employees 101-200
Service lines
  • 100% Big Data 100 %
    Big Data
LatentView Analytics

Notable project

Client X was had no methods to collect data from search result pages of the website, and needed ways to study customer behavior. The team developed a cloud-based platform able to process big amounts of data and group it by given categories. With updated feature added to the site, a client increased sales after implement one-click solution where the analysis pointed to.

“LatentView brings the ability to respond to business needs faster by providing data handling skills, in a flexible manner.” - Veronika Belokhvostova, VP, Analytics & Strategy, Hotwire

As one the leading B2B big data companies partnering with tech giants like PayPal and Whirlpool, it assists clients to manage data transformation, unify paper and digital streams of information with the goal of gaining advantage over competition. They bet on lasting relationships and clear proper vision of business targets to reach.

Latentview Analytic stands tall in services like:

- Marketing analytics
- Business intelligence and analytics
- Risk analysis
- Supply chain analytics


Expedia Inc., Pepsico, PayPal, Microsoft, Whirlpool

Employees 51-100
Service lines
  • 100% Big Data 100 %
    Big Data